Norwegian woman puts up post-birth selfie. Fat feminists go crazy. (upi.com)

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She's a fitness pro so has high levels of HGH due to the very high levels of exercise she does, so will therefore recover better from pregnancy than a sedentary 35 year old woman with suboptimal nutrition.

Her diet is likely unrecognizable compared to the average mother, nothing but quality protein, fats and greens, minimal carbs when necessary for exercise.

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I completely agree with you. I have no idea what the fuss is about.

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    Which isn't a surprise since fitness is a major part of her life.

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    than a sedentary 35 year old woman with suboptimal nutrition.

    I smiled at this.

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    a nice way of saying "post-wall whale"

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    Totally with you on this one! That woman is inspirational. As a far less active person there's no way I'd look like that four days after pregnancy, but I'm glad it can be done, and it gives me more motivation to be as fit as possible, at least.

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    Because feminists do not cooperate. Their status increase whenever another woman fail. RPWomen cooperate, because men and their wives gain from helping one another.

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    I am in love with women with her and the woman who posted the "What's Your Excuse" image.

    I am fat. Not curvy. Not pudgy. Not chubby. Just fat. But because there are SO many other women around me who also fat and rationalize it, I forget exactly how big I've gotten. Women like this don't make me feel bad about myself, they give me encouragement. These ladies have had babies! And they are HOT!

    I've told myself for years that since I've had kids and gotten fat, that being fit wasn't in the cards for me. Obviously that isn't true. This sort of thing only makes women feel bad if they have already resigned themselves to a fate of landwhale-living.

    It's gonna take me a while, and maybe I won't have washboard abs, but you bet your ass I'm gonna work hard so I can look as fit as possible. Kudos to these ladies, they are a huge inspiration. Sure genetics played a role, but they clearly worked hard and maintained their fitness while pregnant. That takes self-control and they should be proud!

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    Yes. When I see a really fit and attractive woman I don't get upset and think "oh, I wish I had her abs." I think "wow, she is obviously really motivated and determined. I admire that." Do women not realize how much work these people put into looking like this? This woman works hard and sacrifices to stay in the shape she is in, but people are mad at her because she is proud of the results of all her hard work. To put someone down because they are determined and a hard worker is just so sad to me. If someone makes you feel inferior, take a look at yourself and realize you feel that way because you know you could do better and choose not to, and the women you envy just rub it in your face that you aren't putting in the effort. I am naturally quite slim, but I'm still very young. I am sure there will come a time when I need to try a lot harder to maintain this weight, and I'm not looking forward to it. But I will never say that another woman is being "unfair" to me because she works hard on her body. Good for you and I hope your journey to better health makes you feel awesome inside and out!

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    Thank you! I've already lost 30lbs, but hit a plateau because I lost the motivation for a few weeks. The pics of these ladies encouraged me to get my ass back in gear.

    When I lose another 30 then I will be the same weight I was when my husband proposed to me. I'd like to lose another 20 after that,...but we will see. I haven't been that slim since high school, but I'm willing to try! Even if I can't get the scale to budge, I'll at least feel better trying my best.

    A lot of what we are seeing with the responses to these pics are the typical "crabs in a bucket" attitude of women. They'd rather tear another woman down than do the work needed to make themselves better.

    Guys are motivated by guys who are better than they are. Girls are just defensive when around girls who are better than they are.

    I'm not going to mock someone's weight, because that's just cruel and unladylike. But that goes BOTH ways, and means I'm not going to mock someone for being fit any more than I'm willing to mock someone for being fat. But it's become the socially acceptable thing to body shame women who have worked hard and kept fit. It makes me angry, these women don't deserve such derision.

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      That's the kind of attitude I'm looking to get. Once I get down to a healthy weight, I will re-evaluate my goals and go from there. For now, I'm just focused on getting out of landwhale territory. :P

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      I like this lady (she's gorgeous!) but I thought the "What's your excuse?" one was kind of annoying. Mostly because I don't have an excuse. I am healthy and thin and take care of myself just as well as she does. The assumption that everyone else is making excuses and she's somehow unique just rubbed me the wrong way.

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      This drove me nuts when I was pregnant. When I found out (sorry guys if this is tmi) I was about to put my body through was on the single most stressful and straining things it had ever gone through, I made SURE I was fit.

      This wasn't for vanity. This was for the ease of myself and my child. Having/carrying a child requires a use of muscles in the body that function best when they are in shape to be used. So these haters see shame and I see mother who cares about making the act of child birth as easy as possible (within our control) for themselves and the child. Promoting pre and post natal fitness is very important!

