Family throwing shit at me. At it's best. (self.asktrp)

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I was taking a plane trip yesterday, and as it occurs naturally I reached home late at night after taking busses and fell asleep.

My father was getting mad about me not waking up early because he wanted me to sign some paperwork and do stuff while this can be done also tomorrow let's say.

Okay I'm all about doing things in now but it's normal I have to sleep until 10 at least, when I reach home at 1 from a tiring flight and road trip.

How can I prevent him from entering my frame and throwing shit? He does this with everything else even when I'm perfect on my job. Always will find an excuse to shame me, idiot. Not anything else he just makes me extremely furious and mad while I'm calm!

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He ain’t throwing shit. It’s called expecting his son to be a responsible man.

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I am doing my responsibilities well up to this point, regarding businesses at least.

I've just been smoking weed because I'm really stressful as a person and I suffer from ocd, so I tend to want to be calm, zen state as you call it and do things my way.

I just can't operate under lots of pressure given my situation.