Men's RightsThe Red Pill documentary now available for free viewing on Zenither (self.TheRedPill)

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Hi folks, I am sure many of you are aware of The Red Pill documentary which controversially was blacklisted from several festivals last year. I thought I would let folks here know that the film is currently available on our new Zenither TV Anywhere platform for watching. If you'd not had a chance to watch it now you can.

Zenither is basically like a cable TV carrier, but without the cable. We have a number of digital TV channels in our service, currently around 36. We've worked with the film's distributor, Gravitas Ventures, to develop a TV network within our platform that is bringing several hundred titles from their catalog for free viewing on their station within our service. We asked for The Red Pill documentary as part of our licensing agreement because we were aware of the censorship controversy and felt we'd like to be able to make the film more accessible since we had the opportunity to license films from their catalog.

You can watch the film on PCs running the Chrome browser directly at https://zenither.tv/gravitasdocumentaries/americandocumentaries/theredpill or download our mobile apps (links to the app stores can be found at https://www.zenither.com/ ) and either scroll down to the Gravitas channel & click the logo to find the station page and its VOD library or use the search bar to find The Red Pill.

Please note that due to the complex nature of our platform, you won't be able to effectively use the browser version on mobile devices due to changes in mobile browsers that make it incompatible with the web browser app. If you'd like to watch on your phone or tablet we highly recommend using the native mobile apps for iOS / Android. The apps are completely free to download.

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This falls under the Men's Rights tag. Just because this glass of whisky isn't strong enough for your tastes, doesn't mean it can't get other men to appreciate whisky. I have little time for Red Pill aware men mocking those who need something a little less in their face to swallow the pill. Our goal is making men, the starting point is irrelevant and the pace of embracing truth is irrelevant. Truth is still truth.

The film is not Red Pill, it is men's rights and as such touches upon a number of truths that are part of the basis for TRP. If you truly understood why we're not very impressed (at best) with the MRM, you'd know it wasn't down to whether they were right in the stats that they cite or the problems they highlight. Bear this in mind when you engage on the topic.

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TLDR for the documentary: "Zomg, men have issues too! Who knew? Gosh darn it!"

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Bold marketing strategy attempting to 'altruistically' associate yourselves with us quarantined degenerates. Bold indeed.

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Actually we've been working on securing the rights for several months. Had no idea about the quarantine until came here the other day and debated whether or not to post. I decided ultimately the quarantine proves there is a need for digital carriers who are willing to honor the spirit of what television is supposed to be.

I'll not go into the whole spiel about what makes us unique, but the short is we're not Sling TV or YouTube TV, or similar apps, which fundamentally are the same as the software in your set top box but now in a phone. The cost to get a TV channel on their service involves enormous overhead expenses. In contrast Zenither has a patent pending system that allows insanely cheap creation of a TV network with a linear feed, and all the other aspects of the TV broadcasting business to be managed from a laptop. Consequently Zenither allows content owners that ordinarily could not afford to be a broadcaster to now be one, such as Gravitas and even YouTube stars.

I don't know if altruistic is the right label. We're a TV carrier, there's a commercial aspect to it of course. This is because TV is a very expensive business though. However the product is still film distribution. Film-making -- even in the online video world -- is an art. Art is about expressing ideas and communicating values. Art connects people through these ideas, and ideas are powerful because they transcend ourselves. So television ultimately is a medium through which film-making communities ideas. That's what our goal is here. The broadcasters of yesterday considered themselves in service to their communities, and tried to tell stories they thought would benefit their communities by sharing values they thought added value to their audiences lives. I think company can be commercial in nature and still provide a service that does good.

The Red Pill documentary is controversial. It was blacklisted from several places and an effort was made to deter people from watching it solely because the ideas it expressed made others uncomfortable. Our democracy depends upon the freedom of speech being honored, so we decided to carry the film and allow those who want to see it the ability to easily do so for free.

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About as bold as the way this turd was “blacklisted” from film festivals to heighten its notoriety.

Seriously, this guy is so transparent I can read People magazine through him. Holy shit, Burt Reynolds died!?

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with us quarantined degenerates.

You are not holding frame (srs). I am just starting out a red piller, but I have found it is true: you need to be the rock. When someone accuses you of something unfairly, don't enter their frame. Calmly state the facts, once, amd move on. Then after they see the truth and come around, and like a lightswitch don't even mention that they were wrong.

