About self-reports of beauty (I'm a 7/8/9...) (self.RedPillWomen)

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They don't really mean anything when it's an estimation made by yourself. I keep seeing users rating themselves and I hardly see how it's relevant and most of the time it comes across as outright praising yourself (I'm an 8 / I used to be a 9 but I'm a 7 now... sad face).

I've been told I'm really pretty and beautiful too. And every woman I know gets told the same... Maybe you truly are a 9 but I probably won't believe it if it's self reported (and this is not because I don't believe a 9 exists, they do, it's more about the nature of the self-report). It also just makes me wonder what kind of perception people have of a 6, if 6 is still technically above average. Sometimes I think people assume it's like grading, and 6 has to be the lowest, fail score. Even if a guy has told you you're a 10, don't rule out the possibility that it's flattery to get in ya pants.

I think it's relevant info when your point is you're low on the spectrum and struggling with that, but besides that I assume you're average, and the average non-overweight girl is probably already on the pretty side. When I read someone posting they're 8 or 9 it's like reading "I'm an alpha", it's meaningless blabber.

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Haha I always laugh when guys on TRP are like "Yeah, I was with an HB 7 and her friend is an HB 8".

Lol. I just use the binary system with guys. You're either attractive to me or you're not. Makes life a lot simpler.

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"HB" makes me cringe so hard. Why would you need that acronym before the number if you're bothering to give a number?

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yeah i don't get how a hot babe can be anything less than a 6? lol

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So true about "I'm an alpha." Any time I see that, I cringe.

I feel like rating yourself isn't as bad as claiming you're an big strong alpha man. But it's still strange. I cringe when I see a lady giving herself a number, too.

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As an alpha that spins over 1000 plates, I am looking to settle down. Where might the little RPW ladies be hiding ;) ;)

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We're at bars and nightclubs dressing in short skirts and seeking validation! Ass-grabs and free drinks work best.

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With the Topsy-Turvy way this philosophy works I have no idea whether you're being sarcastic or not.

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Not entirely.

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Now I'm confused. Curse all this internet half-sarcasm!

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I find this method of communication really jarring most of the time. Maybe I'm just bad at it. Should stick to face to face interactions.

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After dating a feminist for almost half a decade, I'm basically conditioned to think this wouldn't work at all. This place is a breath of fresh air.

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I feel like the sarcasm oozing from my post is lost on the male commentators. Let me clarify: That was sarcasm.

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    Read the sidebar material.

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    this guy......

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    I think you mean male invader.

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    When I see "I'm an alpha" I assume the exact opposite. It's one of those statements that becomes less true when you say it out loud, kinda like "I'm really funny" or "I'm really mature".

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    "Any man who must say, 'I am the king,' is no true king."

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    Same goes for "I'm a 9." Hardly anyone is a 9, and it's hard to be objective when you're talking about yourself. Anyone who has to say it out loud definitely isn't a 9. Someone that beautiful doesn't need to convince anyone of it.

    (I don't believe in 10s, no one is perfect.)

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    Agreed. It screams "try-hard" when people feel the need to establish how pretty/smart/whatever they are.

    And I don't really believe in perfect 10's either. Beauty is somewhat subjective and everyone has different tastes. It doesn't even make sense to rate people on a scale like that since standards vary so much.

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    Insecurities are loud. You shouldnt need to stand up and shout about how you're a 9 and Miss Thang. Let the beauty speak for its self.

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    Lol people who are genuinely 9s or genuinely alpha don't need validation from Reddit. Let's all remember that.

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    Haha true!

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    Yup, everyone thinks they are above average. It has been studied and even has a name! Illusory Superiority

    Although, it isn't hard to be above average these days, so many young people are fat. As long as you are in shape and have a decent face you probably are a 6-8.

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    Well if someone is asking for advice on how to better themselves as a RPW, it is useful to know how attractive they are... Since the number one most important thing is attractiveness. And since we don't want to share pictures of ourselves, estimating it on a scale is the next best thing we have. No it's not perfect, yes it's prone to self report error, but we need some sort of way to look at it.

