Blue Pill ExampleBarry Diller: Billionaire Media Mogul...and Beta Kingpin (self.TheRedPill)

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I write this article for two reasons: first, as a reminder that money, power, and an intimidating personality does not make a man Alpha. Occasionally I get the sense that Red Pill men automatically project Alpha traits onto guys who are muscled, wealthy, handsome, powerful, famous, or whatever the case may be - which, of course, is totally fallacious.

Second, as a reminder that hypergamy isn't something that evolved just recently; girls born in 2001 are no different than women born in 1941 (AWALT).

Enter Barry Diller, 76, who has acted as a major player in American media for more than 40 years. Currently he serves as Chairman and controlling shareholder of InterActiveCorp, a media conglomerate that owns (among other things) a majority stake in Match Group - the company that in turn owns a large portfolio of online dating sites, including Tinder. A bit ironic that Diller controls the greatest tool for facilitating hypergamy invented since the Pill.

Diller, worth $3.6 billion, is infamous for his ruthlessness and competitiveness within the business world. His explosive temper is legend, and stories of him bringing employees to tears in the boardroom abound. Many of his proteges, who include the likes of Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, have gone to become major players and billionaires themselves.

Now let's turn to his love life. Diller's wife is Diane Von Furstenberg ('DVF'), 71, who is best known for her work in fashion. Born a total nobody, she rocketed to international fame when she married Prince Egon von Furstenberg, a wealthy German aristocrat. Perhaps it should not come as any surprise that she was pregnant at the time of the marriage; the couple separated after three years.

At this point, though, young DVF had already ingratiated herself with high society and no longer needed her Prince. Using her newfound connections, she launched a fashion empire - and also embarked on an adventure of unadulterated hypergamy:

Diane has always had an open mind about sexuality. In her younger days, she experimented, tossing men left and right. “Zips are a nightmare," she once said. "Haven’t you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the following morning? I’ve done that many times.” Sex was merely expendable titillation. Her track record includes a brief fling with actor Richard Gere, and—among other freely sexual adventures—a South American musician she met in Bali named Paulo, whom she described as handsome and tall, “with a brown beard, a green stone in one earlobe, and a sarong tied around his waist.” - Town and Country, "7 Things You Never Knew About Diane Von Furstenberg", 2017

In the early-1980s she met Diller, already a powerful figure in media as the CEO of Paramount Pictures. In DVF's words:

We met 32 years ago, lived together and fell in love, and then I left him

But Diller never moved on from his deep ONEitis. Here are a few more choice quotes from a 2009 interview DVF gave to Harper's Bazaar (see "Diane von Furstenberg: Unwrapped)

He's more patient, but with me he was always patient. With me he's the same. He just loves me unconditionally.

Of course, we know that no woman can love a man "unconditionally."

You can't explain it. But there's a true commitment. I mean, it was more on his side.

No shit...she fucked around for 20 years while he stood around with his dick in the wind.

I left. And then he was kind of always present.

In other words, he orbited.

And he loves me so much. I can do no wrong

Because nothing a ONEitis does is ever wrong. It is simply rationalized away within the man's elaborate mental denial framework.

Barry knows me very well. My children know me very well. But no one knows me better than I know myself.

In other words, there are sides of herself - probably sexual - that she has not revealed to him, because that is reserved for Alphas.

After keeping Diller in the friend zone for two decades, she finally “ran out of excuses.” It was Barry’s 59th birthday and she threw both him and her children a party (they all happen to be Aquarians.) She didn’t know what to give him, so she generously presented him with what he had been waiting twenty-six years for. “If you want," she told him nonchalantly, "I will marry you for your birthday.”*

I kid you not; these words actually came out of her mouth. Now I've seen some arrogant shit posted on these forums, but this just about takes the cake. I don't think I even need to discuss just how badly Diller blew his hard-won chips here.

I really encourage you all to read her interviews. It's extremely fascinating and visceral stuff from a RP perspective.

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Alpha among men, beta with women, even in male dominated fields. It's weird. The guy next to them did work so sloppy, it reminded them of their mom's pussy from last night. Talking like they're a predator on the prowl for honeys but when a woman rolls around, their strategy is win her affections over time by staring, calling her beautiful, making sure to never offend her, and bring all other men down that dont play the nice guy game.

