5 numbers and a make out because I held frame. (self.ThankTRP)

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I went to a house party tonight, had a few drinks and landed 5 numbers. A couple were duds, but I got 2 guaranteed follow up prospects and a make out finish from one of them.

To anyone thinking about dropping the pill, it really works. This was at a house party where all the girls know and work with each other. Get on this before it becomes main stream.

When I digest exactly how this happened I'll make a field report in the parent sub.

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A couple were duds

what happened? Not enough SMV, did the chemistry fizzle out?

Get on this before it becomes main stream.

there are more feminism men than red pill women, this won't go mainstream at least not in this form.

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It will all be part of my field report in the main sub, but basically I know one was bs because she straight up told me that was not really her name or number. I got another's number by nexting her.
Another one "has a boyrfriend" and by my results from tonight, i've judged it to be too much effort to get beyond that with to really worry about pursuing. So I've basically nexted her to not have to deal with the hardship that would bring.

And on your second part, that is very true. I'm not making the field report yet because I'm not 100% sound of mind. I htink I was talking out of my ass on that part. Still, it's a good call to arms considering our swelling ranks a the moment. Either way, thanks for calling me out on that. Probably could've run away with it.

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It sounds like you are focusing to much on the close instead of the frame. It's a way to go especially in a targe rich enviroment. I concentrate on more on building value, having fun and making women (playfully) fight over me-

Sound of mind? Figure it out son. We don't matter but don't let it leak in real life.

Our ranks are inflated with MRAs, self improvement masturbators and bad PUAs. Numbers mean nothing, quality of members is all that matters.