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    Well, in theory, I'd agree.

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      If you think it's because I don't want to compare myself, you have it wrong. I mean, in theory it should show truth (just like in theory people should respond to surveys honestly). In practice it shows how deluded people can be.

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      I agree. I think it's more helpful to hear hard facts. I eat healthy. I am not overweight. I can do my make up well. I brush my teeth. Those give me more hard information to work with than something completely subjective and self reported.

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      You seem to think redpill advice for men and redpill adive for women is the same

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      I think /fit/ on 4chan had a realistic scale.

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      Hah, yeah

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      Not me though, I'm up to 11.

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      At 45 I'm a -86444665332

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      Sounds like an integer overflow problem.

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      45 and I think I'm a solid 3/4/5 - I must be deluding myself too 8:D

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      This comment is spot on, with one exception. 9's do exist in the wild.

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      Never said they didn't, but I clarified that part

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      That's fair. Otherwise this is on point.

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      In tall grass, usually.

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      Now if only I had a master ball it would be one hell of a time. Love the username.

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      Haha... I found /u/FlyingChange a while ago, knew right away it was a horse person. I love it when people recognized horsey things x)

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      Horsey redditors are the best.

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      I think self reporting such as this shows a distinct lack of humility.

      One can be proud of themselves, while still being humble.

      A lack of humility, in this case, definitely reeks of a validation seeking behaviour.

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      There was a chart posted on TRP a long time ago (a year maybe?) that broke down what each of the numbers stood for, with pictures as examples.

      The numbers are for the men to compare different women. We can only improve ourselves, so I don't really see the point of women using a number to rate our personal smv. I can compare myself to Lana Del Rey all day, but it doesn't make me any prettier. We need to be realistic and self aware, but that doesn't include comparing ourselves to other women. That will only hurt your self esteem, or create a sense of entitlement (I'm prettier than her, so I shouldn't have to try as hard). You've got the body you were born with, and that's what you get to work with. Now get to work girl!

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        This isn't what this post is about. Youre trying to make it about this. This post is about attention whores seeking validation. Trust us, we the "like minded women" for whom this sub EXISTS, know exactly what the OP is talking about.

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        We know. That's not her point. You can emulate girl game, eat well, exercise, dress better, be groomed, etc. She said work with what you have, which is realistic. On the other hand, there is no point stating you're a 9 on the Internet.

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        He's trying so hard not to start his posts with "man here--"

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          Try discussing what the op is discussing and not going off on your irrelevant tangent. The women who do this are attention whoring and bragplaining. This is a uniquely female way of interacting. nothing you said is incorrect, it's just off

          If a woman asks for advice and someone later asks her to rate herself for comparative purposes that's one thing, put if she rates herself in the body of her post, that's an attention whore of a different color

          We don't need bad behavior by women encouraged here. You don't understand female reading comprehension. Women will skim a forum until they see something validating and then only glom on to that. You are giving every attention whore's hamster energy drinks

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            You think the attitude that you are a 9 fosters desirable behavior and attitudes in women vis a vis men?

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              So I guess the prettier a woman thinks she is, the more humble she gets?

              Does... not... compute.

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              I think you're falsely equating the male experience and the female experience. A man may need to self reassure himself that he is worthy, to get confidence and become more attractive. If he's been a beta and below, he hasn't had this reassurance externally.

              Self-reported 9s (as an example), on the other hand, already come with an attitude of self-absorption, already get constant external validation. A self-reported 9 is not saying she is a 9 as a mantra to improve, she truly believes this and makes her entitled.

              Most western women need, in fact, to be taken down a peg or two, not further validation to instill arrogance.

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                Well, this explains why an 11 like myself is so humble, gracious and wonderfully perfect.

