The Red Pill and interacting with other subreddits (self.RedPillWomen)

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I posted this over at TRP, but you all will benefit from this as well.

You may be wondering why I am telling you all this. As has been mentioned before, you need to have a dedicated TRP account and post in the other subs with your regular one. It sucks that some people are so ruled by their ideology like that and can't tolerate other ideas, but that's life. So instead of trying to change other people's minds, I recommend doing an end-run around their little fiefdoms by using dedicated accounts for your participation in the TRP network.

Second, if you talk about TRP elsewhere you're not going to have a very productive conversation. However, if you talk about TRP concepts elsewhere WITHOUT using our lingo or saying the concepts/philosophy by name, you can be gilded upwards of 30 times as has happened in recent threads that were chock full of Red Pill ideas.

To illustrate my points above, here's a quick rundown of some things I've noticed in my time on reddit over the last couple of years, and lately it has just been getting worse:

/r/AskMenOver30 appears to now shadowban TRP members.

/r/AskReddit removes any post or thread that links to us. I've also seen mods remove posts just for mentioning us by name.

/r/relationships is lost. It's chock full of very lefist namby pamby thinking and any attempt to give people a more traditional or what we'd call "red pill" take on things is met with bans and censorship. Note: red pill and traditional aren't the same thing, but sometimes there is overlap. Sometimes.

/r/offmychest is just as bad as the feminism subs. We've had members here get banned without ever even posting in that sub.

And you can just forget about any of the feminism subs. If you aren't another voice in their echo chamber you're banned and/or your posts are removed.

As an alternative to some of the subs I mentioned above, here are some places you can post without fear of reprisal and still have the same effective quality. As their membership grows, the better the subs will become, but its up to you to make them functional. I highly recommend posting there instead of the ideologically moderated versions:


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I got banned from /r/relationships from telling someone who was tricked into having sex with a male (a man to woman in transition, didn't disclose the fact that he/she had a penis) that his feelings we're justified and not to feel like he has to change his sexuality for that person.

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I tried subscribing to r/relationships for a bit. Gosh, the nonsensical comments there...

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Your wife dread gaming you? Couples counseling. Your SO cheated on you? Couples counseling. It's terrible.

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It's worse than that. I read a post about a guy who's wife all of a sudden decided she wanted them to give their two young daughters up for adoption and go back to "how things were" before they had kids. The top comments blamed the man saying he wasn't letting his wife "be herself" or some crap. It was disgusting.

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Ah, I remember that. Lots of comments saying he was being too quick to judge and was obligated to help her, as obviously his first concern should be for his psychotic wife rather than his kids or his own life. Woo.

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Thanks very much for the heads up. Just curious, TRP and "traditional" don't overlap? I thought they did, mostly. I've been RPW for many months now, upon discovering this sub and Laura Doyle's writings, and realized I've been naturally RPW my whole life. Just curious how it's not traditional. (maybe this is another topic)

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The main difference I find is that traditionalism is often religious, many aspects of it repress male sexuality, and it also conflates marriage with sex.

A RP marriage/LTR will look traditional in practice, but traditionalism doesn't share observations like AFBB. But overall, RP advises men to not marry and to have as much uncommitted sex as possible, which is very nontraditional.

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That is a faction of RP that is rather annoying, honestly.

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Same thoughts here. But, that's part of the full spectrum of the men's side of things. The extreme end of the women's goal to gain commitment is feminism.

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Encouraging sexuality is not a "faction" of TRP, it is a philosophical tenet at the core of its orthodoxy.

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Ahh ok makes sense. Thanks.

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There is some overlap, but not always. And then there's the whole traditional conservatism being just another side of the feminism coin. I'll link you to a good video on that later when I get home.

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I used to frequent the above subs often but I find it appalling that they would ban users for discovering and expanding their knowledge for stumbling into certain subs... I honestly found TRP after a nasty breakup, but to know that I'm now not allowed in these is downright censorship.

I suppose having multiple accounts is useful, but to be unable to go to those places on my main makes me realize that I'm probably better off going somewhere else after all.

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Whenever there's even remotely controversial topics in RPW you can observe tons of censorship here as well.

The difference is that we don't pretend to be a non-biased discussion forum, though. I don't think anybody should be offended or surprised that our views aren't welcome on the feminism subs, or that their views aren't welcome in ours. We're not here to debate. /r/AskReddit or /r/relationships, in my opinion, should be more open since they (in theory) aren't espousing a particular viewpoint and are just there for discussion.

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To be fair from what I've seen they don't seem to ban users that post in red pill, but users that recommend the red pill. It's nothing new and I don't get people complaining about censorship because at the end of the day it's their space to do as they see fit, just like the red pill network is.

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I don't get people complaining about censorship because at the end of the day it's their space to do as they see fit, just like the red pill network is.

I agree. And I've noticed that, overwhelmingly, the people who get banned are those who:

1) Use jargon like "alpha," "beta," "cock carousel" (if the poster in question is particularly socially stunted)

2) Spew boilerplate that makes people suspicious and/or mention a TRP-network subreddit by name

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You're completely right. This sub isn't a democracy, and it shouldn't be (and neither are those, and that's fine!). The only thing that bugs me about deleted comments here is that I'll see beautiful, eloquent takedowns by an RPW member, and I have no idea what the original offending comment was, lol.

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    Depends on where the bias lies.

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    Also, many conservative subs take a long time to ban trolls from the page just to not be like these subs.

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    Multiple accounts definitely make things easier.

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    I was banned without from r/offmychest ever have posted therr for being subscribed to r/fatpeoplehate