DATING ADVICE[Relationships] What dating sites should I use if I want to find a man who wants a housewife? (self.RedPillWomen)

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I am a woman who actually wants to be a housewife. I am not religious and I am college educated; it is just my preference to be a stay at home wife and mother. I know that this ambition is not fashionable nowadays, but oh well.

I keep hearing people pay lip service to the idea that today women are allowed to be "anything they want", but if what you want is to stay at home and be a wife first, suddenly people act like there is something wrong with you. What people seem to really mean is: "women are allowed to be anything they want today, as long as we what they want is a career."

So, where can I find men that actually want a housewife? I know that many conservative Christian men prefer that their wives not work; the problem is that I happen to be a Buddhist/atheist. Is there a dating site that is not Christian that caters to men who are looking for housewives and to women who would actually prefer this kind of life over a career?

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I'm an atheist and I met my SO on okcupid. I think as long as you make it clear you enjoy traditional gender roles up front someone who agrees with the mentality will come your way. It wont matter WHERE you found them.

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Follow up Q: how do make it clear you enjoy traditional gender roles? Should you literally write, "I enjoy traditional gender roles" in your profile? What's a subtler way to maybe hint at it?

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That's what I did

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People looking for that know how difficult can be so are happy to find someone that proclaim's the traits wanted.

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I think men are just as nervous to say they want classic gender roles because they don't want to come off as sexist. Almost every date I went on before I found my partner mentioned that is was refreshing.

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Family and friends of my long term partners have always said me and the partner acted weird and I was mean because we were using traditional genderived roles. Very annoying.

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Your desire to be a housewife is not something you advertise to potential mates on a dating web site or upon first meeting, in my opinion. This is a discussion you have with a man when you've already reached the point that you're discussing a shared future and, hopefully, after coming to the conclusion that you have shared ideas for how marriage and parenthood are supposed to work.

Think about it... would you expect a company to give you a promotion if you haven't even been interviewed or hired yet? Why would a man agree to you being a housewife upfront if he doesn't know you and you just started dating, especially considering the risks he faces if you were to ever divorce?

If you're not part of a religious or cultural community where being a housewife would be expected of you, if you lead with the fact that you want to be a housewife, you're going to come off to a lot of guys like you're looking for a meal ticket, or worse, you'll attract men who are looking for someone to puppet by the purse strings.

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You are correct. OP You should read this post carefully. The way you're going about this is kind of tactless. You should not advertise that you want to be a housewife to a man you aren't even dating yet. The decision for a man to be a provider for his wife and (future) children should come from a place of love and mutual respect/agreement. Most quality guys aren't trying to wife up a damsel-in-distress, they want a woman who can function on her own with a job and then give her the option of staying home. You won't find a good guy with your plan. Get a job.

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I HAVE a fucking job, dude. I can take care of myself just fine; I am NOT any damsel in distress.

Simply because I aspire to be a housewife, that doesn't mean that I need a man to take care of me; I can take care of myself just fine, thank you. That isn't at all the point, and I don't know why you think it is.

What it actually is, is that the job that I think I would enjoy the most, and to which I think my talents are best suited, is taking care of my husband and any future children we may have, and making a beautiful and comfortable home-- doing my best to take care of all of the necessities and nicities of life outside of being the family breadwinner, so that when my husband comes home from work he can truly RELAX, and spend stress and guilt free time with his family and friends.

The house will be clean, the laundry will be done, and I will have done all of the food shopping and all of the annoying erands myself.I will cook and clean and do the laundry, so when my husband leaves work he does not have a second job to deal with once he gets home.

Like my mother, I would take care of all the bill paying and map out a general budget so that my husband does not have to worry unnecessarily about money; he will know that all of the bills are paid, and that we are in the black.

Basically, I will take care of all the annoying necessities of life so that he only has to think about and deal with one annoying necessity of life--making a living.

I could also take on a part-time job to help, but I doubt that it would be anyrhing significant. My introverted personality makes most jobs stressful, anxiety provoking, and unpleasant.

HOWEVER, as I am unmarried, I do what needs to be done.

A lot of people seem to misconstrue my post, in the EXACT same way I described in my post--making assumptions that I am needy and incapable, implying that I am a gold-digger, and acting like I am looking for a man to take care of me. Actually, I am looking for a man who would appreciate me taking care of him.

I don't see how that is objectional, as some men on this thread seem to think it is.

I was raised in a family where my parents adhered to traditional gender roles, and my parents seemed a lot happier than the parents of a lot of my friends.

