OFF TOPICA Map of the Introvert's Heart (self.RedPillWomen)

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We have a whole lot of introverts here (raises hand). I thought you all would like this.

It doesn't have anything to do with RPW perse but I wanted to share.

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As I sit here on what has been my first moment alone since vacation started, socially exhausted, feeling my first moment of true peace and relaxation, this made my heart all warm and fuzzy. Thank you!

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Haha my "country of animal pals" is more like a continent. :0)

Thanks for sharing!

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Lol awww. This was cute.

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We have a whole lot of introverts here (raises hand).

FTFY. It's *introverts. An apostrophe ' indicates a possessive.

Nice map!! I'm an introvert, too.

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Cute, but as an erstwhile introvert, I'd call that island "No Love Atoll."

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i love this! thank you for sharing.

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Accurate. I don't know what I'd do without my little corner of solitude!

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Add lone forest walks and that's me for sure! Thanks for posting!

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I laughed because this totally describes me hahaha. nice find. :)

loll "railroad of cancelled plans".... Sobs

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I like that there is space for the museums <3

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I love this. Here's another one that I really relate to: Guide to Understanding the Introvert

I think that's something I really have to work on. It's not just introversion for me, it's shyness. I have to work on getting out of my "bubble".