Time to take responsibility for our failed relationships (self.RedPillWomen)

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I've lurked for a while but I made an account to share this article.

I agree with it, but I was wondering what you ladies thought about it

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What I mean is, ‘men’ aren’t the problem, Rebecca. It’s you. You’re the one. You’re the common denominator. You’re to blame. There has been one person conspicuously involved in all of Rebecca’s romantic flops, and her name is Rebecca. Maybe you should take a look at her for a change.

Yee ha

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Great article. If you want a real man, you better be a real woman. The entitlement of some women is astounding, thinking they deserve a good man while being a horrid woman.

Also, what the fuck is wrong with X-Men?! >:(

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maybe they saw part 3 before 2 and first class

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That's the real question that needs to be answered.

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I know. We just watched the newer x-men movie and I actually really enjoyed it so that girls a lame

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I went out with a guy I recently met. No manners, no chivalry, he couldn’t look me in the eye and have a conversation. He was dressed like a slob and he mumbled too much. Finally we went back to his house and he suggested we watched a movie. He wanted to watch X-Men which shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. The next morning he said he couldn’t bring me back to my house because he had to go the opposite direction for work (at least this one had a job :) so I ended up calling a cab.

Am I seriously weird and just so confused because why would you stay over some man's house when you are tearing him down inside of your head as he takes you out, you have already told yourself you in no way like or are attracted to him, but yet you stay the night there? Then get upset when he can't take you home because he has his livelihood to attend? Holy crap.

Then the writer:

There are many women who say that there are no ‘real men,’ but who’ve never stopped to consider what it takes to be a ‘real woman,’ and whether they live up to that standard.

Ha. How true. Funny how feminists get in a huff over what the standard and general beliefs of what being feminine is.

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That is a great example of the rationalization hamster. I'm sure during that night she thought he was charming and funny and <insert whatever tickles her fancy>. The next day she regretted it, couldn't accept the fact that she made a bad decision, so it became his problem. The charming, confident, funny guy suddenly became a "loser". It was his fault, not hers.

I've never met a woman that would sleep with a guy she found to be a loser, unless it was for money.

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Spot on. Ultimately it didn't work in her favor so she points the finger at anyone else besides herself. This is far too common behavior

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I had to stop and re-read "the next morning" because she clearly couldn't have been attracted to this man enough to sleep with him on the first date...

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I couldn't believe she even had the audacity to write that so nonchalantly. As if that's completely normal.

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Sadly it is normal these days...

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I am so incredibly happy I decided to click this thread and read this article.

I am in my mid 20s. I have been in a committed relationship with the same guy for 4 years, never having broken up, or taken a break, or whatever terms people use these days to justify their behaviors. This some how qualifies me to be some sort of therapist/magical creature to my single girl friends who continuously are unhappy with any interaction they have with the male species. I want to forward this article to all of them and then wash my hands of it.

They all want to know how I managed to find a decent guy, and honestly, I don't mean to sound vain or conceited, but I found myself a good man because I act like a good woman. I take care of him like a girlfriend, not a mother. I let him have his own life, and friends, and hobbies and interests. And I have my own. I never insist that he all the sudden change into something I knew he wasn't from the beginning. I get excited when he does the dishes, not mad when he doesn't do them.

Sorry if I seem ranty, this just applies so much to my life right now as I listen to friends, and coworkers, and acquaintances at parties. Like the author states, maybe they should take a look at themselves for a change.

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I get excited when he does the dishes, not mad when he doesn't do them.

This is the right attitude to have. If you hold on to the second line of reasoning, you create the potential to disappoint yourself, whereas if with the first line of thought you allow yourself to get happy at times.

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I'll be honest, I usually lose interest and skim longer articles but this one is worth a full read through! So much truth.

I was totally a crazy bitch at times in my last relationship. But I do think even if you were a good girlfriend you can always reflect on the past and see what you could do better.

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Since the site keeps forcing popups:


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Thank you!

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In the end, this is all good news. It’s good news because it means you are in control and you can change your fortunes.


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Taking responsibility is the only way I moved from the failures of my past into the happy relationship I have now. It simply must be done. The good news is that when you are the problem, the solution is in your hands!

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Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. At some point a woman has to stop and take responsibility. They say you are what you eat. I also think you are what you date. You will attract what you present to the world. There are no knights in shining Armani. And if there were they wouldn't be attracted to a resting bitch face and a mile long list of 'requirements'. Drop the entitlement and improve yourself then you'll attract a man who is as close to 'real man' as possible. I have a friend(22f) who has been cheated on by 4 different boyfriends in 4 years. She was recently dumped by #4 on her birthday last month. If I tag her this article she'd probably never speak to me again. I'm honestly sick of her whining I just might print it and stick it on her forehead. /rant

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Great article, thanks for linking! I will be adding this to the sidebar.

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You know I hate to say it but I am so guilty of this.

My longest relationship has been my marriage. I didn't date much and married at 21. But i have been guilty of tearing down the men i was with (in my mind) yet physically not showing how I really felt and kinda leading them on.

I do it with my husband now sometimes. I always thought I was really honest. But maybe not.

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I like this article, except for this quote:

"Admittedly, I managed to attract a good woman despite being a horribly flawed and sinful man, but there is still wisdom in this idea even if it doesn’t always hold true." (pause for laughter and applause)

UGH. Why do so many men think it's funny to be self-deprecating? It makes him sound like a silly Beta.

Other than that, spot on.

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This is golden.