Growing up, most of my friends' parents were divorced, while my parents had a stable and happy marriage--and whether it is true or not, I believe the way in which they divided the labour helped.

They were my model of adult life, and they were my guide as to how to have a happy marriage. And yes, I agree that people who have completely different arrangements as to gender roles and the division of labour and responsibilities can easily have equally fantastic marriages. It just depends on what arrangement meets the wants and needs of the particular couple. And in mre I believe that following my mother's example and being a housewife ( a talente!nd then later, hopefully a stay at home mother) is the arrangement to which I personally am best suited, and in which I believe my talents and skills would be put to the best use.

I didn't ask for a critique of my life goals, anyway. I simply asked if there were any dating sites that catered to people who are looking for partners interested in living according to traditional gender roles--that DON'T also have a religious or conservative political focus.

Although I am looking for a traditional relationship, I happen to be an atheistic, far left liberal...


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    The problem is, the way OP phrases this doesn't come off as valuing traditionalism nearly as much as it comes off as simply not wanting to work. She doesn't talk about how she'd love to take care of her husband and make his life easier and eventually take care of their children and be available to her family at all times. She just says she wants to stay home. While I agree that her vision for the future should be shared early on, maybe on the second or third date, she needs to find a way to word it that doesn't sound... lazy.

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    It does take time to get to know someone properly and understand their values, so no, that's not incorrect.

    Here is the reality: No high-value men, even ones with very traditional ideas about gender roles, sign up to be a sole provider-- and all the risks and responsibilities that entails-- right out of the gate. If they're smart, they also prefer the security of having wives who are willing and able to work in event that they were laid off, died or were incapacitated. It might not be efficient and it might not seem fair, but telling a guy "I want to be a housewife" on a first date automatically sounds like "I need a meal ticket."

    OP doesn't say how old she is what she does for a living, but if she's a young woman who doesn't have much experience in the workforce, she should establish herself as someone who is self-sufficient and doesn't need to rely on a man to be her meal ticket. The role of a housewife is a job that she has to earn, just like any other career.

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    I agree. The difference to me between saying you want to be a housewife, and saying you want to be an architect, is that the former statement carries more risk for the other participant. You might be hard-working, ethical, etc but there's also a chance you're lazy, exploitative, etc. He can't know and he may not want to take the risk.

    So I think you have to de-risk this statement. If a woman who is clearly hard-working (has a good career, her life in order, lots of activities, etc.) says she wants to be a housewife, it's less risky.

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    If a man puts "I want a housewife" in his dating profile he is seen as chauvinist. If a woman puts "I want to be a housewife" in her profile she is seen as lazy and and exploitative.

    I hope they meet though

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    No because there is still a high chance that woman will divorce him and take alimony.

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    That's why we have prenups

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    That's why judges always throw them out.

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      OP is the one implying that society is oppressing her for this grand goal in life. She's making a big deal out of something that shouldn't be one. She does need to work, if only to prove that she can and will. It's perfectly acceptable to say, even on a first date, "I'm a receptionist at a dentist's office. I don't plan to go back to school. Ultimately I'd love to stay home and take care of my family."

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      ...can't she just say that in her profile?

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      She could. I would be far wiser than using the phrase "stay at home wife."

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      It does kind of sound too much like "indoor cat"

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      Hahahaha. Yes. It does.

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      It is different because being an architect, living in Virginia and planting a garden don't necessitate another person taking full responsibility for subsidizing your existence and possibly being on the hook for spousal support if you ever divorced.

      I think it's fine to talk about what your ideal situation would be ("I wouldn't want to put my children in daycare; I would like to care for them myself," and "I would like to care for my home so you don't have to have to worry about chores when you get home for work") then to say "I don't want to be in the work force; I prefer to be a housewife." Like I said, it's her approach, not her desire that's wrong.

      Lastly, there are a scant few men nowadays (outside of old school religious and cultural communities) who will agree to having their wife be unemployed if they don't yet have children. Even if she meets a guy who is happy to let her stay home and take care of the kids, she should at least be willing to work up until the point kids enter the picture.

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      Lastly, there are a scant few men nowadays (outside of old school religious and cultural communities) who will agree to having their wife be unemployed if they don't yet have children.

      I would agree with this. I'm not sure most people understand what a house wife does without children these days. Most valuable volunteer work she could do, she could also do for pay, or at least in addition to working part time.

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      Exactly. It's not like housework 100 years ago, which involved a lot of manual labor, like washing clothes by hand, making and canning preserves, sewing and mending, etc. Modern housework (without babies and toddlers), including cooking meals, can easily be accomplished in 3 hours.

