Wow, I love this subreddit, a man's perspective (self.RedPillWomen)

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I just found this subreddit and I love it.

A few days ago I came across Karen Straughan's Youtube channel and it blew my mind. That's when I swallowed the red pill. Afterwards I lurked r/MensRights and r/TheRedPill.

r/MensRights is ok and r/TheRedPill is mostly ok but a few of the posts strike me as a bit too bitter and angry towards women as a whole, without acknowledging that there are many good women out there. I like women(except men hating feminists).

So then I found this subreddit. It's so refreshing to read women discussing things from a non feminist perspective. The irony is that this subreddit empowers women more than any feminist literature. Most of the threads here have the angle of "Here is how I behaved and here is what happened" or "do you think I should do this or that?" Feminist literature just rants about how "The Patriarchy"/"Rape Culture" oppresses women making men seem like permanent abusers and women seem like permanent victims.

So yeah, women of r/RedPillWomen I salute you. Where do I meet women like this in real life?

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I like this thread better than TRP as well because it contains many Red Pill truths without the bitterness or anger. I don't blame the guys for being bitter or angry - due to what they've had to go through. Just saying that it's nice to have the theory without the anger.

As far as where you meet a RP woman, pretty much anywhere else you'd meet a chick that isn't Da Club or some trashy bar.

What you need to do is pay attention to the woman's actions. Does she ever offer to cook for you. Does she share things or hoard them? Does she offer to do anything for you - or does she make constant demands without offering anything in return? Don't listen to what she says about herself, a lot of people say things like "Oh, I'm a great person, I love animals and volunteering." That doesn't mean she's a good person, just means that she loves feeling good about herself.

Look at what she DOES - that is key. If she is selfish, get rid of her. If she is generous and kind hearted - she is a keeper.

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see, the hate comes from things like being made to believe wanting your girl to do things like "offer to cook for you", "share her things", is wrong and we should feel bad for wanting it.

I try not to be, but I am still bitter about it. So much of my life...

edit: "hate" is the wrong word to use... it's hurt really. It hurts to be treated the way so many women today treat men, and think of them, and make us think of women. Then to realize we were right all along, feminist tripe is all bullshit. The missed opportunities are the hardest part.

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Worded perfectly. "hurt" is a good word I think. My husband says he chose the word "betrayed". The trust in women to be 'sugar and spice and everything nice' was betrayed for so many countless men.

It truly horrified me when I finally woke up to these realities and realized what a b*tch I was to my husband all those years. So much time lost that we could have been enjoying a RP relationship, and we can't get back that time.

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Best relationship I ever had was with a girl like this, she would always do little things to let me know she cared, like make a dinner alongside notes in the fridge for when I got home after working late. Ironing one of my shirts and taking my suit to get drycleaned when I had to use it (I had an interview and realised I needed to do these things a couple of days before said interview at which point she informed me she'd already done them for me a couple of weeks ago). She would want me to do all the driving and handle the money when we went on holiday (I live in the UK so driving is on the opposite side in europe). Actually giving a shit if I ever got hurt or sick. Asking for my help or advice etc etc.

I said once to her that I really liked all of the things she did to which she replied 'I like it too, you look after me, I look after you'. Which pretty much summed up how our relationship worked and it was fantastic, certainly spoiled me for any future relationships because I just can't see myself settling for anything less. The nicest thing about it was that it just felt right, and for once in my life I actually felt good about being and acting like a man and not like I should feel guilty for it.

I also find it funny that I'd often thought of peoples relationships as like a captain and first mate or like a principal and vice-principal, or sheriff and deputy and then I stumble here and find that that's actually a thing people talk about.

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A man that knows what he wants, sets clear boundaries and expectations is far more likely to achieve his goals than guys that drift aimlessly. It sounds like you have a really good head on your shoulders and I hope you meet a deserving woman.

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You don't meet a RPW in the wild; you find a good woman and expose her to RP concepts. If she picks up on it and works toward being a better woman, keep her. If she doesn't then next her.

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I really do wonder if this is the same for men, that a man becomes masculine when his SO acts feminine.

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Yes, I think so. Like when I discovered the RP, I stepped back and quit running our relationship, and he stepped up and started running it. He has clear ideas of what he wants to happen next and I respect that.

