TRP Could Save Your Life (self.TRPOffTopic)

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A friend commited suicide a couple of days ago. going thru a divorce, wife already has a new guy in the house, 3 unhappy little kids, shitty job and most of his money going to Child Support. He had to sleep under a bridge a couple of times. He couldn't take it anymore. A lot of people blame his wife. I blame the blue pill.

Thinking back, I've known two other people who committed suicide. One guy was about 21 when his girlfriend dumped him and he jumped from the top of her 6th story building. The other guy was only 24 and couldn't get laid so he got drunk one day and hung himself from a bridge.

I wonder if TRP could have saved them. I believe it would. Learn what to expect in a marriage without TRP, Oneitis, Game, Exercise and most importantly understanding that happiness has to come from within.

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Dude what the fuck. It's shocking how low some men can fall. Killing yourself over a bitch is pathetic. These guys obviously had nothing that made their life worth while other than their girlfriend.

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consider yourself lucky you have, some never even had a chance due to their environment.