How I can tell TRP readers are truly unplugged (self.ThankTRP)

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I noticed there are no posts in TRP about the Superbowl - the largest media event in the world. I honestly didn't even know the Superbowl happened until I saw the front page of Reddit which is full of Superbowl posts.

Thanks, guys, for staying unplugged. I can tell that you guys don't let others tell you what is important and what you must pay attention to. Keep up the good fight!

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Well it seems like the Super Bowl is not the largest media event in the world by a longshot, so I stand corrected:


(Thank you, /r/ShitAmericansSay/)

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The NFL is awesome. I consider The Super Bowl to signal the true ending of the year and beginning of the new one. Why are we talking about this?

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Mojo Nixon...Not as Much as Football.

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I would imagine that many TRP caught the SuperBowl but you dont see most TRP users posting outside of TRP. They may be doing it on their main accounts or they may just be you know talking about it in person to friends instead of posting about it on reddit.

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When they have an NFL team in Canada I might start caring about football. Until then I'll enjoy hockey and baseball on those few occasions I'm at the bar or home with nothing to do while the game is on. And maybe if basketball players weren't a super-entitled bunch of whiny bitches I would enjoy the sport too. Or at least I would watch it if the Raptors could actually put a winning team on the court....

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I wish the CFL would merge with the NFL and adapt to NFL rules.

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No way. I agree with my dad - CFL should become the 'minor leagues' for NFL. It would be a great partnership - the NFL can afford to upgrade all the CFL facilities and seeing young stars turn into big stars in the NFL would increase their viewership outside the US.

Then after a few years they start expanding into certain 'key markets' like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and MAYBE Quebec/Montreal (Expos fiasco will temper there opinion).

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CFL should just keep its rules and be small like it is. No reason to make everything a huge spectacle

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I've just never had any interest in sports beyond playing them myself when I was younger. Watching a game of football to me is about as fun as watching paint dry. Having said that, I won't knock anyone who enjoys watching. Sports and red pill theory don't really conflict in any way that I can perceive. It could even be argued that sports prove the thoery in very obvious ways. Big rich alpha football stars attract grandiose attention and respect from both men and women. It's so obvious I suppose it almost goes completely without the need of saying it.

That and I imagine football fans would probably like to gather and talk about the superbowl in football related subreddits.

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Agreed that famous athletes prove the RP theory. Some of the stories I read about professional athletes are insane, like fucking 10 women in one night.

Watching sports is certainly enjoyable. It is similar to playing a computer game - fun, but a bit of a waste of time. I'd say that it is more RP to play sports instead of watching - being a doer rather than a watcher.

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Honestly it's probably because most of us are watching it and not on Reddit instead. Plus the Super Bowl has nothing to do with TRP, why would people post about it here?

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Well, it could be that everyone is watching instead of posting, but then again, there were tons of posts about it on the front page.

I would have expected some sort of Superbowl-related field report, or some report about a TRP or anti-TRP commercial. Glad to see there were none.

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Or the Butterfinger commercial...