      Depending on how old OP, not only did the men she's dating have mothers who worked outside the home, their grandmothers probably worked outside the home as well. As ideal as it would be to be able to know upfront whether a guy you're dating is willing to let you be a housewife before getting serious, the fact of the matter is that no man in his right mind would be willing to do so to a woman who has not yet proven her value to him in that capacity, and that only happens after some time.

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      I feel she'd be hard pressed to find any man that would agree to this. My fiancé would be okay with me staying home when we had young children, and likely even school age children, but he does not understand why a woman wouldn't work before that point. While I'm of the "to each their own" thinking on this, neither do I.

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      Unfortunately there are some men who would agree to this arrangement... controlling and abusive men who don't want their wives having even a whiff of independence, like leaving the house to go to work (where they might be noticed by other men!) or having their own spending money. These are precisely the type of men you should never surrender to.

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      That's actually a great description of the husband of the only woman I know who was a stay-at-home-wife.

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      I like the part-time approach because this is probably what I would want to do if I had children. It allows you to hold onto your career (I actually really enjoy mine!) while still getting to spend quality time with your children

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      The thing is if the vision precedes the relationship you're placing yourself in a position where you try to retain a poor relationship that matches that vision .

      Plenty of people want to get married , do it , then find out they married the wrong person . nothing wrong with wanting to get married but you don't marry just anyone, you find someone worthwhile and then if you both are partners who work well together in your own way you move towards marriage .

      A woman who wants to just be a housewife without knowing me would come off as lazy at best and a leech at worst . Find a good partner, propose being a house wife or make your desires/ vision clear, and then you'll be in a much much better position.

      If months count as a long / overly significant investment to you I'd be really concerned what your dating history looks like .

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      I agree. Being clear about what you desire early on is important. Otherwise, dating is a waste of time

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      Find a man who wants lots of children? It's only natural that someone's gotta stay home with the kids -- might as well be you!

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        I think my lady parts shriveled up a little just reading that, lol.

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        Whether you're serious or not, this made me laugh. I can't tell if that's brilliant or horrible. Maybe both. 😂

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          Lol I can imagine

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          I think that's brilliant.

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          Actually deep down inside most women feel the same way you do because it’s natural and more beneficial to the children in my opinion, especially if the woman is intelligent and wants to raise them the right way. It’s silly that we send our kids off to day care to spend the entire day with day care nannies who are incompetent. Seriously you cannot tell me it’s natural for one person to watch over 15+ kids that aren’t even hers and expect the kids to learn and behave. This is why so many kids are annoying brats. They need moms. Not babysitters. It’s not even natural for a woman to want a career. We’re just not providers. We’re nurturers and educators. It’s scary how most men these days actually think they don’t want a housewife because it’s so frowned upon. You need to find an intelligent enough guy who sees past all the bullshit. I wouldn’t limit myself to dating sites. I would go out and make more girlfriends- lots of them… and then network that way. It’s much more natural.

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          One exception to this in my opinion is if you have a good parenting support network through your family. My mum loves kids and babies and since we're likely going to live in the same city when I settle down with my man she's offered to help watch her future grandkids.

          Looking back on how she raised me, I'm very pleased. She was always talking about how it was important to excel on my own (I'm finishing a STEM degree) but also emphasised that certain traits and skills like cooking, sewing, and cleaning were vital when I had a husband.

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          It’s not even natural for a woman to want a career. We’re just not providers.

          This attitude is what makes it really hard for me to participate in this sub, although I used to read it avidly and was referred here yesterday because of my post in /r/relationships.

          I like my job. I like making money and knowing that I'm self-sufficient and can be with a man because I want him and love him instead of because I need his financial support. I like the feeling of being able to provide, in this case for my Mom, who I give about 30k/year to. I've made at least 2-3x as much money as anyone I've ever dated, and it's never been the cause of the problems.

          How do I reconcile my urge to be the provider with the denial of my experiences and advice I find here?

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          I keep hearing people pay lip service to the idea that today women are allowed to be "anything they want", but if what you want is to stay at home and be a wife first, suddenly people act like there is something wrong with you. What people seem to really mean is: "women are allowed to be anything they want today, as long as we what they want is a career."

          That's what happens when they sell you on feminism by using words like "equality" but then you realize this is just a smokescreen.

          Of course, the women who want a career eat up the "equality" bit because it affirms their world view, but if you don't want to do what feminists order then watch out!

