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I got divorced yesterday and thanks to TRP I am coping well. In addition to this, I now feel more energetic, ambitious and free...Thanks guys for all those posts, really learn't a lot and hope to learn more.

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Congrats. My divorce finalized a few months ago. Cheers.

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Glad to hear you're getting through what can be a long and difficult process for many people. I don't know the circumstances around your divorce or what your former relationship was like, but this is just a reminder that feelings of remorse and loss are common and completely normal for divorcees. In seeking the positive appreciation for your divorce, don't obligate yourself to ignore any negative emotions you're having about it all.

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Actually, I do know for a fact that my ex married me for money, even though it was arranged marriage. This I had guessed and her aunt blurted out during mediation. I do feel the loss of 1 million INR and the readiness with which my lawyer agreed for the amount, on my behalf. But I still do not know whether It was a good move from my end.

Because of these conditions: *In India, any legal case will not end in a day, they will definitely drag it for decades. *Law is against men. *Her family is a piece of work (dad a cuckold, mom a whore, The closest aunt with which my ex is an apprentice, rumored to have murdered her husband to marry his boss) and any contact with them is bad for my health.

I don't feel remorse, I do feel anger at my family and friends for their blue pill attitudes which brought me to this situation. But with this divorce I got Freedom, Anger and Happiness. And I will work with it to increase my SMV.

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Forget that whore dont ever marry again but find a woman who wants to be in a relationship for 2-5 years thats when all hell breaks loose.