Great article from a woman who realized that she'd lost herself and was pushing her husband away (self.RedPillWomen)

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The Day I Realized I Was No Longer The Woman My Husband Wanted by Tracy Bild.

She shares some interesting perspectives about realizing that she'd stopped trying in the relationship, and stopped trying even with herself. Seems like a success story about putting marriage first instead of giving up on it.

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Great article. Why the heck I stepped in to the comments to read is beyond me! A few folks get it.

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Haha. Nothing to really argue or nitpick. Maybe it's a perfect post! Too perfect...

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I made this same realization not to long ago. Good article

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Nice read, I really appreciate you sharing this.

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Nice one! I like that.

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Great article. Thanks for posting.

Compliments are great. I always say thank you, but a little more about what it is you are thankful for goes a long way!

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This article really spoke to me. I've changed into a different person. I'm a little overwhelmed about how to get back to the old me or if it's just too late.

This is hard to acknowledge but I think my H has other women on the side to fulfill his sexual needs.

We have no kids and have been together almost 16 years. At this point, I'm just expecting divorce papers.

Any thoughts or advice?

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Steer clear of the comments.

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Fuck those people. First of all this article is for and by a woman. Maybe her husband does say thank you. Maybe he doesn't. But this isnt about him. Jesus christ. You cant control what OTHER people do. If there is ONE thing I wish I could get people to understand from redpill, its that you need to take responsibility for everything that happens in your relationship. NEVER blame your partner for your shortcomings.

If their reaction to a failing marriage is to turn even further into a bitch because "well he doesnt say thankyou either!" then good luck.