"Who is he?" (self.ThankTRP)

submitted by deepthrill

I was out to dinner with a group of friends, male and female, and I was chatting with the waitress and she was eating up everything I was saying. The girl sitting next to me also was really interested in me.

My female friends at the table, who I haven't seen in a couple years, whispered to each other "Who IS he now? I don't even know who deepthrill is anymore!" It was with a gleam in eye.

They didn't think I heard them, but they were fascinated with who I had become in a positive way.

The fact that there was enough of a contrast with my previous self to be visibly noticeable was a huge affirmation for me.

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That social proof.

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After recently finding TRP, I want to be in your position in the next year. Good for you man!