SELF IMPROVEMENTThe beauty guide for our alt/artsy red pill women! (self.RedPillWomen)

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The beauty and fashion advice I see on this sub is more geared to women who don’t really seem that creative which is fine and looks killer when done well!!

I am married to a man who is more, alternative for a lack of a better word. He’s great and has a profession in the art world and has tattoos. I am as well, I paint, am in a band, sew, all around just love art. I’m sure there are women out there who are also more artistic who brows this sub, and this guide is for you!

There’s a way to express your creativity through your fashion in a fun, sexy way but it can easily look trashy, think tumblr type girls.

Keeping yourself cute is huge for a relationship where you plan on being life partners. Not putting in effort is a great way to lose the spark of attraction and drive your partner away. Finding a fun way to look cute is a good way to ensure you’ll be able to keep this lifestyle up!


So you want to dye your hair? This isn’t bad! My husband loves picking out colors for me and is all about it! 1. Keep your roots up or don’t dye it at all. Having colored hair means extra effort. 2. Dead, damaged hair doesn’t look good on anyone. If you’re going to do this, you better moisturize your hair and do masks to keep it healthy 3. Look up color theory! Make sure if you do decide to color your hair, that it doesn’t clash with your makeup or what you’re wearing. Blue hair this month? Wearing warm colors won’t look cute! Look into color theory for more information. 4. Keep up with your hair cuts. Just to reiterate, long damaged hair looks worse than well kept medium length hair! I go every other month for a trim. 5. Finally, long hair looks better than short hair usually. man hair cuts look good on men.


  1. Nail color is fun! Make sure you keep up with it. If it’s going to be chipped take it off.
  2. Just like when coloring your hair, nails can look trashy if they clash with other things you’re wearing.
  3. Thinking about acrylics? This is said all the time in this sub, but sometimes what’s trendy isn’t what will look good!! super long nails are in right now, with lots of Rhinestones and whatever. They look bulky, they’ll make the hand look fatter. If you get acrylics, you’re better off with longer, thinner shapes that accentuate the finger. Also, if one falls off take them all off.


Allot of people in this sub talk about wearing as little makeup as possible. I don’t necessarily agree with this, because for me it’s a form of expression! My husband loves when I wear fun colors. I try to make sure they complement my hair and nails. Again *color theory!!* if you’re going to be doing out there looking things, you need to work harder to make them look put together. 1. I love doing “”looks”” that are more for the fun of playing with makeup than anything else. Halloween is coming up and I’m having so much fun playing with liquid latex and face paint >:) you know what I consider to be exclusively for “looks” though? Full coverage foundation. Crazy, dark looking lipsticks. They don’t make me look very natural, they don’t enhance me, they cover me! 2. I try to keep skin makeup as natural as possible. I’ve corrected my acne a few years back, but I still have some hyper pigmentation. I cover that, cover my under eyes and set everything with a powder. A little natural contour, and hilighter, blush and I’m looking very cute! Think “no makeup makeup”. It’s fun to do, I can wear blushes and hi lighters that complement my hair color. Most people wouldn’t even notice that I’m wearing makeup sort of makeup. There’s tons of tutorials on YouTube for this. 3. I think false eyelashes are fucking adorable. When applied right, they look very feminine. I need to stress when applied right 4. Wearing colorful eyeshadow is also super fun!! To keep it from looking trashy, you really need to know your stuff though. Invest in good brushes, primers, and quality shadows. Really understand color theory. When applied correctly, it can really complement your eye color/hair/outfit! 5. Same makeup rules apply, where you want to make sure you don’t look Cakey, which you shouldn’t because you really shouldn’t be wearing thick full coverage makeup and tons of powder.


Same rules apply where you want to dress to complement your body! Here’s some fun stuff that I’ve picked up though: 1. Wearing a band shirt? Knot it to give it some interest. Tuck in one side to create asymmetry. Tuck it into a skirt to give it femininity. Don’t just wear a t shirt and jeans! You are a women, you can do so much!! 2. You’ll be surprised by how a nice pair of heals can spruce up jeans and a t shirt as well 3. Get some fun looking jackets and cardigans! Things that pinch at the waist, things that are soft and interesting. 4. Don’t fall into the trap of showing all of your skin. I like to follow the leg or cleavage rule.


I figured I would just throw this in there. Always try to work on your health! Try to not be overweight.

