This is where I grow my fucks. As you can see, I have none. (self.ThankTRP)

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Thanks red pill.

I'm doing a euro-trip, and currently I'm in an Eastern European country. I met these two girls today and started talking to them for a while - one attractive, the other not.

A bit later this guy comes in from Belgium - real in your face, immature, self absorbed dude. What I had always perceived as the alpha , the bad boy. I had been lurking for a while, so I knew there would be a power struggle, and I worked magic.

The guy was studying to be a doctor, and I used his strength against him by making sure the women in the room understood that he was far less mature than they wanted. That I was in control. I would consistently put him down when he said ludicrous things, call him out on his shit and be frank and honest when I thought he was lying.

Previously, I would have just shut my yap and let him dominate the conversation.

At one point he led us on a wild goose chase to find a bar -- I literally saw a bar, said we're going here, and he got mad. One of the girls said "well I mean someone had to lead and make a decision..."

You could tell the we're gravitating toward me. It didn't matter that he was more attractive -- I was the alpha. You could tell by how much he tried to make himself look better. Distinctions in school. Royalty. Rich. I have no fucks in my assault on his ego -- I didn't need his approval , or these women.

At the end of the night, I went to bed. Why? Because I didn't want anything from these girls. I'm sure that he got what he was after, but I'm also confident if I'd stayed he wouldn't have had a chance. And sleep sounded better than sex, damnit.

No fucks man. Thanks trp for making me realize to be a man , and make decisions, and be frank and honest with people when you fucking just don't like them .

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Assaulting another man's ego to inflate your own is a bitch move. Women do that crab basket shit to their mutual disadvantage. This is not how orderly men interact.

Instead of trying to crush his frame, you should have guided him into yours. Ask a bunch of questions. Focus your attention. Express your interest in his stories. Guide the conversation. Make him dependent on your validation. If a super successful, rich, attractive man is vying for your approval, who do you think is the alpha in the room?

Watch this presentation. The presenter talks about a social encounter he experienced while traveling abroad, very similar to what you experienced, and explains his reaction. You will hear some good tips on how to assert dominance without being domineering.

Nick Sparks - How to Hold Conversation Like a Man [59:40]

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Thanks for this post, and the honesty. I appreciate this criticism and I think you've got some damn good points. I could have handled situation better, and ultimately, it probably led to my inability to seal the deal because I wasn't focused.

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I smell sour grapes.

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Think what you will.

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Seriously though, I don't necessarily smell sour grapes, but why hang with the girls then not bang them?

More to the point, why hang with the douche then not bang the girls?

What was the point?

Don't claim you wanted nothing, of course you did, everyone does, that's why we socialize, because we want to socialize or we want something more.

Anyways, it's good you didn't let the other dude dominate. I just don't get why you wouldn't seal the deal with the attractive one...

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I think I'm going to admit, at this point in time, that it may have been sour grapes. I can admit when my ego was bruised, and i think this post was a bit premature from my understanding.

I've been getting into the gym so that I can compete. First two weeks of being back from Europe, two plates in my pocket. Gotta keep working, gotta keep learning.

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Glad you can acknowledge that. First step is knowing the situation.