          What feminists want is for women to become men. This must be why they are reporting record high levels of depression and lack of life satisfaction.

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          I think the idea behind feminism is that everyone should be treated equally.. meaning men and women are equally as valuable. Feminism includes the idea that women (or men) could be a stay at home parent/spouse if that was agreed upon in the partnership.

          It's not that feminists want women to become men is that they want for all people to have the freedom to do what ever they choose, wether it's stay at home or go out into the working world and hold an occupation . No one should be "forced" to do anything against their will, every individual should be afforded equal opportunity in the world.

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          Off topic but I almost spit my soda across the room laughing when I saw your reddit handle. 😂😂

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          What you speak of is the ideals of first generation feminism. Those who fought for suffrage and the right to vote. The general want to have a say in the direction of society. That's a noble ideal and one most can get behind. What we have now is second generation feminism. The fanatical need to be "equal" with men. Theirs are the ideals that is turning th gender gap into a crater.

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          I think you're trying to explain a critique of third wave feminism which has been criticized for pitting against each other because some women want to stay at home. TWF espouses that women who don't want to work are going against their internal desire to be a apart of society and have deformed desires. There are a lot of issues to be disputed around the philosophy of feminism but I think you're throwing the baby out with the bath water when you say that feminism wants to turn women into men. Any reasonable person would not claim this when speaking on feminism and would say that the end goal is equality and honoring each race, socioeconomic demographic, religion, creed and color as important, relevant, and worthy of self actualization.

          Edit: link to 3rd wave feminism on wiki -- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-wave_feminism

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          Then you're dealing with far less radical feminist then I am. These bitches be fuckin' cray-cray. But I see your point regardless.

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          I think that "first gen feminism" attitude is becoming more popular with millennials, though. A lot of us are really annoyed that feminism seems to mean that we must be harried working moms, doing everything men do and more, in heels. Not appealing. Feminism was supposed to be about choice. I don't think RPW and real feminism are even contradictory, necessarily. (Mainstream male red pill, yeah, definitely doesn't work with feminism.)

          I remember having this argument with my mom at 12 when I took up knitting. She thought I was doing it specifically to rebel against her feminism. "Feminism is supposed to mean I get to do things I like whether they're girl things or boy things!" I won that argument, even though she still wishes I was a softball playing lesbian.

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          An accurate assertion. I'm in complete agreement. Feminism is supposed to be an idealogy of choice. A woman choosing to follow her own distinction. Present day feminism is as much about putting you ladies in a box as the "patriarchy" is about controlling your minds and bodies.

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          Atheists are often depicted as being left-wing/liberal/blue-pilled, since we tend to fight with the biggest Theistic religious group, Christians, who're often depicted as being very right-wing. We've been caricatured into being polar opposites.

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            Depending on your area, most people seem to keep their mouths shut about one thing or another unless you want to be ostracized. I have the current misfortune of being pretty conservative living in a blue state near a crowded city. If things go my way, I'll soon be an atheist living in a red state small town & probably be hated just as much, but by fewer people.

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            Atheists are often depicted as being left-wing/liberal/blue-pilled

            Go try and tell Ron Swanson about god

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            I'm sure we'd both prefer to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

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            It may be the area I'm in, but I find there's a good amount of acceptance for stay-at-home moms with the condition that your SO/husband agrees/prefers it. It seems the problem arises when you're single and openly state you're looking for a man who wants to be a provider, at which many people balk.

            I don't know of any dating sites specifically for this purpose, but it seems OkCupid would be a decent bet as it seems to attract many non-religious men and you will be able to clearly state what you're looking for.

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            Maybe the key is to try to find a guy who finds kids repulsive lol

            That way he won't want any child-rearing responsibilities and will just naturally want to serve as the provider

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            lol that's a creative take on it. Also if he's shit at pulling out.

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            But then he probably wouldn't want to have kids in the first place, idk I foresee some problems here haha

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            If you want to get married, be first mate material. Too many deckhands out there that jump to another ship once you pull into port.

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            Before I landed my man I used to say that there should be red pill dating site.

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            Omg I love it!

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            Awe. That's cute

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            Use reddit.

            Oh and hi, I don't believe we have met!

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            Lol, I second this

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            I would say try everything, but mention in your profile that you are traditional and your values are traditionally feminine.

            When you start dating start talking about how much you value traditional family once the topic comes up, see what he says. Of course, don't build a rapport or start dating unless he tells you he is traditional. Start on that note first.

