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I kind of can’t stand the rest of reddit sometimes especially the beauty subs. I want to just enjoy myself and not have to hear about sexism, racism, fat people, you know? I got invited to /r/FeminineNotFeminist and it seems promising. Where else do you guys hang out on reddit??

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I agree and felt this way as well and it wasn't just Reddit it seemed extremely hard to find like minded women everywhere. I have lost friends and family members because of the way I live my life. I have had some pretty awful things said to me, but I am happy and that is all that matters, but I still really wanted a voice because i knew there must be some other women like me out there. So with my husband's approval I started a podcast, radio is something I always wanted to do, and I love it. I have a voice and if you want to listen great and if not great too. The best part is that sometimes my husband joins me. It has really helped me to be able to share my voice with others. You are welcome to check it out if you want here is the link Happily Never Equal. Any feedback or comments are always welcome.

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Wow this is awesome!!! I will absolutely be listening and I think it's so wonderful it's something you and your husband share <3

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This is great! I've been looking for a RP style marriage podcast. I just subscribed, I will definitely check it out later today.

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Any sub with a high amount of women always seems to go towards feminism. Some of the hobby ones are okay but can I just talk about a book without someone talking about the symbolism of the patriarchy?

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So bitching isn't the hobby you are looking for?

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Amazingly not. I love a good bitchfest as much as anyone but sometimes I just want do something that doesn't involve politics. I had enough of that as a SJW.

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It's good to care about things that are wrong in the world but when you are consumed by it all the time that isn't a good time at all. It's nice to search for the good things. It's what drove me to be realistically optimistic. Hope for the best and plan for the worst kind of thing.

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Any sub with a high amount of women always seems to go towards feminism.

I agree ): Fortunately this sub gives me some reprieve from those attitudes, and hasn't fell prey to that trap. And hopefully a sub with the words "not feminist" in the title follows the same trend hahaha.

/r/SJWhate is also a good one!

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Seriously I have been out of the feminist/SJW movement for less than a year and they have really turned up the crazy.

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I just use a separate account tbh.

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Yeah, me too. RPWs really are a secret society.

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Right! It's soooo frustrating /:

I feel (maybe naively) optimistic about the new FNF sub...and I'm hoping I can find a few others for a rounded internet experience that doesn't turn into downvotes for saying one teeny thing outside of "The Script". I mean yeesh!

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I subscribe to r/girlgamers and 1/2 the posters are in the same belief as me that badass and slutty armor are okay if there's a choice between the two. Or that skimpy can be okay based on situation or character personality.

The other half are completely against it forever because "fictional characters don't have sexuality it's given to them by the men who make them".

I stopped commenting there a while back because of this. They have good issues obviously, but then you'll sometimes get women overreacting to the littlest comment someone made to her in a game and the echo chamber there will tell her she needs to never be friends with this person ever again.

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Oh jeesh. Girl gamers. Fairly sure a lot of the posters there are men as well and yeah, half are just outraged at everything for no reason. I just want to play games and talk about the fun stuff. It doesn't feel that hard but god, everyone wants to inject their political beliefs into everything.

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I need a suggestion so I just subscribed, thanks! I will try to ignore the politics.

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Best way? Remove all talk of anything. I mostly am on r/aww because you literally cannot have a bad discussion if there's a cute animal doing cute things. I also post in pet related subs because those types actually care about the animal more than the human.

Well, I prefer them, humans are weird (not saying animals aren't, they're the right kind of weird :))

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Not really, as reddit seems to be getting more and more antitrump.

Even saying I had just moved from the left to the right to anwer a question asking how my political orientation had changed since I was 20 got me downvotes recently!

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Because shame on you! /S

It's really a frustrating thing to experience.

Feminists: Women can think and act however they please!

Us: Oh well here is my opinion!



That's why I'm so glad to have this community, and I am hoping /r/femininenotfeminist works out. Also there have been other great suggestions!

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I have zero problem stating my opinion anywhere, including TRP and MRP. I'm not intimidated and I'm very confident.