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He does, (I've always noticed this in myself - even when I was extremely blue pill) but because western culture devalues femininity, there is a lot less of it, hence less opportunity for any given woman to masculinize her man.

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Exactly so. Especially given that society by and large doesn't seem to encourage RPW attitudes anymore.

In my experience, there are a lot of women who were genuinely good people, but were encouraged and pushed towards shitty behaviours due to how popular they are in the West that made them undesirable partners.

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This will not be a popular answer...

I met my SO online. On Craigslist of all places. Please don't judge too harshly. We are both attractive people, who have no problem meeting quality people IRL. It just so happened that we had both been very busy leading up to it. He replied to my ad. It turned out he lived walking distance to me. It was not a "casual encounter" request, and we didn't end up sleeping together for quite some time. It was shared interests that piqued his interest, but looking back there are a fair few RP tells in the ad. He is not RP-aware, but those traits of mine are some of his favourites.

A year and a half together now, things are great. Not married, but planning a pretty cool life together. :)

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I met my husband on the internet as well! I think it can be a really good thing for people like me who enjoy their quiet time and don't want to go join a bunch of activities just to meet people who like doing those activities and then will expect you to want to keep going out and being social because that's how you were when they met you. Eep! No thanks. Haha.

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Met my husband on E-Harmony! You are clearly not alone here! :)

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eh for meeting people need them to be single; that type of stuff is a great single filter :p

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Hubby and I met online in a chat room as well

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Good to know SO and I aren't the only ones who met off a Craigslist ad.

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Met my man online as well. Doesn't seem too foreign nowadays

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I find that there is little societal issue with meeting online. Meeting on CL however... it's as if people only see it as for hookups, or weird foot fetishes, or young girls looking for sugar daddies. (None of which apply in our case :) ) We still get looks when we tell people exactly where and how we met.

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As another man who enjoys this subreddit, I salute you! Some of the other subreddits including TRP seem so anti-relationship. I like being the alpha male with a good woman behind me. It feels like this subreddit is a little more mature.

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I think that's because the main TRP reddit has a lot of PUA's and young men under 30. These guys aren't really looking for a LTR. However here on RPW, most of us are post-wall women who have already found our long term SO. Many women don't learn about red pill truths until they get a good bit of life experience - that means that they tend to be a bit older - like in their late 20's and beyond before they become a RPW. Wish someone had taught me these values earlier in my life. I felt like I may have had them intrinsically, but didn't consciously recognize them until lately.

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it's anti-relationship because the culture of relationships is heavily slanted in the favor of the woman. men are brought up thinking that what women want is the right thing. so being anti-relationship is a good way to be while you are figuring out how to manage yourself as a male.

hopefully, as a guy gets more stable and self-assured, he begins to have better relationships with women. even this is not assured, since depending on where you live, so many women are terrible and narcissistic and will lie to you and fuck you over at the drop of the hat, and then be patted on the back for doing so.

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That's true. As a female, I definitely want to get married some day. But if I were a dude, I'd stay away from that shit with a 100 foot poll.

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MRAs are still SJWs, just because i agree with the content of a lot of they say doesnt change their bad SJW character and victim mentality

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Blue Pill, Disney-believing, whiny butthurts, they are. Even though I agree w/ them. Style counts. TRP men don't play the victim card.

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While a lot of this is true, some people never change.

If you start dating a selfish woman - even if you are a super RP dude - there are certain aspects of her that will never change. In that case, it's really important to know how to tell the difference between selfish/drama filled women and a selfless woman with a good head on her shoulders.

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A lot of us are snatched up by the time we're 25 (from my experience).

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But for those of you that aren't, where do we (RP guys) meet you is OP's ( and mine) question.

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Restaurants or out with friends and family, the park or a beach, walking in general (with or without dog) volunteering, at uni, or at work. Traveling. At bookstores.

The people i see the most are my friends and family.

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Quality advice. Guys need to get out of their comfort zone and get busy with activities

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meaning he has to learn game and cold approach you rofl

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im not sure why thats so "rofl". we are still women and men still need to approach us and have game.

