I heard a RP joke today... (self.RedPillWomen)

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Screenshot here.

I got a good chuckle out of that one. Anyone else ever hear a RP joke?

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Here's my RP Joke: fat acceptance

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I think feminists use this joke a lot. Horseshoe theory?

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    The idea that opposite extremes end up exhibiting similar behaviors and ideas.

    Someone else's explanation since I'm not good with them: "Socially, both the KKK and some black nationalists favor seperate homelands for blacks and whites. The religious right and radical feminism find common cause in their opposition to pornography and the sex trade. The recent "new atheism" to arise in the days since 9/11 strikes me as being quite evangelical, Jihadist even, in it's rhetorical approach. None of this means that these groups are identical to eachother, not widely at odds over a lot of things and would probobly kill eachother given the chance - only that their styles and approaches, and sometimes advocated measures, mirror eachother in unexpected and ironic ways."

    I was mostly just being a bit cheeky.

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    I never thought of it like that. Huh.

    I don't know her, but I know the guy who reposted it.

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      Hey, he's the one giving you free shit, no one held a gun to his head.

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        I wish I had an orbiter - I'm hungry and could use a sammich :)

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          When I first joined Reddit I had no idea what that sub was, but I would always see it referenced. One day I decided to go to it and I immediately threw up in my brain. I just..can't.. Yuck.

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          100 beta orbiters for every 1 naked chick.

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          AF;bb it's their fault