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                This is absolutely what redpill advocates you are incorrect

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                I think you're 100% correct, but for the wrong reasons given. It's way harder to attract 28-34 year old women who are slamming hard against the wall.... Who happen to be a 6-7 because they are declining, than it is to attract 22-27 year old 8s and 9s that are either on the CC, or haven't been jaded by the years of being pumped and dumped.

                It's a chicken and egg problem. 8s and 9s are easier to deal with... They're also usually younger and less experienced. But that's also the reason they are still 8s and 9s. Give them a few more years of late night partying with chad, and they'll end up a 7 in no time.

                Don't waste your time with 6s and 7s, they usually ARE bitchier.

                I guarantee if you were still plugged in and a perfect beta bucks, the 6 would totally let you sleep with her on the 5th date. Because she wants to trap you for your provisioning.

                Keep banging 8s and 9s, and letting the 6s and 7s continue being a bitch, it just helps you keep track of your personal growth.

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                Go away.

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                  Well, if stating you're an alpha on the Internet makes you feel better, who am I to roll my eyes at you.

                  But in all seriousness, do you enjoy going off on tangents this much? It's not the first time I've seen you do it. This isn't remotely a relevant example. Changing your posture and body language to attract a mate is nowhere near the subject here, posting on a woman's board (to other women) how you're a self reported 9 will make you a 9 irl? Sugarcrush's post is a better example of what I was getting at.

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                  What you're saying sounds like it should be right, but if the motivation for self improvement comes from the women you're surrounded by, you may never reach your full potential. Knowing how to play up your assets and improve your flaws has nothing to do with where you are on the 1-10 scale. Understanding your smv only goes so far as bedding a man. Charm, manners, maintaing your appearance, and generally being a good rpwoman will make a relationship last a lot longer than just being a 9/10 versus a 5/10.

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                  Once you hit a "6" on the looks meter as a woman you're ready for an LTR. It really stands for "Looks, Temperament, Resources" in the end. Nobody is indeed perfect, we'd all love to live the ideal life. Smoking hot body to go along with everything else.

                  But... that just won't happen. We can always nitpick. Could have been taller/shorter, used a bit of better makeup there to cover up that physical imperfection, would have been nice if your boobs were bigger/smaller, could have been born into more money, ya get the point. However, it stops mattering as things progress. So what if she's this ethnicity or that? So what if she doesn't have double-D sized boobies? So what if she gets bossy at times? (note: this should rarely happen if you're going for a quality man, don't boss him around too much or he WILL start looking at that younger model seriously and hit it with the dick)

                  She's the one you fell for. You love her with all your heart, and you're glad she's there in your life. If you are truly enlightened, nothing others say will matter to you. You are his, and he is yours. How that all plays out is up to you, play the game and play it well and you will be happy. I'm just a dude who sees that for what it is clearer than most, I cheerfully await the day I meet the deceptively beautiful woman who I probably dismissed at first glance that will make me happier than I've ever been. It's coming, I know it. All I must do is live my life as I see fit and love the fact that I'm still alive.

                  There is no perfect woman, and I'm no perfect man, but I know I can still find happiness and peace. Too bad most people have given up on both deep down. I weep for them, they'll never be truly happy. A shame, for they could have been.

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                  Even if a guy has told you you're a 10, don't rule out the possibility that it's flattery to get in ya pants.

                  The only time a guy will tell you you're a 10 is to get in your pants, and only the clueless ones will try that.

                  Over at TRP it's generally acknowledged that the girls just above average have the most inflated view of their beauty and the most stuck up attitudes, because guys find them attractive, but not to the extent where they'd be too intimidated to approach or show interest. A bit prettier than that, and you enter the zone where the bottom 80% of guys just pass you on as out of their league, although if you're an instagram cardio bunny you'll still get your likes and comments.

