Prostitutes to treat/cure post-breakup oneitis: An experiment. (self.asktrp)

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Tonight I tried an experiment. After breaking up with a girl 4 months ago and experiencing a re-contact oneitis (my bad) I was really down in the dumps. I asked a girl out and got ignored / shut down via text so out of options and at the beginning of an RP journey, the anxiety and oneitis hit me hard.

Then I tried an experiment tonight. They say one of the best ways to get over a breakup of any kind, amicable or not, is to experience a new woman. So I did, a prostitute. I made sure to screen respondents to my ad for topless oral.

I am by no means green in the prostitute / john game. Years ago as a sexless beta I had what amounted to a bargain-bin level sugarbaby arrangement with a girl and countless other one-bang experiences. I only ever fucked the sugarbaby after many meetups for just blowjobs. All my meetings were for topless blowjobs. The sugarbaby ended up getting some dude to rough me up and stole my money.

With the knowledge of how it all works I went over tonight wondering if the experience of a new woman would help at all with my waves of oneitis and obsessive thoughts. It did. I feel like the experience in itself created some neural pathways that built on top of the existing ones the oneitis relationship created. I am a lot clearer and now more determined than ever to get active rather than moping and obsessing over the past.

I don't advocate prostitution as a shortcut to getting laid for blue pilled men. It's tempting, but just ask yourself if you want to feel the excitement of conquering a woman for real. I do, and that's why I won't be purchasing prostitutes anymore. I know where that addiction leads and it's just a waste of money.

Instead I'll be focusing more energy on reading Rollo's books and conquering my approach fear.

tl;dr Visiting a prostitute helped me deal with waves of oneitis anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

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Been there. Would not recommend it. It's a temporary fix. Sure, you'll feel good for 1 hour or however long you paid for but after you go home and climb into bed the feelings of loneliness set in again. You NEED to hunt because nothing beats that feeling of waking up next to someone new, and the feelings of self worth it ensues.

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I hear you. You're probably right. I've just never hunted before in my life. My approach anxiety is crippling. For example there's this short petite asian girl at my gym I've sort of crushed on for over a year. I genuinely like her. A few weeks ago after starting my RP journey I made up my mind to approach her the next day even if I get rejected epicly. The day came and I was relieved I didn't see her. Suddenly she comes in and I'm like "Oh fuck". Then she came near me and I just hamstered why I shouldn't, with shit like "She barely made eye contact she's avoiding me, its a no go" or "She would probably think i'm fucked" etc.

I mean why do these fearful mindsets even exist? Whats the evolutionary purpose for intense fear & anxiety for approaching women or avoiding conflict?

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Fear is preprogramed instinct to protect you from danger. However society has evolved into warnings, cautions and traffic laws, your primal mind is still operating that danger lurks. It is your job to prove to your primal mind that it's okay, then your anxiety goes away.

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Fuck that is powerful. How do you prove to your primal mind that it's okay? Just doing it? Is it the ol' after 10-20 rejections your approach anxiety is almost zero?

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Agreed. It helps maybe over the worst but it can't fix it.

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Prostitutes is the cheap route beta males use to get pussy. Shows how low value you are

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I don't see how a prostitue is cheap. I also don't see how paying is beta or alpha. Could you explain?

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Wow. Do you really think alpha males give up resources for pussy? Fuck no. A real alpha male knows he can fuck any pussy he wants he won’t settle for less with a prostitue. I can’t believe I have to explain this. Beta males are disgusting

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Do you consider your time a resource? Which is more valuable a dollar that can be easily accumulated or your time? What is a real alpha male?

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Exactly no matter how you are getting laid a resource is being spent. If you're a Chad and you meet a girl at a venue for drinks even if you pay for your own, you're still expending time and money entertaining her that you otherwise wouldn't of. I'm not saying prostitutes are a sign of strength or anything as I do feel conquering a woman for real is the best route.

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Of course you beta males downvote this. God y’all are pathetic