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A while ago I posted a bunch of vintage video link and since then I've been collecting more that I think members of the sub would find helpful. I don't know of many female-centric blogs, so most of here are YouTube videos.

Feminism & Red Pill:

Self Improvement

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Physical Self Improvement

Fitness & Diet

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Online Education

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Love that Jordan Peterson's getting some love from RPW. He's so very awesome. :)

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I never heard of him until now, his videos are excellent. Great traditional perspectives on relationships and marriage without the women bashing/PUA tactical points of TRP. And he makes great points of doing things together as a couple instead of putting so much pressure on each person.

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This guy is pure genius in relationships and he doesn't even really consider himself RP.

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I don't think needs to hear of it, considering how he talks.

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Agreed. The guy just knows how to think already.

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I've been following him since the hubbub with the gender bill in Canada. Not until recently have I found shorter clips of his knowledge. His videos on his channel are hour+ long which is great, but his information is so dense that I find it very difficult to digest all in one go. I'm really happy to find channels that have taken clips to make the information less daunting.

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Wauw yeah, he is amazing! I have been binge watching youtube videos of him for the past 8 days now :D

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"Cultural Marxism" was simply The Frankfurt School's critique of The Culture Industry.

This quote by Adorno illustrates what it was about:

"The Culture Industry not so much adapts to the reactions of its customers as it counterfeits them." -Adorno

That's the crux of what "Cultural Marxism" originally was. A critique of mass produced culture.

The Frankfurt School were actually protested by feminists. As can be seen in these pictures (1, 2) Source... and Adorno actually coined the term "calculating regressives" for student protestors, they didn't like him because he called the cops on them if they got out of hand.

I might also point out that The British Cultural Marxists of The Birmingham School (founded by Richard Hoggart, Raymond Williams, and Stuart Hall) - were anti-censorship, and gave testimony to that effect at The Lady Chatterly case... or point out that British Cultural Marxism was also against massification and cultural drift...

Less than %5 of academics identify as Marxist (with the exception of the Sociology, in which he's one of three major founders).

The Frankfurt School were anti-fascists due to having seen and escaped the rise of Hitler's fascism, and that informed their views.

Their concept of The Culture Industry which they were against, is very similar to the MSM (and they were the first to critique it).

Academic freedom and freedom of speech should allow for people of all ideologies (including Marxists, right or wrong).

Women's lib, black civil rights and gay rights, predate The Frankfurt School... and all those movements can be explained with simple self-interest... and that's the nature of political change.

You may have been misinformed by a culture industry around your own ideology. Neither left-nor-right have an accurate view of the other; due to the media... the point is to escape that. Not make it worse.

I think it's important to be able to trust your audience to see the facts of the matter.

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Great information, thank you. I've just recently been introduced to the concept of Cultural Marxism. You could say I've been "red pilled" for about five years now; I been wanting to know more of the history of this 'downfall' of society as I thought it started with feminism and then branched out to intersectional feminism and the oppressive hierarchy that Stephen Colbert brought to the mainstream when interviewing Ketchup. (Also highlighting the well off bourgeois protesting with their smartphones in their hands.)

Less than %5 of academics identify as Marxist (with the exception of the Sociology, in which he's one of three major founders).

Interesting. What is the explanation then for the increase in genders studies, sometimes mandatory in universities? Do you think the Frankfurt School has no bearing on any of what we're seeing happening? What do you believe is the cause of it (social degeneration, break down of family, tradition and Western ideologies)?

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What an amazing list! I will go through and read them now. May I add my blog? [That Stepford Gal](thatstepfordgal.com)

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FYI, your blog layout is adorable!

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Oh thank you! :)

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Done! Definitely need more blogs like this!

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Thank you thank you! :)

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Wow, can I get this on iTunes or Podcasts?

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If you can get the audio file downloaded, you can open it in iTunes and label the file as an audiobook. Then you transfer it to your iPhone/iPod and play it as a normal audiobook.

Or you can play the helpless girl for your boyfriend and let him do it.

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That second option sounds tempting! I'll ask him about it.

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    Oh that's great I'll download that!

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    I wanted to add a great video I think can be used as a gateway red pill for young women: https://youtu.be/bBcFfWvexQg

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    Done! And added Detailed Oriented Beauty blog. :)

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    This premium quality document has just been linked (Nov 7) here. Thanks for all your fine effort in compiling it.

    How to Red Pill Women | Blondie

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    Great list, thank you for the effort involved to create it. A neat video just came out the other day called Feminists do not watch: a Russian perspective on gender roles. It is a subtitled translation of a psychologist speaking in detail about male and female nature. Powerful insights.

    Also inspiring to now see a 15-year-old espousing a return to traditionalism in this interview-- Stell Bell - Advice for Young Women Who Want to Live a Feminine Life. Example from her channel-- Why Traditionalism is Valuable to Women.

    Also this one is great-- Finding Traditionalism (My Journey. It's a excellent description of how/why homemaking is not oppressive, and also goes into some details about what entails homemaking including serving the community, and also finding like-minded women locally. She's making more videos too.

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    Title Feminists do not watch: a Russian perspective on gender roles
    Description This is a little different to what I would normally translate, but sociological topics such as 3rd wave feminism and the prevalence of pornography in Western countries are important to deliberate. Russia’s Dr. Oleg Torsunov would be considered as highly ‘conservative’ in Western liberal spheres, however it is difficult to outright discard the points he makes as untrue. After all, while education for girls all over the world is a basic human right, the Rockefellers had admitted that the women’s m...
    Length 0:20:28
    Title Stell Bell - Advice for Young Women Who Want to Live a Feminine Life
    Description Stell Bell is a teenage YouTuber. Her videos focus on traditionalism, nationalism, and identity. We begin by discussing how Stell found the Alt-Right. She explains that Donald Trump’s campaign led her to begin thinking about issues such as demographics, immigration, and nationalism. We then examine the political and cultural views common among her generation. Stell offers advice for girls interested in living a more traditional life, including not swearing and avoiding promiscuity. This leads...
    Length 0:35:27
    Title Why Traditionalism is Valuable to Women
    Length 0:05:13
    Title Finding Traditionalism (My Journey)
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