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I'm new here and definitely in the beginning stages of this journey. But I happened to see this online today and thought it fit!


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My husband definitely does his share of the chores. I knew he knew how to take care of a home and himself, long before I married him. That should be part of the vetting process. Women who complain that they're married to children, have only themselves to blame.

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Expectations are the root of all resentment.

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And its also the mother (no pun intended) of disappointments

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I find it interesting that a lot of women whinge about their husbands not helping, etc. and I always wonder what she does for him. Is she putting out twice a day and she gets nothing but dirty dishes next to an empty dishwasher? It always gets me that these type of women want everything, but don't give anything to deserve it.

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I think it’s better to think of the housework thing as a discussion. Discuss how much time you both have/will have with children. Maybe you will work full time with children and care for the children after, and he works as well. So it isn’t unreasonable to discuss how to split the chores since that would make you really busy.

But if you work only part time or are under less stress than him, then let him know you can do the chores, because it shouldn’t be an expectation either way. At the same time, your man shouldn’t expect you to do chores more than is reasonable, and if you skimp a bit, it should not matter too much. And he should contribute sometimes if he is unhappy with how clean the home is in some ways, but if he’s doing a lot of chores because you’re being lazy, that’s not good either. This all comes down to discussion.

Some chores can be done together. It can be a good way to be productive and make best use of the chore time since it will give you a chance to talk as well. You can both load the dishwasher and fold the laundry, for instance.

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Wow send me a wife just like that God!

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Lol that's good:)