How To Be More Attractive To Men: A 5000 Word Guide--Written by a man (self.RedPillWomen)

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Hi Girls. A girl in r/seduction asked me to post it here. Please don't lynch me. I'm just a lowly blogger/approach coach. But if you must, I encourage criticism.

I love you.


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If you don't use RP slang you'll have woman and men agreeing with you around the block. But as is, you're going to be dismissed by the mainstream because of "misogyny". Most people know quite a few RP trigger words like "cock-carousel" and "hit the wall" and all they're going to think is that you're some neck beard TRPer. It was a good article though.

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Good point. Thank you.

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The thing that I value the most is respect.

Add it in front of "his XYZ". Respect his time. Respect his emotions. Respect his preferences. If he's a crap guy, great. Drop him, move on. You'll be doing him a favor. He's not up to par. A man of value, respect his XYZ.

I sometimes come into the RPW irc channel. A red pill woman will ask me who I am. They want to know who's in the channel, it could be a troll. I end up leaving because I was there only to see if someone else was online. That same red pill woman will come to the regular trp channel and say "Hey, sorry, I didn't mean for you to leave the channel. I just wanted to know who you are, we get lots of randoms. Please come back if you want, we welcome you". I don't know the exact words they used, but that's exactly what it sounded like in my head.

My potential emotions were respected. I felt welcomed, with absolutely no hint of any catty personality, or anything other than "I just wanted to come into this channel to talk to you and make sure that you know that I just wanted to know who you are. Please feel free to come back into the channel".

I felt respected. Those women didn't know what I do in my life. Who I've helped. How much money I've donated. Who I am as a person. But they showed me respect. I do deserve that respect. 95+% of women show nearly no respect. My strategy because of that is to have women garner my respect before I give it to them. I'll give a few opportunities where I show respect to see if it will be reciprocated as not all respectful women will show that side of them to everyone. The woman usually does this as well.

When that mental connection happens, I realize I'm dealing with a different type of girl than usual. I literally go "oh, I'm dealing with this type of girl". The next thing that happens is I change instantly. I see them as an intellectually superior person. I'm dealing with someone that understands the concept of respect. I have no need to disrespect someone in the first place. But that respect has to be there initially.

I will treat a respectful girl very differently compared to a non respectful one. The non respectful one, I don't particularly care for. She didn't do anything for me in my life, I'm not her boyfriend. I won't particularly want to talk to her past my primitive desires for sex or whatever flavor of self-interest I deem her worthy of. She's do the same to me, use me for her own self interest. I sleep at night just fine and have avoided being burned more times than I can count using this strategy.

The respectful girl on the other hand. I see her as someone more on my level. She's like me, she gets it to some degree, she has brains. She respected me.

I will very well talk to her for my own self interest and desires. But when I ask her how she is doing, I will respect her answer. I'll actually be listening. For those of you who didn't catch it, "I will very well talk to her for my own self interest and desires" means that I will definitely see her as an attractive option to be acted upon. But who cares about me, what about the highest value males? Who do you think those girls from my past that respected me are with right now? One is driving a very nice car, lives in a very nice house. One that respected me the most is cruising around in a $400K+ car with someone worth what an A list celebrity is worth. And by cruising around in his car, I mean she landed him. Looks like I'm not the only one that sees these qualities.

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This is perfect. 10/10. You covered all the major points.

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Some rules I tend to disagree with, for instance 'real men won't care how many sexual partners you've had'

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I saw that too.

Men might not care about a girl's partner count if she's just going to be a ONS or a plate. This article is just about attractiveness and SMV, not MMV.

"Real men" is super vague. LTR-seeking men nearly always care about your partner count.

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I'm going to offer a counter-opinion even though I agree with 90% of what he's saying - the stuff he brings up like "Don't ever shit-test", "don't ever challenge him", "don't try to dominate the interaction at all", "don't be bitchy" etc.

High value girls have two reasons they engage in these types of behaviors. First, it's the only real way to filter out the actual high value guys. Everyone can buy a car, a suit, groom themselves, and learn to speak with a little confidence; you will need to shit-test a little to differentiate between the levels of guys. This is why girls shit-test and try to lead or have a bitch-shield; by erecting those defenses, they create an opportunity for a confident, HV male to break through those barriers.

It's the flirting dance - the woman puts up resistance and barriers, and the men who get it, they effortlessly and irreverently just move through the barriers. That's how attraction gets created and if you never put up any of these resistances in the form of shit tests, he doesn't get the chances to smash through the shit test. For example, let's take the "do you take a lot of girls here?" shit test that he says not to do. If you ask that in a fun way and look him in the eyes, you will instantly see where he falls on the alpha -> beta spectrum. If his pupils don't react and he calmly rattles off something unapologetic, you will probably laugh, and you guys will have a nice, flirty rapport going.

Being submissive is meaningful when a man earns it. Submitting to any man is a waste of your time; if you want to KEEP high value males, you have to present him with a fun, exciting challenge. A resistance that arouses both of you as he breaks through.

Of course the nagging aspect of shit-testing is bad, but women are designed to keep testing. When you test your man, and he responds by either dismissing the test, remaining completely rooted in who he is, and so on, you get to feel "holy shit, I cannot move this guy, he cannot be deterred from being who is he is by anything I can do." That generates arousal and in every couple that has that honeymoon phase vibe going on 3-4+ years in a LTR, they tend to have that dynamic.

Instead of having a "no shit tests, always be submissive, never tease him" policy, I would say that these are real female behaviors that must be expressed. You just have to work on expressing them in a way that isn't a PITA - if he's truly HV / alpha / whatever word you want to use, he will enjoy these opportunities to dominate, lead, and create arousal while engaging in a charged conversation.

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Very good article

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Does this actually "contribute to the conversation"?