So here just state that it is bold to associate with red pill given the current unethical and unfair censorship of free discussion (the quarantine). Then by sticking to the facts (the unfair censorship of free speech) they will come around.

Yes, the quarantine is a shit-test (srs). TRP is passing it. Don't break frame and it will be removed.

The Red Pill is obeying all site-wide rules, and doing nothing wrong. It should not be subject to censorship (quarantine).

Note: just TRP beginner here, others can do better.

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If anyone here wants to see Fredrich Hagel's Master Slave Dialectic Cassie Jay's The Red Pill is a great entry point.

Men's Rights is a (slave) group that internalized liberal feminist values and is now using those values to claim oppression.

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Feminists are not liberals though. They are authoritarian progressives.

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They are authoritarian progressives.

Well put ! Also like the phrase "Matriarchal Overlords".

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Anyone who believes in rights is a liberal. Thomas Jefferson excluded blacks from rights just as Feminists exclude fetuses and men from rights. Both are liberals.

So no you are completely wrong. Your being gate keeper do by Ben Shapiros.

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I guess the Nazis were liberals with this logic.

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Is liberalism not free from from an central authority which control one's life? Such as a government or king? Feminists advertise themselves as liberal but in practice this is marketing PR since they are all about using the state to achieve their way, that isn't liberalism. Are you saying liberalism cannot exist since whenever there is true freedom, the strong will do what they can and the weak will endure what they must?

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Liberalism is ruled by the central authority of capital which exercises more control than a king.

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Fine, kings can be despotic, liberalism can be be corrupted by capital, whats the best solution?

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Everytime someone tries to rob some notoriety from this place, its some attention whoring woman or some guy wanting victimhood status. Wheres the sexual strategy?

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Well, now you can watch this abortion for free.

Cassie Jay can go fuck herself. This movie was ALWAYS about her, and she played the MRM like the easy fiddle they always are for "anti-feminist feminists".


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I cant stand guys who get all giggidy because a woman suggests she's on their side.

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Those guys are still indoctrinated.

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I was hoping you were going to weigh in on this post, Rollo.

While I agree that some men need to be thrown in the Red pool and some men need to wade gently in the kiddie end, I watched about six minutes of this piece of shit and it was obvious the creator had no idea what the Red Pill is or why it exists. She’s actually below the level of the kids we get here asking, “i met this chick in my math class how do I smash ??”

Abortion is too kind a word. At least stem cells can be harvested from an abortion.

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it was obvious the creator had no idea what the Red Pill is or why it exists.

Don't forget that in a context beyond the TRP-sub here, "(taking) the red pill" is a general metaphore utilized outside the mainstream (from the skeptic communities, the right, in the manosphere etc.) for realizing that things aren't as generally claimed (usually by the mainstream media, politicians etc.), and also as one has fervently believed up until that point -it's basically stripping away the windowdressing and revealing the truth.

For example, when the NY Times employed a Asian chick who had a proven track record of tweeting racist anti- white rants because she had a chip on their shoulder, the NY Times held onto her and just gave a non-excuse about how they totes disagreed with her statements but nevertheless believed her when she said that she was just kidding and would never do it again. Needless to say, this didn't go well with plenty of people who saw this the way it was: (a) that the same excuse wouldn't fly for a white male and (b) that apparently dehumanizing and demonizing whites wasn't really a noteworthy offense in the eyes of the NY Times. In other words, that what plenty of people on the right said about the media was very much the truth - and that's also why some guys on the alt-right vocally expressed their gratitude to the NY Times for inadvertedly "redpilling normies".

In the context of the movie and from the perspective of the MRM, "taking the red pill" means the rejection of the feminist claim that men are basically always the privileged ones who have it better than women as a rule because the patriarchy does everything to make sure they win at the expense of women, who are perpetual victims in every regard. She also said right at the end that there is a Red Pill community on reddit (i.e. us) who doesn't see eye to eye with the MRM.

Regardless of what you think about the movie: just because the utilization of the term "the red pill" doesn't conform to the meaning it has here doesn't mean it is false.

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Absolutely, and I’m glad you brought that up. Shifting gears slightly, doesn’t it amuse you that the /BluePill subreddit uses the same metaphor? Literally, in their name they accept that they tolerate the Great Lie.

Returning to your point, Cassie Jay’s feeble attempt at notoriety was based loosely on the MRA movement, which is why I see the criticism of this subreddit and its notable members to be of particular relevance.

