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Inspired by the recent post by TempestTcup the 14 red flags of dating, I wanted to share this video; the instagram husband.

Of course this is satire but also a lesson to not use our husbands. A relationship is a two way street. Husbands are not props. Nor are they ATM's, taxidrivers, golden tickets, therapists, punch bags and wailing walls.

I am preaching to the choir and aware of it, but wanted to state the obvious.

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Wow there are people who do this? I figured this was against taking pictures w your hub and posting them on instagram but this s just fcking hilarious. "Babe take all these pictures of me so I can pick put really flattering ones to post on the Internet so I can see comments and get validation from strangers!"

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I feel this is really common with female fashion bloggers or the youtubers that do vlogs. I can only imagine the defeated look on the face of their husband-turned-cameraman behind the scenes.

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i can hardly get A to take a picture with me every now and then. if i told him he had to sit there and take pictures for me he would give me the face and just walk away. wtf

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And you can bet they are taking those pictures while holding her purse...

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Yeah, my husband also hates having his photo taken. When I get the urge I tell myself to live in the moment and make memories instead

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live in the moment

thats more or less his reasoning, plus he hates 'staged' photos. i like just having a few (i probably only try to take photos of us 1-2x a year) since im not one for selfies or anything and usually forget to take pictures as it is. i like to have a few pictures if we go on an adventure but whats the point of having an adventure if youre too busy taking pictures to really immerse yourself? :)

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    we went outside to play in the snow this past weekend and had a snowball fight and i ate sht trying to walk up a hill and he let me take pictures of the whole day. it was great lol

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    female fashion bloggers

    I know a dude who dates one of these, but she is p hot and they bang all the time. He also photographs other women and sometimes bangs them. Its an open relationship. He is alpha as fuck, has like 5 siblings and does not want kids of his own. Even after getting flown around the world for free to awesome locations and hanging out with celebrities and shit, he still gets sick of the endless photographing and this is their #1 source of fights, far more than banging other ppl LMAO.

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    My sister shared this to her husband's wall with the cry smiley laugh face and said it was just like them.

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    Lol, idk that one guy really seemed to love it!

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    Yeah, like a guy in a hostage situation ;) (blink if you need help!)

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    Twitch your eye if you need help!

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    Lol my boyfriend is the one who loves taking pics of us because I hate pictures and don't have many. But on a sidenote I hate the way women say babe nowadays a term of endearment said with total condescension and scorn

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    But on a sidenote I hate the way women say babe nowadays a term of endearment said with total condescension and scorn

    totally agree

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    OMG I know. I've tried to use alternatives because I don't like the was it sounds anymore.

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    If you ask you bf/husband to take fashion pictures, don't be surprised if it turns into a stripping photoshoot. Men aren't into fashion in general. For fashion pictures, ask a girlfriend or a female relative who likes that stuff as much as you do :)

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    Sometimes I have to ask my boyfriend to take photos of jewelry on me for my business. I don't see it as using him, it's just the only way to get the pictures done correctly. I also set it as a three picture maximum each time, so it's not time consuming and I don't have to sit in front of the camera for too long.

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    On the flip side, my boyfriend is big into instagram and I really enjoy being his picture taking partner. I pretend that he is a famous photographer and I am his assistant. It's a lot of fun.

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    Has anyone ever been in the opposite scenario? I've dated two guys now who have been overly obsessed with their image- both have said things like "which picture should I make my profile picture?" and "hey can you retake this snapchat video? I want to get the timing just right" and "replay this video of me omg replay it again again"

    but of course when it comes to pictures of us there is always a better time to do it

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    That look at 2:15 gets me. Not sure if I want to laugh or if it is a withdrawl from my emotional bank account.

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    but I don't think there's anything wrong with it. He's man enough to say 'I don't want to do this' if he didn't like it.

    So, do you legit thinks he likes it, or is this a cop out so you don't have to acknowledge that you know it annoys him but you just don't care?

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      Get a selfie stick or use your own hand. Or, get a camera with a timer and a tripod. There's no reason for you to drag him into something he has no interest in. It's a waste of his time.

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        Well it might be a stretch to say he likes it but it definitely doesn't annoy him (in general) If on a rare occasion it annoys him it's clear and I leave it alone after 1 picture, which I think is reasonable.

        This is exactly what you said. If it is "a stretch" to say that he likes it, and there are occasions where he has been annoyed and made it clear, then it is fair for me and other readers to assume that he is uninterested in being your photographer.

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          Read this post and let it inform future comments that you make on this subreddit. Defending your non RP situation and responding with a rude attitude is not how you contribute value to this community.

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            I'm sorry you took it as rude.

            Classic way to deflect accountability. It was a snippy response in all intents, don't try to turn it the other way around.

            The only miscommunication here is you being in denial of how much of a nuisance your Instagram habits probably are to him.

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            There was no miscommunication. The responses that I left were clear and relevant to what you said. Every response from you to me was a disagreement in a rude way, with absolutely no attempt to clarify or explain. You didn't give anyone a chance to know your relationship, we can only go by what you say in the comments.

            The way you described your bf taking photos of you made it seem like it was something that he would avoid if given the opportunity. RPW is not about forcing our SOs to do things they merely tolerate. There are several other ways that you can be photographed, I suggested a few in my initial comment.

            Do take a look at the post about reputations, interactions, and respect. We are not off to a great start and passive aggressive comments such as "I'm sorry you took it as rude" don't help your situation.