Wearing bright hair, makeup and nails doesn’t look great when you’re overweight. It makes these things stick out in an unflattering way and you’ll end up making yourself look worse. Get into strength training! Eat fruits and veggies! Wear cute workout cloths! It will only help you feel great and look killer.


This is harsh but: ugly people look better when they do things to blend in. Pretty people look better when they do things to stand out. You can enhance your look by doing either of the two!

Let me know what you guys think and any advice!

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I love this!!! I also really like experimenting with hair colors and make-up.

I actually stopped dying my hair completely, I gave myself a balyage (spelling?) and I dye that part crazy colors. Just for my hairs health.

This is harsh but: ugly people look better when they do things to blend in. Pretty people look better when they do things to stand out.

This sounds terrible but it's sooooo true. If you're gorgeous and you dye your hair bright blue you'll still be gorgeous and you stand out more, if you're not the prettiest and you dye your hair bright blue you'll be not the prettiest and stand out more. :/

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Baylages looks GORGEOUS! You can totally get away with a lil tooth growth too because it’s intentional. It’s the new “hi light” and makes dying your whole head a little less high maintenance!

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Great for lazy girls like me 😁

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I found you can get really creative with your shoes that would be more "alternative". For example I have a pair of Current Mood Platforms. They're easy to work with and it's a simple and subtle way of blending a more "alternative" look with chic style.

I love wearing them with some nice skinny jeans, a nice belt and a silk blouse and maybe a trench (depending on weather).

Learning your body shape and what fits on you is SO VITAL. Too many people cramming themselves in cookie-cutter alternative looks that they forget they need to fit it in with their body.

Part of being alternative and still be attractive is to carefully curate your appearance.

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I see so many people who just let their tattoos clash painfully with their outfits (again, colour theory), you need to consider the busy-ness of your ink, the colours you have, placement, etc. When buying and putting together outfits.

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this a million times i literally only own solid color bathing suits that match my ink.

If I wear a shirt that shows my tattoos, I like for it to be solid and match!

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HA! Mine is only visible if I'm naked or in a bathing suit and boy does it make bathing suit shopping even more difficult :-P

I have a black bathing suit and a fuscia/pink bathing suit and they'd better not wear out because it was a painful process.

[–]cherryhearts 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Same! Mine are mostly botanical so I found I can mix them with florals (still, specific colours) but stripes or other patterns of any kind look atrocious.

I live for the black one-piece bathingsuit.

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YES , THIS!! I only have tattoos in my ribs, because I know that is one part of my body that will always be covered by clothes, so I don't have to worry about how to match my tattoos with stuff. For bikinis I go with simple shapes, in black or white , so that the colors on my tattoos won't look mismatched. Tattooed arms or legs look too asymetric for my taste, so if you're a symmetry freak like me, you migh want to skip the leg / arm tattoos because they will probably be at plain sight all the time.

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Good stuff! I agree. Typical alternative shoes would be the unisex doc martins that I see everyone in. They don’t look great on me. I think they make my ankles look to chunky. I love marry janes though!

[–]cherryhearts 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah I feel like they make me look like a little troll. I do however like tuk's too, but you can't get the cheap plastic looking ones, you'd need to invest in a good pair.

Also just keeping your shoes really clean and polished is a big part of it too.

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Eh, this isn’t really artistic, it’s more alternative. Which is fine, but I wouldn’t consider it more creative. It’s a certain style, which has nothing to do with how creative you are.

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Right? Not liking purple hair doesn’t mean I’m not creative or artistic. The tone of this post is really irritating.

[–]eatavacado 3 points4 points  (0 children)

100% agree.

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Ok, so I generally agree with you here about everything including that ugly people tend to look better when they attempt to blend in whereas pretty people tend to look better when they go the alternative beauty route. My issue is...how can an average person figure out which side of the spectrum they fall on? I've had intense feedback from both directions.

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Thanks for this! I'm revamping my style as I lose weight and find myself leaning towards more alternative looks as I pick my outfits. However, I have a hard time finding advice on how to make this look more feminine. This gives me some new outfit ideas!

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I'm so glad to see this! I'm into eccentric, weird things so I feel like it only makes sense for me to have an alternative look. I've read so many times on RP forums that an alternative look is an automatic red flag. I admittedly understand why because most alt people are weirdos of course (lol) but I'm happy other people here can relate! I'm really into pinup fashion and vintage/retro clothing and I've been into metal, punk and all sorts of alt music and the surrounding culture since I was like 10.