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Shifting gears slightly, doesn’t it amuse you that the /BluePill subreddit uses the same metaphor? Literally, in their name they accept that they tolerate the Great Lie.

Well, that's them being pseudo-ironic (I mean, they've got a bunch of hamsters on their banner).

If you don't accept the red/blue pill as a thing, appropriating the term is just ridiculing it.

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“Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” - Sarah Jeong

“White people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” - Sarah Jeong

Sarah Jeong words are profoundly racist ! It is a mistake for the NY Times associate with her.

As an American of African descent who went to high school near Chicago's China town , I am very familiar

with Asian racism. Wether you replace the word " Black with White " Sarah statements are still racist.


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I don't like the Men's Right movement because it's born from victimization. I as a men, don't need any right, having rights implies subservience, that somebody somewhere, allows me to have those rights, and somebody can take them from me. I don't need fucking nobody to give me rights. I take them.

Well I would if we were in 1500. Nowdays there are police and they have guns etc. but this is how I feel.

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Maybe in 1500 in the Americas.

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To all the people crapping on this - just over halfway through, she hit on something worth considering - that capitalists deliberately funded the feminist movement because it makes us the enemy, rather than the capitalists. That's how it became so huge.

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Considering starting my own classical black and white movie channel on Zenither.

Captain Kidd anyone ?



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We have a similar channel like that called Drive in Movies!


Captain Kidd is among the library. We have additional movie channels coming for horror, indies and big studio films. Those channels should be out by end of this week or next.

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That “Red Pill” has barely nothing to do withou our Red Pill and it’s more like just MRA. It just shows how miss informed and idiot the creator was and rather just interested to hit a controversial topic

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Our Red Pill is not part of their's, but their's is part of ours. This documentary should be just as much required material as the sidebar is.

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Hi folks, I am sure many of you are aware of The Red Pill documentary which controversially was blacklisted from several festivals last year.

What!? You mean the auto erotica of Cassie Jay’s foray into stupid was blacklisted as a marketing ploy from those places where such mental masturbation is usually applauded?! However will we sleep at night? MustwatchnoAw!!!

If you’d not had a chance to watch it now you can.

First rule of product design is to ask what need your product is fulfilling. Literally no one here asked for this. In fact, most of us pointedly declared after the bits and pieces we saw that the “documentary” was an ill-researched piece of self promoting horseshit.

Zenither is...

Another useless “get tv on your computer” delivery system. Exactly what the plebeian masses need to distract from their pedestrian jobs and growing sense of melancholy: more bread and circuses.

We asked for The Red Pill documentary as part of our licensing agreement because we were aware of the censorship controversy and felt we’d like to be able to make the film more accessible since we had the opportunity to license films from their catalog. thought we might be able to tap into that sweet sweet marketing ploy of cashing in on its naughty “blacklisted” tittilation.

Fixed that for you.

I very rarely weigh in on things posted to this forum that I feel disagree with its basic orientation, as I am not a moderator or endorsed contributor, but this documentary served no purpose when it was released, serves no purpose now, and serves no purpose here.

Michael fucking Moore makes better documentaries than Cassie Jay. At least he has talent as a filmmaker for all his inability to do basic research. Cassie Jay is simply untalented, unskilled, and unworthy of my or any other man’s time.

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The Red Pill is about taking ownership of your problems. Although valid issues and concerns are addressed in this film, bitching and whining will not change anything.

The Blue Pill is something so strong in society it will never go away. We cannot ever change that.

Swallowing the Red Pill isn’t about trying to change the Blue Pill worldview in our favor. Swallowing the Red Pill is about understanding that the odds our against us and we have to take “extreme ownership” (Jocko Willinks Quote) over our lives.

No fucking shit the system is against us, are we going to sit and protest and cry about it or are we going to become the best men we can be for ourselves. The choice yours.

This film is not Red Pill. MRAs should spend more time improving themselves rather than whining. That would have a better affect on society itself and lead and example for more men to positive change their lives instead of just seeing the world in a grim state where men lack power.

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Blah. Who wants to watch grown men cry on camera and hear the cataloged story of a self-interested woman who somehow makes mens' issues about herself?

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/u/Charlemagneffxiv Do you support subtitles?

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We do. I am unsure if we have subtitles enabled for this film at the moment.

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This is a pretty depressing watch.