9 Old-School Ways For A Woman To Become More Attractive To Men (returnofkings.com)

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I had a guy come over to hang out and he was really surprised i made him a sandwich. He actually said he was surprised because most girls wouldn't do that. Lol who are these girls that won't spend two minutes to feed somebody? I always thought that was a joke that girls refuse to do that.

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Consider yourself lucky. They only make it easier for women who make the effort to be sweet and attending. For example, from my friends point of view my 18yo fiance is a golden angel, while I just expect that kind of treatment. It makes me feel sorry for most guys.

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100% agree with all this except the sewing and ironing part. You dont need that.

But ya just fyi, make me food and I instinctively bow-down to you. I feel like I would do anything sexually or otherwise for a girl that feeds me. Its like this unfair cheat-code for women. Any woman that doesnt know this is missing out big-time, especially if you are a woman who likes to cook anyway.

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I think ironing is an exceptional skill to have. Same with sewing, even if it's just to repair something small.

Could you elaborate on why you disagree?

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They are not even difficult skills. I learned to knit and sew as a little girl from my Babcia, and ironing is not complicated. They are definitely useful skills. In the early days of my relationship, my boyfriend and I were going out to a party, but his favorite pair of pants had the button fall off; I fixed it in a couple minutes and he still remembers it fondly. He wears warm cool looking woolen hats I've crocheted for him every day. These are things that show you care about them and have good girl game, and could potentially be a good wife and/or mother. One night stands don't fix your pants, iron your clothes, or make you warm clothing.

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I learned to knit when I was 10. My first knitted item was a yellow blanket full of holes, now I can do checkerboard and diamond patterns on blankets and scarves. I was sewing from 4 years old. I used to sew dresses for my dolls when I was 11. I would go to craft fairs, buy material and spend hours holed up in my room sewing dresses for Barbie.

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Actually, you are right. Having someone in the house that was able to do those things would actually have been beneficial to me a number of times now that I think about it.

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I HAVE to agree with ONLY the iron part. I fail so hard with an iron even after spending an entire night watching Youtube videos on "How to Iron." I just seriously had to accept it was something out of my hands so afterwards I bought a cheap clothes steamer and I have never had an issue again. It works so well and I've had it for at least two years now, still going strong. I steam everything from my shower curtain, to my window drapes, clothes so I do think it is something mandatory to know or to work around (in my case I bought that).

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No one in my house "needs" anything ironed. I picked up sewing just to be able to press all the things. Thank goodness the kids school is uniformed required this year. Fresh pressed khakis, crease down the front makes me happy.

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it's always important to know how to iron and sew. nothing is more satisfying than putting on a freshly-ironed shirt and it looks great. Sewing is important for everyone to know. You don't have to get your clothes sewed at an alteration place, you don't have to ask mum or grandma and you don't have to throw away your socks and buy new ones because some naughty wild bird pecked a hole in them.

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All of this is common sense. Introspectively, I am bad at eye contact. Because yes, I am scared. Not necessarily of rape.

I am scared of rejection, especially if it is an attractive guy. I am scared that if I smile he won't smile back, or that if I talk to him he will have a girlfriend, or that if I spend too long looking into his eyes I'll end up imagining our future family, only to be hurt.

I get scared of rape when I walk alone at night or in a bad neighborhood.

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Introspectively, I am bad at eye contact.

If I may suggest something - when you brush your teeth, try to maintain eye contact with yourself in the mirror, it's a confidence-boosting exercise you can do in the privacy of your home.

I get scared of rape when I walk alone at night or in a bad neighborhood.

If there is no other way than to physically confront a man, aim for his throat or groin. You don't even have to throw a punch, any contact with those two weak spots will cause him excruciating pain.

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Good advice!!

Thank you :)

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I don't make eye contact with strangers because why the hell would I? I have a fiance and I don't want to talk to strangers anyway. If I were single and looking for a man, I would make eye contact with strangers i found attractive but not those I don't find attractive.

I'm surprised you avoid eye contact with guys you find attractive! I kinda get it.

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Somehow, food does have a magical effect on men. The first time, I made just a salad and it still impressed him.

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This article was really nice. Of course, they touch on many of the things we discuss here, including domesticity and feminine appearance. RoK posted really nice articles for #BackToTheKitchen week.

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And one new school way: Please play videogames with us.

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The art of sandwich making is little practiced but easy to learn and so simple. A little extra effort goes a long way and will be noticed/appreciated immediately.

Use boar's head pepperoni, peppered ham, turkey, etc (freshly sliced and thin). Acquire fresh baked bread or make your own (I prefer ciabatta). Use real hellmann's mayo (fancier, mix with pesto). Use diced lettuce from a bag with a good sandwich dressing, like the olive oil and spice one Boar's Head makes, or make your own oil/spice blend (the importance of this can't be understated, don't be shy with either lettuce or oil, this makes the entire thing moist and delicious). Don't forget a decent cheese like aged provolone or sharp cheddar (never american). Try a jar of large pitted green olives and slice for the sandwich, or garnish the plate with a few of them and maybe a handful of potato chips. A quality pickle can also make the difference (crispier the better, typically lighter in color).

A quality sandwich to feed a man should cost $2.50 or so to make. I don't eat much for breakfast so that is my typical bachelor lunch. Ladies or dieters eat half. If health conscious, stick to olive oil mayo (hellmann or home made is decent), whole grains, and less fatty deli meats and serve with a hot glass of v-8 juice. Experiment to keep it interesting. Surprises are fun.

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Since we are Paleo, but we cheat sometimes with some good sourdough, our sandwiches look more like: melt a bunch of butter in a skillet, grill the bread on one side, melt more butter and flip the bread. put some swiss cheese (or provolone etc) on the hot, grilled bread, and load on ham, bacon, or some other sort of meat, more cheese, and then the other hot bread. Grill until browned and cheese is melted. Chow massively! Wash hands, LOL!

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There's a few really great Paleo bread recipes I've come up with and there is also one that I used as my staple bread before I created my own. Paleo is great, but if dairy doesn't bother you then you shouldn't avoid it at all costs/grass-fed dairy is delicious.

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Dairy doesn't bother me at all and we have a nice little raw dairy about 30 minutes away. Cows in the middle of town. I'm completely addicted to raw heavy cream in my coffee!

I figure that since sourdough is fermented it might be less bad for you, but there's still all those carbs.

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I found #8 odd. They only give a girl 20 min to respond? Why does everyone assume that people have their phones on them at all times?

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right? what if she's...napping? or at work?

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You do know RoK's are nothing but anti-women parodies? Nothing there can be taken seriously.

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Yeah, these tips are actually decent but I usually refuse to give them any clicks. They've had a few real 'winners' that were indistinguishable from satire.

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There was one I read ages ago on how to improve your lovemaking that seemed to do the trick, but everything else is drivel.

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The only one I disagree with is the texting/calling. I'm engaged so of course I'm prompt with my text responses but if you're single men are very turned off by you being too eager. I know this from first hand experience.