Although, not having an alternative style doesn't mean someone isn't creative or interesting! On the flip side, I have met plenty of people with alt looks who are very boring. I approach them thinking we'll be able to relate but it doesn't always happen. It's becoming more and more of a trend to be alternative nowadays and doesn't necessarily indicate uniqueness like it used to (I'm young so I wasn't really around for that time period but that's just what I've always heard)

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I have a different artsy kind of style but it's not as alternative as yours. I have more of a witchy/hippie/gypsy vibe going. I was a total goth girl in my teens and that still carries over a bit even though I'm 30 now. But in subtle ways. My man always prefers me dressed gypsy like over basic hot girl stuff. Long flowing skirts over skinny jeans. I also use the cleavage/leg rule like you said! I wear a lot of jewelry and big hairstyles. Mostly I keep my hair Jett black and long.

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Love it!

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Can you talk about your hair moisturizing routine? What products do you use?

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So moisturizing is really just putting in either a oil or leave in conditioner after you wash your hair or doing a deep conditioner after you wash.

I do a mix of all 3 depending on how I’m feeling!

I use this oil if you do this, make sure you use very little just at the ends. You don’t want to make your hair too greasy.

This is the spray that I use sometimes

I get whatever deep conditioner I can from Marshall’s, it’s not that expensive when you buy the tub! Just leave it on In the shower while I shave and clean my body.

This is the cleansing conditioner that I use it youre interested. It’s more hydrating and gentile than a shampoo, and keeps color from fading!

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Love this! My style is pretty alternative as well, I love band tees and ripped jeans, and I really enjoy decorating my jackets with spikes and studs. I have been told for years by my non-alternative friends that I come off as very aggressive right off the bat based on how I look! Recently I have been working on ways to make my aesthetic appear more feminine, such as tucking in tees to create asymmetry and flatter my body shape. What you said about complimentary colors came right on time though! Read this the day before I got my hair dyed plum and styled my outfit accordingly. Got so many compliments on my look and hair today! Thank you!

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Good post!

Wearing colorful eyeshadow is also super fun!! To keep it from looking trashy,

Haha this is funny. Eyeshadow is cute but sometimes it's like, girl o_O

The only thing I disagree with is leg or cleavage rule. I think you can show a lot of different areas of skin, but boobs or butts are already not classy. So leg yes but no cleavage or partially naked butts. Cleavage is sexy and hot but it's naked. Save it for private.

[–]GingerDoughGirl -4 points-3 points  (3 children)

Are you saying that a fat woman who tries to wear nice looking and enjoyable clothes will look worse than if she wears sweat pants and no make up? Even if you personally think fat people are all hideous that doesn't make any logical sense...

[–]trapped_underrice[S] 13 points14 points  (2 children)

Not at all. I’m saying to avoid doing things like coloring your hair/wearing colorful nails and makeup will probably not enhance you because it won’t stick out in a positive way.

Edit: I’ve edited the post to be clearer in this regard

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I completely agree with you. It’s the red pill. Sometimes the truth hurts. When people see an overweight girl with blue hair a lot of them think tumblrina shrieking feminist. Which isn’t to say that’s always true of course but it’s a common misconception. So do it at your own risk. If you are in shape and attractive you do have sooo much more flexibility. Fact. Also fun post! Love your upbeat writing style. As a creative artsy type myself this really resonates!

I think this is one of the many benefits of having a great captain. You really only need to dress for you and for your man. I think a lot of the fashion and beauty advice around here is geared at single girls. When you’re single, you want to look as pretty as possible to as many men as possible. Once you’re off the market, you just need to be the girl of HIS dreams. And if you both like rainbow hair and tattoos that’s awesome! If you both like 50s dresses and pinup eyeliner that’s awesome! So much freedom. Thanks for a great post. :)

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This is true! I'm a makeup artist, and my ex boyfriends absolutely LOVED when I did heavy makeup with big, fake lashed and everything. But now that I'm single I wear less makeup so that I don't scare the men who don't like much makeup! I wear even less for first dates (enough for looking pretty),because if things go further, I wouldn't want him to be surprised by waking up with a different person , lol.