SMV going up, wife hamstering about why she's been hornier lately (self.ThankTRP)

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I swallowed the pill about a year ago. About 10 weeks ago, I got serious about raising my SMV - dieting to lose fat, finding high paying work, making friends, picking up hobbies (salsa dancing, softball), and trying to get over my insecurities.

I've lost a considerable amount of weight and my wife has noticed my waist shrinking - nothing fits me. I have been given a great opportunity to sell $130M worth of commercial real estate in addition to my six figure job, potentially earning me hundreds of thousands if not millions (literally). I've been getting invited to social events by high value people. And when we go out, I get tons of looks.

Guess what, my wife has the tingles! Lately I've been getting BJs, HJs, and sex WAY more often. Also, the 30 minutes of foreplay has been reduced to about five minutes.

My wife started hamstering saying that she must be hornier because she was getting older. I just grinned and agreed. In my head I was thanking TRP.

This shit works if you work it right. Focus on raising your SMV and the rest will folllow.

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Good job man! Never stop improving yourself.