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Or as the article describes, "PepsiCo's CEO shares the trick that has helped her stay married for 37 years" - http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-stay-married-pepsico-ceo-indra-nooyi-2018-2

This was on a recent interview on Freakonomics where Indra Nooyi gave some "controversial" advice on how to stay in a marriage for 37 years, despite being a high-powered CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world.

In today's day and age, more women are earning advanced degrees than men, and have moved into traditional male career positions. This trend isn't going to change, so there are important lessons to learn about separating your career persona and your relationship persona.

*She added: "Would I have liked to have brought [the crown] in? No, not at the expense of my marriage and my children." *

I found it quite surprising/encouraging that we can hear this advice from someone in a position of great scrutiny in the public eye.

Also, note also that it's Indra Nooyi, not Indra Krishnamurthy, her maiden name.

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A ship can't have two captains.

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In the Navy, when the XO gets promoted, they go on to another command/ship. They dont split the duties of the command.

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I appreciate Indra’s candor. While she has managed to stay married, in other interviews she talks about how she knows she was a terrible mother and hopes her daughters don’t resent her.

More power to women who want to go into high powered executive roles (I believe they can and they should) but even she is pretty open that “having it all” is not possible and she missed out on a lot of moments with her family. And she is at a level where she can create a lot of flexibility, so it is even more challenging for the rest of us just working trying to make partner or finish residency or just get promoted.

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Thanks, I wouldn't mind listening to some of the other interviews if you had a link. I appreciate her openness and candor too, but I still feel she measures all of her responses carefully, which isn't a bad thing.

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I love this! "Nooyi agreed that it was unfair, but also explained how it's been useful." That's true pragmatism and someone who is putting a real-life marriage ahead of abstract arguments.

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True. Goes for men too, though. Being a leader at home as husband is a far cry from handing out orders to those below you at work. Some men struggle with the transition.

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