Lady Gaga Is Submissive to Boyfriend Taylor Kinney, Says "He's Totally In Charge" - Yahoo Celebrity (celebrity.yahoo.com)

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She's the fourth celebrity to come out in the past year or so to talk about being submissive. On the surface, this is good but I am concerned that this will become a popular "thing". It will simultaneously make things a bit easier for us and much harder.

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Who are the others?

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Candace Cameron Burr, Gabrielle Reece, and whomever Orlando Bloom is married to or dating. I don't know her name.

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There's also Pink and Kelly Clarkson, if I recall correctly!

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I saw that on Huffington Post (terrible, I know). The comments on there made me chuckle. I knew chaos would ensue.

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I think it's honestly just coincidence.

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I saw this over at TRP earlier. Found it fantastic to find out Gaga is that type, especially considering she tends to be "important" to the feminists and the LGBT+ community. I wonder how many of her fans will react to this kind of discovery.

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So, what else is new? This is not at all uncommon among entepreneurial women. I am one. I'm Chair and CEO of my (majority shareholder) company. I'm top dog, alpha all day. However, I am submissive to my man both in the bedroom and in all aspects of life.

Gaga is spot on. Life works better that way. My man is a good man. Trust me on this: treat a good man as king and his benevolence be greater than it would be if you manipulated, nagged, intimidated him into whatever it is you want. The best part is that it will come to you willingly and with love.

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Obviously the evil Patriarchy got to her. Stay strong, sisters!


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Cool story.....not surprised she's different at home.

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Proof you can submit to your man and be a hardworking business savvy take charge personality in all other areas. It's almost like being the supporter is a worthwhile endeavor and not some tragic beat down like other people might suggest.

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Lady Gaga seems to be fairly cognizant of the way things work in the real world. Take her song Judas for example, in which the girl is inexplicably drawn to the bad boy.

In short, yeah, girl knows what's up. I'm not surprised. :)

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not surprised honestly. she has some new song with a refrain of 'do what you want with my body' and has been quoted as saying 'i worship men/male culture'.

she did identify as a feminist at the beginning of her career but quickly abandoned those ideals.

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I saw her first show when she changed her name to Lady Gaga. Solo show with just her and a keyboard and she totally killed it and was very friendly to meet. One of my guy friends went on a date with her (and sealed the deal) in college. He's quite short and kinda beta in that he has a lot of friends that are girls...but he's got that I don't care MGTOW attitude. And being able to say I did Lady Gaga gives him a preselection advantage now haha!

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katy also prefers to let her man take the lead actually. :) she's said it in reference to her relationship with john mayer.


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This made me d'awww :)

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Not really into lady gaga.....

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The only song I like is ....poker face.

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This can not be true as he would not allow all that she does. She is just trying to get in with the 50 shades crowd.

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having a submissive attitude outside the bedroom has little to do with the 50 shades crowd...despite the popularity of those books, women don't seem to be becoming more submissive personality-wise. it's a lot more challenging and not appealing to narcissists with short attention spans.

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have an upvote