"Beta sign up". Never a more apropos use of the term on a web app. (i.imgur.com)

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You should get 3 or 4. That way they give you some pre-selection

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That would be $100/mo for 4. I don't think they give a discount for volume.

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i was going to say social proof.

This app could work wonders for a skilled PUA/social engineer. Isn't the social scene ALL about networking, who do you know and who you can hook up with whom? That is social power.

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That would be a pretty cool app for this forum. Social proof with a few guys on here. For DOXING reasons it wouldn't be done though.

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That's what I was thinking....

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Let's see manipulating social media for a fain in social proof and preselection, scaring off anyone who wants a LTR and living on your own terms.

Beta? I think not.