FIELD REPORTThis sub has not only made my relationship better, but has made me happy with myself! (self.RedPillWomen)

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Hi! I’m mostly a lurker on here but I just wanted to express how appreciative I am of the knowledge I’ve gained here. My boyfriend(22) and I(21) have been dating for four years and living together for about 1.5 years. I know that’s not always seen as ideal but through this sub I’ve grown so much and have seen my relationship grow also. I don’t know if this is really a field report but my boyfriend and I argue a lot less and do a lot better handling disagreements when they come up. Learning about the red pill forced me to be honest with myself, my value, both physically and intellectually/emotionally. Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a wedding of one of my friends, usually he’s not one to be expressive of his feelings but during the vows he held my hand and gave me the sweetest smile. The rest of the night he pointed out things he would like or not like for our wedding one day. It was little but it made my heart soar. Before red pill, I didn’t really feel motivated to take care of myself or my things, I didn’t clean very often and just didn’t put much effort into myself. Finding the truth was hard at first but it forced me to start bettering myself and learn to love the good qualities I already had. Sorry for the long mushy post but honestly this sub and the awesome people here have made the biggest difference in my personal life! Thank you!

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This is awesome to read. Investing in yourself and taking pride in everything you do is crucial to being happy and living a fulfilled life.