      Child is born, guess what! The fun just begins. You now need the energy and ability to physically care for the baby. Wouldn't being in shape and fit help in that? I was able to fit in my jeans a week after and was screamed at for it. I wanted to be sure I could care for my son. When did we stop losing focus on the importance of caring for our kids?

      Fun fact: If I WASN'T as fit as I was..I would have had a much harder time with the labor then I did. Again, issues can come up. The more you can help with maintaining your body, the better.

      I really hope ANY female thinking of having a child reads this. I am not trying to scare you guys, honest.

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        Planned or not has nothing to do with pre natal fitness. You've got nine months.. and at about 7 it will feel like nine.. looong..months. Maybe even sooner then 7 it will. Think of it this way, you train for a marathon or a competition, why not for the hours long it will take to bring a kid into the world?

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          I'm just saying if you're obese it's not as good as being super fit.


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          She looks amazing. Personally, I appreciate the photo because it makes me a little less worried about the effects of pregnancy. I don't understand why it's okay for fat women to post pictures of themselves in lingerie in order to promote "fat acceptance," but a healthy woman who just gave birth is being attacked. So much hypocrisy.

          Also, I love that she has a chandelier in her closet.

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          Why do these women treat everything like it's a personal attack?

          "We're not body shaming until some random picture that has nothing to do with us hurts our special snowflake feels."

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          Why do these women treat everything like it's a personal attack

          to understand this sentence is to understand women.

          when a typical woman sees this wife's selfie her reaction is to compare herself to the woman, find herself wanting, expose to herself the lie shes telling herself and everyone else about how "shes had kids and she cant EVER lose weight now!!", and to genuinely experience seeing the picture as a personal attack.

          now you underatand why they take generalizatons about "women" as a personal attack and think its "debating" you to personally attack you back by calling you "pathetic". until they grasp the fact that they are dealing with an alien mind, no man can understand women.

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          That's a good explanation. She looks amazing! I'm jealous because she obviously has good genes, a lot more dedication than I do, and looks better than I ever will. But it's jealously like "Dang girl, you've got it going on! I'm sooo jealous!" I have no desire to tear her down. It's not a personal attack on me that good looking women exist. That would be an extremely self-centered world view.

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          I have my doubts about this picture. Three days post baby, I could barely stand up straight, let alone take a selfie (not that cell phones had cameras back then). I was 5'7" and 118 lbs leaving the hospital. My belly was still bread dough.

          But if that really is a post baby pic, good for her.

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          Yeah, the thing I thought was strange is that it takes time for your uterus to shrink back up. It isn't necessarily just about tightening your core - there are things in there that need to shrink back up and shift back into place. I'm sure being fit speeds this process up quite a bit, but you can't really "exercise" your uterus to tighten it back up. I'm not a medical expert obviously, but it seems that has to be a lot of luck that she would shrink back up that much so quickly.

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          Here is an attempt to explain the phenomenon. The study quoted is lacking in scientific rigor, but is an interesting hypothesis.

          Women Evolved Indirect Aggression Strategy To Compete With One Another, Researcher Claims


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          I remember vividly watching my Aunt's stomach return to normal as she gave birth. It was amazing. All those years of my mom telling me that everyone is doomed to becoming a lumpy body after childbirth were proved wrong in an instant. She was, and continues to be, a beautiful and trim woman who regularly bikes, swims, and takes care of herself.

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          This mother of 3 was treated like Hitler on twitter, banned from FB, etc for being in good shape after having 3 kids. It has been like 6-7 months since the incident and when she tries to do new things, the same fatties still come to troll her. Even major (and minor) news outlets treat her like she is waging war against "normal" women.

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          She is gorgeous.

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          I still think having those three kids so close in age can be an exercise routine all on its own. They are so adorable.. Mom squee My heart goes out to her. She was trying to 'empower' and get's flak for it. Not to mention caring for those kids has to be a lot easier when you can keep up with them.

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          One of the distinctions between a psychologically healthy person, and a sick one is their reaction when they meet someone who's doing better than they are.

          Is their first impulse to emulate, or to stab?

          I don't think any of the regulars on red pill women looks quite this good. But they see her, and ask "what's she doing right, and how can I be more like that?"... not "how can I criticize her for hurting women's feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings?".

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          She clearly already has great genetics, carried small, and works her ass off for that body. 2 out of 3 things are completely out of her control. Why not say congrats on the luck for the first 2 and good for her for the last? Getting mad isn't going to get your flabby body back in shape any faster.

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          carried small

          No shit, here's a picture of her a week before she gave birth, she barely looks 3 months pregnant.

          I wonder if her baby is fully healthy?

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          Having strong core muscles - and I think she's a fitness model, so it's more than just working out a couple times a week - can make your baby bump look much smaller.