WOMEN -stop the disrespect towards men (rant) (self.RedPillWomen)

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I almost feel bad ranting in this sub, because we understand how to treat men with courtesy. Clearly, I'm preaching to the choir on this!

I spend a good bit of time at the gym. A few weeks ago I was watching a trainer (late 20's) with his client. She was your CLASSIC upper middle class ENTITLED housewife. Late 40's early 50's? He's making her do some glute work. She finishes her set mind you she's barely pushing any weight around, gets up and look at him with disgust and says "I'm done with this, I can't take it anymore". Mind you, this was said with ANGER at him. Not "oh I'm tired, next time". It was almost threatening. She had clearly reached the end of her rope and did not know how to handle herself appropriately. Like it's his fault she has to do some "hard work". She then walks away from him and leaves him standing there. I felt so bad for him, he was clearly shaken I thought about going up and saying something but figured the LAST thing he needs now is another woman in his face, whether positive or negative. The disrespect was baffling to me. But then, I wasn't surprised. These women are accustomed to getting whatever they want, whenever they want. I understand specifically personal trainers have to take some serious negative behavior dealing with clients. You are trying to help people who can't seem to help themselves, and they are paying you for it.

I see women treating men poorly time and time again. Whether it's cutting them off in line at the grocery store, or at their places of employment (happens to my husband on a weekly basis). They try to assert themselves because that's what modern feminism has taught them, but instead they come off acting like irrational children. I was taught to be "seen and not heard". On top of that I spent a good deal of my childhood in marital arts where any kind of disrespect was NOT tolerated. Sure I had some moments in my teenage years, but overall I try to treat people especially men fairly. Most guys have always bended over backwards for me, even when I was acting like a bitch. No wonder we have so many guys on RP dealing with anger and all these other negative emotions.

We treat them like shit.

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You have to expect that treatment when working with the public. I don't think this is gender specific, assholes are assholes.

I have had men scream at me, throw things at me and snatch things out of my hand when I worked in retail. Women weren't any better. My male co-workers had similar experiences.

Ditto with working in the helping profession and now as a lawyer. Jerks are jerks, bullies are bullies.

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True, I shouldn't generalize it. I'm certainly not saying all women. Just anecdotally, whether because I'm recently aware of RPW behavior, I feel like I'm seeing it more.

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You know what I've noticed since considering this redpill stuff is women showing open hostility toward their SO's male friends. I think because their SO probably seems so much happier and at ease with them than with their uncivilized bitch of a girlfriend. Obviously the best response is to be a bigger bitch so the friends don't feel welcome in the home.

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I'm irritated beyond belief by one small phrase.

"ugh, men!"

or the condescending "Men! what are they like? Haha!"

I genuinely have to take a deep breath and make a concerted effort not to respond, I'll busy myself with something in my bag while all the other girls giggle "Oh my god, I know right? All men are terrible" Really? If ALL your experiences with different men have been terrible maybe you should have a look at the common denominator here.

It's not even just a little bit annoying, it makes me genuinely angry.

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It gets really bad when there is a mostly female work environment with a minority of males.

I was working with preschoolers before and a majority of the people in charge and teaching were female. The few men around got treated like crap. Like...how dare you be a man in OUR space!

If the genders were reversed you'd see some big Feminist campaign about it on the internets or something.

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I couldn't agree more! I was a teacher in the public school system. I can't begin to tell you how badly I saw women treating both genders. The best administrators I ever worked with were ALWAYS men. The women were so caddy and irrational. That issue is a whole other can of worms for me! I have some pretty tough opinions on education.

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[m/redpill] here

I just want to let you know I love you all. To be reminded theres still some of the fairer sex thats the fairer sex is very heartwarming.

We guys really do appreciate it.

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i love the cutting in front of you in the grocery store part. because just about two hours ago a boy (maybe 11 or 12) cut me off.

i think generally it pays to be nice to people. and i really notice that at work. i work in an outbound call center. we dont sell or advertise anything (that's illegal here), we try to get people to participate in our surveys (if you've ever wondered where things like "two out of three people like apples more than bananas" come from - we gather that data). anyway. we're supposed to at least complete one survey an hour, for the longer ones even a little less than that on average. i hear so many people complaining about how that's practically impossible and how they're asking so much, pressuring too much. yet i'm there and i have no trouble getting more people than i need to participate. and i'm pretty sure it's because i'm nice and friendly. some people seem to have no understanding of basic human interaction. there's this saying here that basically goes "wie man in den wald hinein ruft, so schallt es auch heraus". what it means is the way you approach people is the way they'll treat you. and i think that goes for every gender, not just men. i know you ladies understand this, as this sub is partially about being pleasant but sometimes i feel like it cant be repeated enough. be friendly and people will treat you so much better.

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AAAh, pubescent boys. I spent time as a middle school teacher. never.again. It will test your limits.

Definitely agree, being pleasant will go so much further. I think humility is key as well, especially when we talk about feminine traits.

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i bet it does. and i dont think he even meant it. it was just a quick wanting his bottle deposit money, took like 5 seconds and i would have let him cut, i just thought asking would have been nice.

and i guess i didnt exactly sounds humble there. it's just that i hear other people working at the call center being so rude to people. and i try to always be on my best behavior there, and really everwhere where i interact with people. i'm obviously not perfect but recognizing your faults is the first step to becoming a better person, right?

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No worries, I was just saying humility in general as well as being pleasant! Not directed at you! I have PLENTY of things to work on as well. PATIENCE being a big one for me.

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Funny how people can witness the same event and yet perceive it completely differently.

I read the gym scene and saw an aging woman who has never liked to workout, but now that she found out her husband is slreping with his hot young secretary, she is giving it a go to try to keep her husband's interest...but emotionally the whole thing is just too much to handle. She doesn't want to workout. She's always hated it. Her husband knows that, but now he's trading her in for a new model. She's justifiably angry and hurt and exasperated. She bursts out (unjustifiably) at the closest person. The one who is yelling "just one more rep." I feel bad/sad for her.

Or, I know a lot of the types you are talking about...so maybe she was just a bitch.

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Women don't learn boundaries in our modern world. The boy learns not be an asshole due to the consequences of such, on the other hand the girl does not.

Hence women when they are rude go on and on and never stop and men know when to shut up. Because the alternative is a hospital or a morgue.

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I actually just made a post about how feminists seem to want men to pay for perceived injustices. Most modern feminists don't want equality, they want more.

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They only get treated that way because they allow it.

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He probably wouldn't have a job for long if he were trying to put women like that in their place.

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It isn't about putting them in their place, if it were me I would of just laughed. She already paid for the services if she doesn't get fit she will either keep buying training hrs or stop coming either way I win.

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I see women treating men poorly time and time again. Whether it's cutting them off in line at the grocery store, or at their places of employment (happens to my husband on a weekly basis). They try to assert themselves because that's what modern feminism has taught them, but instead they come off acting like irrational children.

When I see single girls doing it, I instantly see her as a forty-year-old single with several cats asking, "Where have all the men gone? Why can't I find a real man?".

In fact, men leave everything gentlemanly at home when they have to be near unladylike girls.

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As they should. This reminds me of something I saw on TV (The Amazing Race) a while back. This team of two men gets to a station first (have to sign their name for an airplane ride). He has pen in hand, a female team literally comes up from behind him snatches the pen right out of his hand, signs their name. The male team was flabbergasted. So later on, they say we aren't going to play nice with these women and muscle past one of them to get on a bus first and she basically tries to accuse him of ASSAULT saying she has a bruise. WHAT A GREAT REDPILL MOMENT. And luckily, the show's producers spun it in favor of the men.

I rest my case!