Super proud of myself! Thank you guys! (self.RedPillWomen)

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My account is pretty new but I've been a long-time lurker here. I used this sub as a place to find support/inspiration while I improved myself. One of the things I attempted as a way to increase my femininity was to get better at sewing.

Well, I am now 37 weeks pregnant and have sewed all of baby's fabric needs! All the burp clothes, blankets, bibs, clothes, etc.! I sewed my butt off this pregnancy! Not only did it save us about $400 in total but my husband was also super impressed lol. And I couldn't've done it with our all you guys constantly giving great advice and motivation on here. You guys rock!

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Fun! I think that's really sweet you did all that, and will make a great story when you show him/her the items from their baby box.

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Thank you! I agree!:)

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Congrats! Out of pure curiosity, will you be using cloth diapers?

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Yes actually!:) I made diaper covers with PUL and fleece inserts.

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If you haven't already, it might be a good idea to make a large changing pad with the diaper cover fabric. Everyone I know complains that the standard ones that come with diaper bags are small, and outgrown quickly.

Maybe something like this:


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An easier thing I use is an extra large Chinese prefold. The toddler size. They are huge and perfect for changing a baby in and very easy to wash. I buy a dozen for each baby and they are great for burn cloths, changing pads, quick blanket, etc.

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Cloth diapering is awesome. I have 2 babies in diapers right now and I couldn't imagine having to spend a bunch on diapers each week.

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Do you pay for a service or wash your own?

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Wash my own. It's not much extra work. I guess the only thing is that you have to line dry them, but I line dry all of my clothing because I'm a big weirdo who refuses to use the dryer (I live in AZ and can't understand why people use a dryer when sunny 364 days of the year, lol).

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Makes a lot of sense. My sister cloths but has a service. We also don't live where you could line dry 365

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This is so sweet :) I have a handful of prenatal clients at all times and I always loooove when they're nesting. So cute!! Congrats to you!

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Thank you! I'm nesting quite hard right now haha.

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Dang girl! If you can get into smocking as a hobby, you can make BANK on sites like etsy! I do a little French hand sewing and people go nuts for it. Hard to find good quality stuff nowadays I think.

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Congrats!! Thats pretty amazing!