The Stripper Scavenger Hunt (self.TRPOffTopic)

submitted by stickfiguresk

I made this for my friend's first time to a strip club. It was his bachelor party, so I was trying to make it as fun as possible. I didn't add anything that I haven't personally seen in strip clubs on previous visits. I texted the list to all the guys. The first to spot a listed item got $5. The first to get a stripper to talk about it gets $10. The first to get the person in question to talk about it gets $20.

  1. Cesarean Section

  2. Obviously stoned

  3. Tampon string

  4. Large scar(not C-section)

  5. 40+ years old

  6. 160+ lbs

  7. Black guy "making it rain"

  8. Mexican guy not buying anything

  9. 60+ year old white guy having a blast

  10. Woman getting too handsey with a stripper

Shockingly, we only saw #9. I only had to pay out $15. It must've been an off night. We had fun anyways.

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