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Well I tried on TRP, it did not end well. Not sure I will try again

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    So don't take it personally. I don't get how RP men can comment in here and yet when a woman does it in TRP they are not welcome.

    Because we are obviously awesome and welcoming.

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    That sounds like my experiences with it...

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    I stumbled across this sub recently, made 1 comment and went on with my life. On an unrelated sub, I shared my opinion (which I knew wasn't likely to be popular). Suddenly people were scouring my post history, they found the 1 comment and immediately started talking about things I still don't really understand. I was eventually banned from the sub, because you're only allowed to be a bitch if you're a bitch with a mainstream opinion. Then a random freak started messaging me nonstop until I found the 'block' button.

    Ugh that's AWFUL!!!!! Sorry you went through it /:

    More recently, I had a run in with the askwomen sub...because I refuse to buy into the hysterical belief that women are doomed to end up pregnant (especially when they don't want to be) and we have a divine right to abortions.

    Right? Heaven forbid you suggest any non-liberal opinion.

    thanks for the suggestion!

    No problem! I think it just started today...I'm not very consistent with using Reddit but I think I'm going to make an active effort to contribute there. It's new and I am excited to see more spaces for the underserved women outside the left agenda...I would feel guilty for being this excited about it and then it not succeeding if I didn't even participate, haha.

    Hopefully saying it in this thread holds me accountable!

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    If you are having sex with 70+ partners a year like a nice young lady who posted in /twox today...your chances of pregnancy are probably pretty good. She was complaining that a boy didn't want to date her after finding out her Ncount btw.

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    I had to make an account just to ask this. SEVENTY PEOPLE A YEAR?! Are you joking? I couldn't find the thread. Is this person a prostitute???

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      Me neither /:

      I would love to make a list of subs worth going into which is kind of why I made this thread. So far I will probably try


      Would love to learn of even more!

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        could you suggest RP subs that are specifically dominated by or about women?

        all i know is RPW and FNF and RPWi

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        Oh wow - awesome, thank you!!!

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        Ha! I didn't know the backstory. I don't go into that sub. But ugh so frustrating!

        Thank god for finding spaces like this one and maybe /r/femininenotfeminist (if it goes well) where we can actually say how disgusting that is without people acting like we are the freaking devil. Um no I'm just calling a spade a dirty slut..sorry.

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        Holy what. 70??? And she doesn't see that there's a problem with that? And maybe she has, idk, an actual mental issue? I just...I wouldn't be okay with that either if I was a man. STDs are not a laughing matter and I can bet she didn't always use protection.

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        What post was that??

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        N count is interesting concept. To me a lower number indicates they prefer and know how to be in a relationship.

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        Thanks for the recommendation for FeminineNotFeminist, that's a new one and looks interesting. I don't really subscribe to or read many other subs. I peruse Female Fashion Advice but very selectively for the reasons you mentioned above. Sometimes I do worry about posting in other subs because I've heard people talk about being banned, not for what they post, but simply because someone can see they posted in another sub they disagree with.

        I really like the Bullet Journal sub but sometimes worry that others will see my post history and start hating on me. It's too bad things have got to the point where we can't agree to disagree without banning people, downvoting, hating on them, sending death threats, etc.

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        Thanks for the recommendation for FeminineNotFeminist, that's a new one and looks interesting.

        I think it just started today! I am going to try to make an effort to post things because I would hate for one of the limited spaces we have to go under /:

        I don't really subscribe to or read many other subs. I peruse Female Fashion Advice but very selectively for the reasons you mentioned above.

        Right? It feels like a constant struggle!

        I really like the Bullet Journal sub but sometimes worry that others will see my post history and start hating on me.

        Same with so many other subs - I started keeping my RP acct entirely different from the rest of any Reddit activity which is just annoying to feel like that's necessary /:

        It's too bad things have got to the point where we can't agree to disagree without banning people, downvoting, hating on them, sending death threats, etc.

        You'd think we could expect better from "the champions of open-mindedness" but who am I to point out their hypocrisy lol.

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        I mostly exist in sex neutral reddits and political subreddits of my own affiliations so I don't get in much trouble.