            This is for more than just being a housewife, if he is a traditional man you will have an easier time agreeing on roles in and out of the house, you can also share many values. Everybody has a place.

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            I am a woman who actually wants to be a housewife. I am not religious and I am college educated ... I keep hearing people pay lip service to the idea that today women are allowed to be "anything they want", but if what you want is to stay at home and be a wife first, suddenly people act like there is something wrong with you.

            Perfectly said. I'm a housewife, also college-educated, but we are both Catholic. So I'm not totally sure where to find non-religious men who want a housewife. Going to a Buddhist temple, or finding wholesome activities through libraries or interest groups, might be a start. Also, going to conservative events is a big one (not all conservatives are religious, but almost all of them believe in traditional gender roles!)

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            biggest problem with stay at home mothers in my opinion is the cost of educating your children and living in this society. it is not necessarily difficult for a man to provide everything his family needs, but the rest of society is working 3 jobs to do so, so statistically you will have to choose to live below average financially to afford to stay at home. however, if you homeschool your children and are able to network properly with the community you live in then you can actually do better than working while sending your kids to school/daycare. and any man should be able to figure this out. so if you choose to do this, then you're looking for a man who values homeschooling above the paycheck you'd be able to get if you were working.

            My mother home schooled 5 children till the 8th grade and that cost her the lost wages of about 18 years of 40 hour a week paycheck. she went back to work after, and is still working at 64 years of age. ( my youngest brother was a complete surprise, she was 44 at the time and her doctor said something to the effect of, "you're too old for this to happen again, be careful". incidentally, my youngest brother is the only one in the family who has a sense of humor! )

            the problem being.. the taxes for K-12 education were still taken out of your paycheck, so it literally makes no financial sense to have a stay at home wife if there's no kids at home to educate and if you have to pay for it anyways! (this actually depends on location, here property taxes pay for the school system)

            There are a lot of men who would prefer their wife homeschool their kids. they are also equally concerned that their children need to have a great deal of involvement with the outside world. this matter is to a great extent location specific because where i live and grew up, this town and state is so liberal, that they actually support homeschooling, you can send your kids to school, say, 25% of the time and its free. in other places, there is less than nothing to help you.

            If you are only interested in staying at home long enough to send your children to kindergarden, well that's already sort of assumed by any man looking to marry. if it isn't, i would advice you to question his motives...

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            Luckily, all that materialistic stuff that some people think they need to keep up with their neighbors didn't appeal to me. I grew up in an area where everyone was expected to live in a McMansion and join the country club. My father was an electrical engineer and made the same kind of money as the other fathers, but he had no interest in going into debt to buy a giant house just to fit in with the neighbors. My mother was able to be a stay at home mom to me and my two brothers because we didn't blow money on silly things. When we were older, my mother worked in early childhood development and taught pre- school, but she did it because she loves kids and it was her passion, not because my father expected her to go to work or because our family needs the money.

            I grew up with a mother who was a housewife first, and then a stay at home mother once the children were born, and I always assumed I would follow in her footsteps. However, it has been surprisingly difficult to find a mate who agrees with this kind of arrangement, and doesn't see it as the woman being a lazy, spoiled gold digger. I usually casually ask what kind of marriage/relationship the guy would ultimately see as ideal after a few dates, or I will bring up the concept of the woman taking care of the home while the man works by talking about a third party situation (I.e. "My friend Annie isn't working outside the home right now. She is doing the whole old-fashioned housewife thing while her husband works... What do you think of an arrangement like that?"). If the guy reacts by saying that Annie must be a gold digger, or there is a general negative reaction to the whole concept, I cut them lose. There is no point in getting deeper into a relationship that ultimately won't work out...

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            I'm Muslim bloke, but go between vaguely observant to openly atheist. You should be comfortable aspiring to whatever you want to be. Who cares if it's "not fashionable nowadays"?

            It's not that I want a housewife or don't want a housewife. I want certain qualities. If the woman wants to stay home and take care of that realm, so be it. If she wants to cure cancer, that's fine with me too. There are simply more important screening questions for a potential partner than whether they want to work or not.

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            Do you go to a Buddhist temple? Maybe find one with more active social engagements.

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            match and eharmony win for traditional. hands down. you have to pay to play though.

            the free sites (tinder/bumble/OKC) are where women go for attention / to get plated.

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            I met my fiancé on a free site, Plenty of Fish. Try them all and vet them well.

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            Tinder would work for with me if/when I met/meet the right girl on there. But Im probably not too common.

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            holy shit I fucking hate housewives...

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            watch your language