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This past weekend I went camping with my husband and some of his family. I've written before on how I dislike a few of my cousin in laws wives and I'll relate my experience of how this all went down. This might get a little long.

So the weekend started out on Thursday with packing and dropping our little one off for the weekend. We attained one of the most coveted camping spots in the area. It is a completely free camping site that is deep in the woods but directly on shallow sandy lake. Once we get out there and set up the first thing we did was head out for some fishing. My husbands cousins came with us but the ladies declined. We caught loads of fish. It was an all around great time. The men had to go back to their wives while my husband and I enjoyed the daylight and lake losing track of time. We play some volley ball with the other men until around dark. (dark doesn't set in until about 10pm). The ladies still refuse to join in. Once it gets dark we sit around the camp fire and start drinking.

This is where I start to get angry. All of the wives start to bash on their husbands. I'm assuming the husbands are quite used to this as they had some fantastic comebacks.

Jenny "We're going out tomorrow and we're going to pick out new men."

Her husband "Great. Pick one up for me too!"

HA! Anyways, they continued to talk massive amounts of shit to and about their husbands. This whole time my husband and I were just sitting there next to each other holding hands trying to ignore the other ladies while BSing with the guys. We start up a game of catch phrase which, once again, the ladies declined to play. 2 AM rolls around and we head off to our tent and they head off to their campers.

The next morning I wake up and wake my husband up in the best way possible ;P After, I head out for some much needed coffee. I'm asked if my husband is up yet and I say that I woke him up. My husbands cousin makes a slighted remark towards me and his wife saying "Oh, what because you got up you had to wake him up." His wife remarks "It wasn't my fault that you stayed up until 2 playing games". I just wandered off to find coffee letting them bicker.

Friday went much like the first day out. The women all stayed behind and sat on their asses doing nothing but bitching and moaning while the rest of us went out and had fun tubing, fishing, swimming, playing games. The guys all gravitated towards my husband and I. Whatever we were doing the other guys wanted to be a part of. They didn't care I was there, which they usually don't, because I wasn't bitching at my husband. I wasn't complaining all the time. I wasn't demanding, controlling, or unpleasant to be around.

Saturday went a little differently. We picked up our daughter for the last day of camping. We included her in everything we did. But mostly she wanted to swim on the beach. My husband and I took turns between watching her and doing other things. I spent a lot more time with the other ladies Saturday, only to get berated for not having my daughter with the first two days. With one of the girls telling me that her kids have been camping since they were born. And all I could think while she was saying all of this and trying to belittle me was "Yes, look how much fun you're having taking your kids with camping." Every night she would go in the camper and watch a movie instead of sitting with us and talking. At least once an hour she yelled at her kids and husband. Every time I sat down with her she had something negative to say either about her husband, or something else. The only time she was not saying anything she was staring at her phone. But that night, for the first time she and the other ladies sat down and played UNO instead of retreating into their campers for the luxuries of modern conveniences.

Sunday was great. We continued fishing, tubing, and swimming. I didn't hear a negative word out of any of the girls until 5 when we were packing up. They joined in with volley ball and swimming. At first they acted as though it was a chore, but once they started participating you could see them actually having fun. I'd like to think that they finally started participating and shutting the hell up because I very obviously ignored them and their behavior and went and had a shit ton of fun with my husband and theirs.

All weekend long I didn't care much about my appearance. I really had no way to besides a hairbrush (which was murder after boating), hair tie, and hat. There was no mirror that I had access to and makeup would have been moot with the amount of time I spent in the water. I picked out clothes that I could easily shed and wear a bathing suit under for when I dove into the lake. And despite all that my husband was still grabbing my ass and kissing my neck all weekend long. It was more about having a good attitude than it was my appearance for a weekend. And for the first time in 10 years of being with my husband, his cousins actually gave me a good bye hug. Before this it was always handshakes and a wave good bye. But this weekend I feel like I've finally been accepted. Yeay!

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I'm glad the weekend was such a success for you! Well done on ignoring the negative chatter and having focusing on enjoying yourself. I'm not surprised the other men gravitated towards your husband and you. Seeing that you respect your husband and know how to have fun without nagging will make other men respect your husband and also want to spend more time with both of you.

Thank you for taking the time to write this up!


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Awesome work :)

Sounds like your hubby is very happy too.

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Sounds like you had a lovely time despite the other ladies really dragging on their bad behavior. It's grand that you were able to have so much fun with your husband and the other men in his family and that your daughter got to enjoy a bit of the camping fun as well.

All goes to show that you can only really have fun if you try to. I imagine the other ladies were primarily miserable up until that last day when they finally decided to join in on the fun.

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You are the most Awesome Awesome that ever Awesomed, all other women in your orbit are horrible shrews. Please post story after story of how all other women suck but you. We're on tenterhooks

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... I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not...

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It's amazing how these days just "being fun" sets you apart from other women. It's not even hard work, just having fun!

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It seems that for the other wives "having fun" was more work than "nagging". =/

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They probably accepted you before, but now they wish their wives would take a lesson from you. It's amazing what a good attitude will do.

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Thank you for the story, it was very refreshing to read ! :)

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Perfect description of a couple in my clique of friends. And perfect description of the other girls in my group as well