How Pinterest Is Killing Feminism (self.RedPillWomen)

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This is a great article which highlights how, if left to their own devices, and choosing what they want to look at as opposed to what they are told they want to look at, women will mostly choose womanly things that interest them.

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This was the reasoning behind Simone De Beauvoir's famous quote in an interview with Betty Freidan:

“No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children … because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”

The truth is that the REVEALED choices of women once they are emancipated do not support sex equalitarianism or the denial of inherent sex differences, the revealed choices of emancipated women serve instead to throw those differences into stark relief.

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It's really interesting how the most free-to-choose humans freely choose to participate in activities we view as 'traditional'. In highly developed countries, women dominate nursing and men dominate engineering. Women dominate in child-care and men dominate in construction.

It's sad that people are told to rail against who/what they are, and actually try to live by that advice. It's a recipe for unhappiness.

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    Run along back to TBP!


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    I lost it when I read that Jezebel "create[s] truly smart editorial content for female readers".

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      Right, it's a feminist publication; the reason it was posted was that they were horrified that women were pinning dresses, food, and workout inspiration instead of more masculine or "strong independent woman" pursuits.

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      Yeah... define smart. I love Pinterest, but I also love reading. I just don't go to Pinterest to read. It serves a different purpose.

      It's also funny that they call Pinterest materialistic when I find Jezebel quite materialistic, and absolutely obsessed with pop culture. From what I've seen of Jezebel, there are no highbrow debates going on. It's just a bunch of feminists crudely insulting anything or anyone they disagree with.

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      ..And that reason is--PATRIARCHY!

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      The patriarchy is oppressing us women but at the same time we are strong and independent and don't allow men to affect our lives! Feminism makes complete sense, right?

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      Exactly! We are building a huge garage for all of my husband's tools, and then I will turn his tool space into a fermenting space :)

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      Wait, they're not talking about anything like how men-haters and victimhood-embracers are killing feminism, they're talking about how wanting to look fit and eat healthy is killing feminism? Was the person who wrote this on crack?

      I mean, thank goodness they're getting blasted in the comments section, even though most of those people are just upset because "that's not what feminism means".

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      Well no, they can't be on crack because then they would lose "The CURVES"

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      Behaving in a feminine way and having feminine interests is killing feminism, gee that reminds me a lot of that quote from 1984, goes something like "war is peace, slavery is freedom, poverty is wealth, etc", I meant it's straight up double think, feminism promotes the abolishment of femininity.

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      I always browse Pinterest for dress-like aprons so yeah, I agree :P

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      Oh my gosh I've been dying for one of those dress aprons... but then I'd be afraid to ruin it lol

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      I think they make for a great birthday gift unless you have other urgent needs. This way you won't feel guilty for spending money and mum can be happy getting something you like instead of throwing her money away on something you don't like (Always happens to me so I'll show her - she'll love them ahah)

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      I'm female =P

      But seriously, if my husband got me one of these for my birthday, I would be super excited! He always asks me what I want for my birthday and I never have a real answer, but I think when he asks this year I'll mention this!

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      Yes, I meant ask for one ahah ;D You totally should, I am not short of ideas because we just moved in together but I'll tell my mum. I find them pretty sexy too!

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      They are! Things can be done with them... haha

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      The amount of butt hurt in this article is astounding.

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      Undertone of this article: How frustrating that if given "the choice" women make the "wrong choice". Feminism is about the right to make the "right choice" in the eyes of feminists ladies. Good lord.

      Cleaning and cooking. Pretty things and bragging. Women wanting to take care of their appearance, and wanting to improve their whole life. Its not natural!

      We should just be lazy slobs with no interests, determination or goals except for those which are feminism approved.

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      Those are indeed the correct choices. You need to go to camp and learn how to be politically correct so you don't embarrass yourself. Obviously. /s.

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      Feminism: I support whatever choices a woman wants to make, unless I disagree with that choice. Then you must be brainwashed by the patriarchy and need re-education.

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      I love my Pinterest boards. It's mostly all fashion stuff... because how we present ourselves is important. I don't read fashion magazines, or other women's magazines. I don't like being bombarded with the schlock that comes with them (shitty dieting tips, beyond my price range advertising) So I use Pinterest as an inspiration. I can visualize what might look good on my short and curvy (legit curvy, not overweight curvy) body instead of a 6' tall rail-thin model. We all have to dress - why not try to make yourself look respectable. Wearing ill-fitting sloppy clothes says just as much about yourself as looking well put together.

      My board is, always has been, and likely always will be, semi-private. Well, it's at least not shared with friends, or connected to my other social media accounts, though strangers can access it. I am not trying to portray to the world "my perfect life". It is purely for me.

      There are a few recipes, some neat home design things and some crafting projects. But they are there to INSPIRE me to do them, or put my own creative spin on them. Encouraging creativeness? Heaven forbid.

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      If you look at my comment history, I've mentioned pinterest a dozen times. I love it!

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      "This isn’t where the internet was supposed to take us."

      No. Just... No. The Internet was not supposed to "take" us anywhere. There was no "direction" imposed, nor should there be. The Internet was/is supposed to be a place free of censorship, a place of sharing for the world, where everyone could share (almost) whatever they want. Saying that "The Internet" should "take us" in a direction implies that it should brainwash women into becoming hardcore feminists, thus limiting their free will, which ironically feminists claim to defend.

      [EDIT : grammar]

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      Reminded me of this documentary (skip to 29:30 if it doesn't do it automatically.)

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      In a shocking turn of events, women are interested in womanly things. More on this at 11.

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      From an evolutionary perspective, the babies that thrived were the ones with mothers that loved to serve them, nurture them, feed them, clothe them, and build homes for them. What do we see on pinterest? Food recipies, sewing tutorials, home organization tips, etc. This is what women, as a whole, enjoy and feminists can't change it without a massive amount of effort to reprogram them.

      Women that disliked children and serving families did not pass on their genetic material. Babies do not thrive without mothering.

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      My parents are doctors, so I raised my younger brother for most of his life. Of course women want to stay at home. Its a pretty easy job, regardless of how much hardship women might want to make stay-at home sound, compared to my summer jobs, like construction, carpentry and auto-mechanic, running my parent's household and raising my younger brother was very easy.

      Yeah, thing is, there's not going to be many stay-at-home mothers for long. Not that many young men(22-35) are interested in supporting a girlfriend/wife.

      And well, you can't really expect men to not dominate in medicine, engineering, construction and so forth. Women are short, weak, with no resistance, no power of will, with low Intelligence and with a very underdeveloped emotional capacity. That is why for thousands of years women have been tasked with the role of pushing out babies from their wombs and taking care of them. I mean, its not a function that requires much thought or strength or ability - female dogs do it, don't they? And I don't shower my dog with gifts or money or more than enough attention, so why should men do it?