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                  I thought 7 is considered average on a looks scale? I agree with you though, I love the people who think they're 9s or 10s that clearly aren't...ego checks needed. Anyway your post reminded me of this: http://imgur.com/IQGfv2l

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                  Well in 0-10, 5 would be the average. If people think that 6 is the failing grade, and that makes 6 the 0, that would explain why people rate themselves higher.

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                  Yeah, I think most people without makeup are like 5's which can turn into 7's with proper skincare/hygiene/makeup. I reserve 9's and 10s to models?

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                  Funny that you mention this. The other day i was asked what I rate myself on a scale 1-10 by a guy who I assumed was a red pill guy (this happened on reddit). I gave myself a 6 as I believe that I am above average looking (I did some modelling in my late teens through to my mid-late 20's, I'm now 31) but also posted a link to a photo of myself. This wasn't me trying to gain attention, I linked to a photo because people have different opinions on what a 6 is. Some people might consider a 6 to be unattractive, or below average. I consider 5 to be average and 6 to be above average so I gave myself a 6.

                  I actually rate myself a little higher than a 6 and of course, my boyfriend and my mum will tell me that I'm a 10 but I don't know how the rest of the world would rate me. I think the whole rating yourself between 1-10 is stupid to be honest. Everyone has different opinions on what is attractive.

                  I think people naturally rate themselves higher than what they actually are. I heard somewhere that people tend to see themselves 10x more attractive than how others see them. I'm not exactly sure how true that is though.

                  I have only encountered a couple guys who referred to themselves as "alpha" (other than on reddit) and the thing is, they were not what I would consider to be alpha males. Far, far from it. An alpha male doesn't need to tell people that he is alpha. He probably doesn't even think about whether he is alpha or beta. This is why red pill guys make me giggle sometimes. What I consider to be a true alpha male, doesn't waste his time thinking about whether they are alpha or not.

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                  what is under a 6, means it should not be touched, not even worth wasting a look on. 5 being inoffensive and 1 being : run! a 1 is basically a big whale that you see in the ocean coming to crash your ship, can barely be called a woman.

                  6 - one night after you went out of prison

                  7 - plates

                  8 - ltr material that sooner or later becomes AWALT and is downgraded to a 7

                  9 - ltr material that sooner or later turns out to be a unicorn, downgraded to a 8, thus will be plated sooner than the former 8, but just because of her physical look

                  10 - possible wife and mother of children, must look at least as good as a 9 but without makeup since i will have to wake up the rest of my life seeing her face. also her character must be that of a 11. a 10 is like an uncut raw diamond, you will find it's true worth after you invest in it.

                  so, anyone that tells you that you are a 10, means you are the best looking-girl(deal) HE ever met(had), and only that.

                  in the end, it's all about perception, i'm more likely to believe that you are over 8(after already knowing how you look) if you sell it like that, because, i want to believe! if you know who you are, you can say that you are a 8, 9 or 10, but don't say it just because someone gave you that number, a poor man's gold is a rich man's bronze, a beta's wife is an alpha's plate.

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                  I really loved your description of a 1 lmao

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                  It makes a difference because it is attention-seeking behavior. A number is meaningless without an explanation, such as mentioning being in shape (or BMI or something of the sort) for one. It's better if a woman can explain or, even better, give a comparison image when mentioning a number (such as using this scale, for example), so that we get an actual idea of whether or not they're being ridiculous with the rating (which many people tend to score themselves upwards rather than downwards).

                  Edit: Link to scale image.

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                    They expect validation for being so pretty (assuming they are actually a 7+), as if it may make up for anything they may be doing wrong. It is useless information as well without anything to go with it.

                    It is not that it affects me so much as it affects the perception of the poster and the way I may respond. If they are misrepresenting themselves, that means the advice may not be quite right. Even more so, I may ignore it entirely and assume they're still having appearance issues anyway because there's no explanation of the number (skin care, makeup, etc.).

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                      Natural, yes. Necessary, no. When people do that, they want to hear they are perfect as is. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

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                      Attention whoring = not wife material

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                        Since always. Ever hear the word "modesty"