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The man was out in the yard this morning and brought me in a big branch of apricot buds that are just about to pop!

It's funny because yesterday I was thinking, "We might as well enjoy some of those flowers in the house, because we're not going to get any fruit if the trees blossom this early." I guess great minds think alike, LOL.

Just another day in paradise! :-)

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How sweet, and those branches can last a week in the vase if the buds are just opening at the bottom.

My most spectacular flowers are poisonous AF and don't make good cut flowers, but I love pausing for a kiss downwind of my brugmansia when it has 200+ blooms open at once in the evening.

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I have grown the plain white datura from seed! And the flowers ARE beautiful, although I never had so many blooms at once. (I grew them as annuals as they weren't hardy in my zone. Think I had some yellow ones one year, too.) So many plants, so little time ... LOL.

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Yes, I think the wild ones are called jimsonweed. I never explored their pharmaceutical aspects, LOL, just kept them in pots as patio plants. They're pretty!

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So cute

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I know that phobia is irrational and can't be reckoned with. That said, I consider myself a spider advocate so here goes. Spiders are among man's greatest allies, very very few of them are dangerous to us and many of them are very valuable in pest control. They are absolutely everywhere. You are seldom more than a few feet from a spider during your entire life. Spiders build and maintain some of the most intricate tools in the animal kingdom purely from instinct as far as we can tell. I think of them as tiny, fastidious robots that protect us from disease spreading insects. Spiders have done more for human health than all our medical practice so far.

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So are you unclear of how this phobia thing works? Lol. Lecturing them on the functionality of spiders won't change a thing.

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Well, we are in a climate that doesn't have too many fearsome spiders, I think. You have to be seriously unlucky to be bitten by anything too harmful!

Just heard on the radio today, however, that my state has the highest reported rate of Lyme disease caused by tick bites! Seems it's the ticks you gotta watch out for around here ... :-o

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    It's funny because after I posted last night, we went to bed and while I was reading, a huge spider rappelled down from the ceiling and landed right on top of my book! And let's just say I suddenly wasn't so casual about spiders after all. ROTFL! :-o

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    No wonder, you were surprised by it!

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    I always had success with copper coins in the water. Most Flowers hold up better this way! I always love blooming trees and hope the Japanese Cherries will be as abundant as last year.

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    I'll have to throw some pennies in the water. They're blooming today, so pretty! Nice because it's windy, rainy and nasty outside, yuck.