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        r/aspergirls if it applies to you. Everything pretty much stays on topic there, it's what we do.

        Edit - Speaking of Autism: I took the question too literally and now realize you may have been looking for something more specific than lady subreddits that don't devolve into feminist discussions in general. Leavin' my comment for posterity.

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        I feel welcome in all the main subreddits I post in, but I mainly stick to my local subs, and male-dominated subs like r/fantasyfootball, r/minnesotavikings, and r/diy. I consider myself a feminist but I feel like most of the feminist subs focus on how society is fucked up and out to get everyone, whereas I like to focus on improving myself first.

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        yes, I find it odd that with so many people on Reddit, on average, it often feels like I am comitting a crime when I share my opinion. I deleted many comments as I do not understand why people take it so seriously

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        I'm in r/childfree and they can't accept you're strong (capable of being) independent women who will stand up to real abuse and don't want to be thought of as inferior.

        I'm not welcome to feel this is a great sub, which I hope can accept my modern views and can help me now and then.

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        redpill is extremely anti-feminist.

        feminists are an extremely vocal minority and they shame everyone who isn't feminist.

        here's the elephant in their feminist room:

        84% of working women told ForbesWoman and TheBump that staying home to raise children is a financial luxury they aspire to. ... more than one in three resent their partner for not earning enough to make that dream a reality.

        women overwhelmingly want to be SAHMs, care for their children, and raise families. whether you work after the kids are old enough to go to school is between you and your husband. these idiots are just salty because you have something they don't.

        people who are good at things have their achievements to be happy about. people who don't have achievements and have given up resort to bitching about identity politics. in their minds, they're not achieving not because they're not working hard or persevering or won't compromise with others to be successful. in their minds, they're not successful because they've hamstered themselves into believing some other identity is persecuting their identity. ignore them.

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        Other than being open to others opinions, the ones with other opinions also have to be fine with yours and that's not always the case.

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        Honestly, I don't even consider all of RPW to be gospel, but it seems there isn't anywhere else on this site where I can actually examine my own behavior and strive to make a relationship work. Everywhere else people are shrieking and getting uppity about men being terrible, and they all seem to love separation and divorce and all that.

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        I've always had issues with moralisers and ppl who only see things as they want them to be and not as they are. But now it's because I'm a 'red piller' (according to reddit history)....go figure.

        [–]applefae 8 points 2 days ago You think not expecting men to do whatever they can to get sex shows lack of empathy? Edit: I just realised you're a red piller, never mind, it's suddenly clear why you think this way.

        [–]radioactivities9 Not just that, but naivete.

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        Unfortunately on Reddit female translates to aggressive angry burn all bridges radical left-winger.

        Don't agree with the party line in anyway and you will be down voted to hell

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        Also, I've noticed a lot of posts in skincare/makeup subs can suddenly turn into threads with feminist arguments over... foundation color. Not even joking.

        I've seen this too!!!! This is exactly why I hope FNF does well - so far their posts seem to be mocking precisely that attitude! I mean, eyeshadow being culturally appropriated...like, what! So glad to see a group of women being realistic - which is what I love so much about this community!

        Feminist attitudes are EVERYWHERE and what's worse is their attitudes "her der der we are the champion of women!"

        No. You set women up to lose - from your shitty attitudes to your ugly clothes. Go away.

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        Haha yup. Whatever you do, don't be fair-skinned on a makeup sub. It's the worst faux pas.

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        Also, I've noticed a lot of posts in skincare/makeup subs can suddenly turn into threads with feminist arguments over... foundation color.

        Wait, what? Could you post an example? It just seems so far-fetched and impossible, I'm really curious...

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        Happened to this poor girl...

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        Basically apparently if you have fair skin on those subs it means you're a spoiled princess. God forbid you mention your skin tone in relation to a makeup question. It was a real surprise to me after hearing all my life that tan skin is more desirable and pale skin is awkward. I honestly have no idea, it's very odd. The SJW on there are absurd. If we can all afford to buy paint to make our faces pretty, we aren't oppressed.