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This is a spot for like-minded Women to objectively and realistically discuss sexual strategy from an anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective. Our focus is on long-term goals that bring long-term happiness. We agree with /r/TheRedPill in it's description of male and female nature and seek to apply it to our lives. This feminized culture has told men and women over and over how to find happiness, and we're learning the hard way that maybe what we were told isn't working. Let's discuss

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You would imagine all those alpha plate spinners would have something better to do than to come here then to come educate us.

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They are so goddamn sad. Like they just want a sounding box but don't dare post in trp.

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I occasionally lurk in the red pill subs, and whenever anyone with a vagina posts--even if it's completely relevant, helpful, on topic, and it made sense for her to answer--she gets instantly banned, criticized, told 'tits or gtfo' etc. Even if there's a man who said the same thing she did in another comment.

I don't want this place to be like this, because I understand that sometimes a male perspective is helpful to a specific topic (just like it can be in reverse). However, I think we're way too soft on them in general. I'm glad this is being addressed.

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I'm slightly rustled over that reception in TRP. But, eh, I shrugged and stopped posting, thinking, "Let 'em do their thing."

I didn't get instantly banned, but they didn't treat me directly as a female. I edited the post right after posting it and realizing, gadzooks, the rules have a don't ask/tell policy, must remove mah gender. It was something about RP for women (oh hey, I wonder if there's a sub for that!) and some men saying not to bother, AWALT, no woman would accept the RP or traditional view. It could've been taken a few ways; they're saying there is no woman consciously trying to be wife material, or they're saying there is no woman who can get rid of her biases, or they're saying so many women don't fit this that it is best to assume AWALT.

Looking over TRP, it is focused on men getting sex or doing things to get it. Which is the big priority of their whole ideology. Women here in RPW are focused on commitment and doing things to get it. We're marriage-minded here, TRP is not. It gets boring over there imo when I don't see any posts about a guy trying to sway a wife-material woman. I'm guessing if he's got most of the traits right already, he wouldn't have a problem, or he doesn't want to talk about it in a sphere mostly centered on playing the game for sex. Marriage requires a few beta traits on the man's end anyway.

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I can see where you're coming from, but it's nice to have a man's input sometimes.

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it is, im not trying to ban men. theres ways to participate and ways to participate. theres something mentally ill about a man reading a post asking for input of DAUGHTERS of narcissistic moms and thinking "these women want MY opinion!! this is about ME!" same as if a woman did it on a reverse thread. I was hoping to inspire mindfulness

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    We have husbands, thanks

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      Strike 1, and you only get 2.

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          I can see that now. At a first glance and new to Reddit I did not realize or think through my comments. Once my bf showed me redpillwomen I was really happy. Everyone here has a lot of insight and great things to say. Reading redpillwomen honestly made me understand TRP and also made me realize my own ignorance in my comments on TRP forum. I agree with the values redpillwomen discuss and look forward to reading more. I appreciate your comment and will learn more rather than just spit out thoughts that first come to mind. Thanks.

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          Thank you! We do have a policy about SO bashing, because we think it's more constructive to figure out your part of problems in your relationship. The only person you can change is yourself, so it does no good to complain about other people. That is why RPW has posting guidelines, so you are forced to be introspective and figure out your part, so that you can quit making the same mistakes over and over again.

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          I completely agree. Thank you again for helping me understand more.

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          Lol this place is for women?

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          Have women actually said that the men commenting scare them away? Or is it just something that's been noticed, like women stop contributing? I'm just curious, it's anonymous here and so for me, the men commenting doesn't bother me. Someone suggested if we want male advice go to TRP but I would honestly be afraid of doing that because a lot of the men seem really hostile. I like coming here, it feels safe, lol!

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          It's just the whole tenor, there have been threads with 90% male posts. All the rpw in the IRC (why arent you there) complain constantly about it

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          Lol Idky in not in the IRC. What is it?

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          Just kidding I found it in the side bar

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          Get in here

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          I love you gals! Thanks for being so awesome

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          I posted here originally because some idiot was getting upvoted for bluepill bullshit (it was being shown off on the bluepill sub). I think I may have posted in here once or twice since (wasn't paying attention on mobile). Don't mind me, I'll show myself out.

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          We are not remotely saying men can't participate, we are becoming overwhelmed with male posters, this harms our ability to form a community and to talk to "like minded women". As an extremely male friendly sub this puts us in a bind because we don't want to "ban men" like a feminist sub, but like ALL subs for women, if we don't we get overrun with men and it drives the women away. There really is no solution

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          True. I usually only lurk to see what's cooking and read through comments posted by realist women but it is getting disappointing. Would suggest banning posters.

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          I'd suggest mandatory "fish" flairs (or something similar) for anyone who starts their post with "as a man" or similar.

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          I want to second what wingnut said. Men are more than welcome here and always have been. Their occasional comments can be invaluable to get a masculine perspective. But we must cater to women and we cannot do that effectively with more and more men posting here.

          Comment away, but be very cognizant of the purpose of your comment. If it is point out something highly cogent then please do so. If it is to partake in a conversation, think again. Just as we women should do if we consider posting anywhere aimed at men.

          If you really like the conversation, head on over to the IRC.

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          Comment away, but be very cognizant of the purpose of your comment. If it is point out something highly cogent then please do so. If it is to partake in a conversation, think again.

          The problem with (more or less) asking men to only post if it's a really good comment is that this request won't deter the condescending fake alphas who come to this sub for an ego boost. This request may reduce male posts on this sub, but it will do so by reducing the number of male posters who are actually trying to contribute.

          I'm not a woman so it's not my call to make, but I honestly think you should consider simply banning all men from posting here (or at least downvote them en masse if they post). I don't think there's a good way to reduce male posts by a bit and this sub getting flooded by men will certainly scare women away. If Red pill women want a male perspective, then they can always post in AskTRP.

          edit: or maybe make a strawpoll to clarify what percentage of women wants no men at all in this sub and what percentage of women merely wants no condescending men in this sub.

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          I don't know. I don't think banning all men would be the right measure. It's not like the problem has been getting worse, from what I can see. When the "man here" issue was made into a thread to bring awareness, the problem seemed to diminish (Disclaimer: I'm not a mod, so I don't catch all). When this was brought up today, it resulted in a MRP thread supporting the message, further discouraging men from coming to post here.

          Maybe I'm optimistic but I don't think it calls for a mass ban, most guys probably didn't think it was an issue before it was brought up, and I think many of them will back down now that it was. It just needed to be brought up more directly, because not many posters even read the sidebar.

          I think it would be great if the post with the rules was revised and updated, making them more succinct and complete (the current post with the rules barely addresses the case of male perspectives).

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          I'm not sure I share your optimism. Maybe most women who post here regularly don't want a blanket male ban, but the only women who post here regularly are the ones who didn't get scared away by men posting here in the first place. See the problem? It's really hard to get a picture of how many women never subscribed to this sub because they thought there are too many men here. Even the poll I suggested in my last post won't really give you a good picture of that.

          That being said, if men don't get blanket banned, then I'll try to post a bit less here.

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          So the thread asking men to back off required three posts from you, right?

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            yes i can

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            This isn't a democracy.

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            I like the idea of this sub but more and more woman are becoming feminists or narcissistic due to social media influence. Its nice to read real ladies input.

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            Do you mean "more and more woman are becoming feminists or narcissistic due to social media influence" in this sub or in general? I have a feeling you mean the first, but the people downvoting you perhaps think that you're bashing the women in this sub.

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            no i meant in general, lol