Thank you trp for making me leave the basement. I cant help but cry as i type this. (self.ThankTRP)

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I woke up today and I had 23 unread text messages on my phone from 4 different people. This made me think back to my days before trp.

I discovered trp two years ago.

I was a 21 year old loser who literally didn't even speak to anybody for 6 months as in i started to lose my voice. I didn't once get a call or text from anybody in 6 months. Severely depressed for 3 years. Stayed in my parents basement for so long i got vitamin d deficiency. No friends. Dead end night shift security. playing video games roughly 9 hours a day. 6 foot 123lbs skiiny fat skeleton. On reddit 24/7. Lonely as lonely can get and contemplating suicide.

My accomplishments in the last two years: Made a lot of awesome friends 7 really close friends. Traveled to England Scotland Ireland and Dubai Got in bar fights. Partied with air hostesses in Dubai. other badass parties. Made some really fucking crazy friends. Started hitting the gym hard. Picked up dancing to edm. Lost my Virginity. Hiked a few mountains. Got into drifting my pos car. Took online classes to get into university while i worked as a bouncer at a night club.

Got into one of the best engineering programs in the country. And today I am almost done my first semester of University with a 3.8 GPA out of 4. While partying every weekend hard. I also have a beautiful GF (sort of) now.

I cant help but feel emotional when i look back at where I was before discovering trp. You guys made it possible for me to get what I always wanted.

I am now a 6 foot 170lbs 23 year old with a bright future and interesting past. I dress well and people enjoy my company. Some people actually love me now. Hell a girl told me that she loves me too much and it scares her.

You told me that I could fix this and told me how.

Thank you trp for being honest with me and telling me the hard truth. You bros saved me. I am excited for the future.

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can you elaborate the "how I did" part of the story, bro,

congrats on your overall success. it's really good to know that one of us made it for good.

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This. I'm still in a financial shit hole here at 25. Does the bouncer gig pay well and do you have martial arts training?

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I am interested, too.

none from OP is possible from where I live. The most valuable asset here is internet connection.

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this reads like a TRP fantasy. as in im skeptical

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power of money. He knows how to use them right.

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Amazing. Well done dude!

What made you pull the trigger on your former self?