DISCUSSIONDAE miss when women's magazines weren't yet *feminized*? (self.RedPillWomen)

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Nowadays, every type of women's media has a feminist political tilt.

I (as a mid-20s woman), and I'm guessing many other Red Pill women grew up when Cosmo, YM, Seventeen etc. were unabashedly about sex, femininity/beauty, and attracting boys/men with real career and friendship advice sprinkled in there, too. The days when they would arrive in my mailbox as a tween were always my favorite days of the month.

I have a hunger for that type of pro-glam content now. Aside from this forum, does anyone have recommendations for where it can be found? The closest thing I can think of is Betches.

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Cosmo told me to eat a donut off my boyfriend’s dick.

So to summarize, yes, I miss them.

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Was this before the grapefruit thing

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I think so hahaha

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I can't find anything, and I had to cancel all of those magazines because I couldn't stand the feminazi-ism any more. I think they are going away, however. I was starting to get my subscriptions for $3 a year!! And once I cancelled they kept sending them. I had to email specifically to tell them to stop.

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I’ve switched from Glamour and Allure to Good Housekeeping. Not perfect, but strikes a much better balance.

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Not exactly magazine's but Tumblr has a lot of traditional style blogs and many anti feminism oriented stuff and everything in between. Check it out. It's a little tricky to find what you are looking for but once you do you will find plenty more.

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I run a pretty popular traditional blog. Traditionalism is alive and well on Tumblr, believe it or not. Anyone who wants to get started with a list of blogs to follow can let me know!

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Can you send me some links? :)

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Messaged you!

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I’ll take some too, please.

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PM sent ☺️

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I would like a link to the blog as well :)

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Messaged you!!

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Hi :) I also wondered if you can send me a link as well; thank you!

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I follow you, haha! I recognize the username.

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That’s awesome!! You’ll have to message me with your tumblr name, if you’re comfortable with it. I’ve always wondered how many gals in the Trad Tumblr community are on RPW.

(And, yeah, I’m a guilty username repeater 😂)

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Will do! I wonder as well. I just have this feeling that outright stating I am RP will not go down well, haha.

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I would love the links for this as well if you don't mind! Thank you! :)

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Late to this, but could you message me too?? Thanks :)

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Yep I got a cosmo magazine to read at the hospital. Five words into an article and had to promptly throw it in the garbage while rolling my eyes. Browsing Pinterest is much more fulfilling.

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Youtube videos are the way to go. You'll find a lot of channels by smart, feminine, beauty savvy, yet career driven women. You can customize what content you get by choosing your subscriptions. Here's my subscription list:

Skincare: Lian Yoo, Dr. Dray

Fashion: Justine LeConte

Beauty: Aly Art

All of these channels are neutral to feminism. Some may bring it up occasionally for social commentary, but they don't dwell on their opinions.

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I used to love Cosmo Girl and Seventeen.

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Lol no, that's almost worse.

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You don’t even go here.

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Were they ever? I mean in the 50s maybe some. But Cosmo was literally created as a feminist magazine for working “liberated” women.

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True, but by liberated they meant sexually and without any attitude against actually trying to please men (the horrors!)