Money and fame dont mean shit if a 120lb girl can bring you to your knees. Especially an average Jane. If you became rich before you met your wife and she dont have a fat ass, you fail like epic fail. You can bring in thick booty women from around the world and filter them to see which is LTR material yet stick with average Betty, a relative of a friend from a friends work. Dafuq? Royalty and Rockefellar/Rothschild status doesnt apply (most likely arranged marriage for alliance).

[–]CountryYuppie 12 points13 points  (2 children)

Question: isn't losing your temper all the time a very overt beta tell, anyway? (Edit: serious question)

[–]latinasonly 12 points13 points  (0 children)

there are alphas with a short temper.

however, a short temper is not a good character trait. the ability to maintain your composure under stress is very powerful

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So youre saying based on his temper tantrums, he was probably a beta anyway.

possibly. But dealing with women is the key.

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I think there's a very simple explanation: they have put too much effort in their craft and none in their game. These men spent their 20's, 30's, 40's working like crazy, coming back home tired to their hands/gfs/wives and haven't had access to TRP.

Another factor: Being rational and anxious(thinking all the time) are great for your career, but terrible for dating.

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FYI - it's a well know fact that Diller is gay. not that there's anything wrong w. that.

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More on that note, most guys will be delighted to hear that our friend Justin Bieber recently got married without a prenup. The Blue Pill treats every man equally, money and status are irrelevant. So we'll likely have a nice show on that one in the near future.

[–]Anonymous-O 5 points6 points  (1 child)

What?! But I thought his lawyers talked him out of that.

[–]Morphs_ 9 points10 points  (0 children)

Nope. Google it, it's everywhere. I guess that's what he gets for living in his own bubble. It's going to be an expensive bubble.

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You have this all wrong... Barry Diller is gay. Literally. There were many close friends and other members of his social circle flat out publicly claiming that he is gay. Even David Geffen, another gay billionaire media mogul, claimed that Barry Diller is gay. This marriage is a complete sham and a front to hide his homosexuality.

Here are evidences that he's gay:

Article 1

Article 2

Basically, you should do more research before you write stuff like this. It's pretty obvious Diller is gay when you think about how he was never married until age 59, and more importantly, hasn't had any biological children. Straight alpha males at the highest levels will always produce children. They ensure their lineage. No matter what.

[–]awakenedspirit1 5 points6 points  (0 children)

+1 It's well known that Barry Diller is a homosexual. And this marriage is like the marriages of old - a power couple.

[–]Psychological_Radish[S] 9 points10 points  (0 children)

I am aware of these rumors - which really amount to nothing more than salacious gossip from some old hag. Some people thought I was gay in my deep Beta days...so what? It isn't uncommon for the worst Betas to be labeled that way. Maybe he is bisexual or something. Marlon Brando, perhaps the greatest pussy soaker of the 20th century and one of the most Alpha of men Hollywood has ever seen, was widely rumored to bed both men and women.

And even if he is gay and the whole thing is a sham, it does not negate the overall usefulness of the example. She is clearly using him in a manner quite similar to how Betas are often used. Gay men can be just as Alpha/Beta as anyone else.

[–]1KyfhoMyoba 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Diller is very well known to be a flaming homo (so is his bff Geffen). Friends of mine grew up with a guy who is married to a comedienne/actress all of you know from a hit series a few years ago. She knows Diller very well, and all of the "gay mafia". The stuff you hear about pedophilia in Hollywood is true, and worse than you've heard.

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Thanks for this post. Women are dangerous. Go mgtow. Nowadays even movies show women's capricious and fickle nature. I don't know how people continue to put them on a pedestal and fantasize about living the happy married life and settling down with a loving partner.

[–]tempolaca 5 points6 points  (0 children)

I've seen this happen several times. Old men marrying their oneitis at old age, that obviously are also old.

I think that many alphas, including many that are here, have secret oneitis buried deep in their memories, the one that got away. In fact, having a oneitis helps you with your "alphaness". When presented with the opportunity of tap that ass even when it's just a shadow of that ass, they go for it. I don't know if I wouldn't do it.

I wouldn't marry, but then again I'm not 70. Who knows what happens with your mind at that age.

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Having Googled pictures of her, I can say that she was never really that good looking either. Actually, you gotta respect that she played the game and played it well.