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Yep, good guys grab us and don't let go :P

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This is when it becomes a fight to the death, paleo-style. The winner takes the girl!

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Paleo all the way! I'm worried men won't like my paleo cooking in favor of "soul food." Good to know there's some paleo men out there.

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Paleo was pretty male oriented to begin with IMO. Fat, meat, other stuff, low sugar? Sounds pretty male.

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My SO found me online of all places, particularly OkCupid. Ours was a strange one in that it was supposed to be a casual encounter type of deal that turned into a relationship only a few days later. I haven't looked back ever since and don't mind the unorthodox method of meetup.

Some great places to look:

  • A library or bookstore
  • A coffee shop
  • Volunteer locations
  • The grocery store
  • College campuses

You can usually tell the RPW by their style and attitude. It'll be easier to weed out those you don't want by knowing what you do want and not settling (of course, some things can be changed along the line).

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College campus = much feminism (at my college at least)... But I feel like a good RP man could "mold" them (aka bring out their RPW instincts). But you are right in that there is a larger pool of women there in general.

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You can still find some pretty good girls on a college campus; it's just a lot more weeding to be done to find them. It's also great for getting someone not post-wall or near the wall yet, if you want someone with a lot of years left, for those that are more particular about their age ranges.

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This is essentially what happened to me. I met my now-husband on a college campus and he had frame for days, I fell right in line. (Well, that's oversimplifying the process, but that was the end result anyway.)

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Listen to u/TempestTCup! You are much better off meeting a woman with similar traits that you can help to foster and mold out that relationship style together. It isn't that difficult to find a woman with submissive qualities. Seek potential and help her to reach hers by not taking shit from her and by setting an example of always keeping up on the hard work of self improvement.

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its not that you arent right, but this is not the place for this, this isnt TRP. i totally understand what youre saying, but these posts are good because they let us discuss issues like whether "rpw" are born or made, etc. its not always about the poster, but the convo they can generate

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Pots and kettles, dear.

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Except I have contributed by calling out op on his ass kissing ways.

Him going "Wow, you gals aren't as abrasive as the guys on TRP, ya'll are so friendly, NAWALT :D" is the male equivalent of a woman going onto trp and saying "Woman here, I totally agree with what you said, women should love to suck her mans dick :3".

They're both posting for validation by setting themselves apart from the groups they belong to and agreeing with the group they seek attention from.

Maybe you guys choose not to see it, but to me, this guy is obviously a pansy with no backbone.

This post is cancer and shouldn't be tolerated.

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Not every post is going to be a constructive field report, but I enjoy it all the same. Obviously we just don't agree that 'calling someone out' is a worthwhile activity for something like this, but if you're lurking RPW I look forward to seeing valuable input from you in the future.

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Lol feminist disguised as rpw. It figures that women like you would also pick up on the trend and chameleon your way into it. If you can't handle someone saying way to go keep it up then you are no rpw.

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This comment is hilarious because I think the commenter is a guy, LOL. Still applicable!

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He is a guy. He has a few posts that are marked M.

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You can meet women like them in real life by learning game. Rpw is about women realizing that feminist values aren't a good strategy for finding a quality partner. they're just looking out for themselves.

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You're misunderstanding how TRP uses NAWALT and AWALT. Generally speaking, when some special snowflake claims NAWALT, they're not understanding the level of abstraction at the behavioral level that's being discussed. Not all women are cheating whores, but ALL women have a hypergamous nature, i.e., want 'better' (whatever that means to her).

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The irony is that this subreddit empowers women more than any feminist literature.

This is so true, at least for me. I never felt as empowered and in control of my life as when I swallowed the red pill.

Men are more than welcome here if you want to stick around! :)

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Dude. I understand your negative reaction to some of the butthurt at TRP. Please remember that many of these guys were lied to (and bought the lie) by the most trusted people in their lives. They have a right to be pissed. They're passing through the 5 stages.

Where do you meet a woman like this? If you spent more time on TRP you would know that, generally speaking, RP women are made (not born) by RP men.

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women seem like permanent victims.

As soon as you start viewing yourself a victim in your life, you lose your ability to have control over it. You can either accept that you have no control over your life, and take what life gives you, or you can take responsibility for your life, and take as much control as you can get.