Is it immoral to only spend 50% of the time at work productively? (self.asktrp)

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I feel that people often make a big deal of somebody using 5 minutes of Facebook a day during the boss' time. I have the feeling that the average person only works 3 hours effective per hour, most people don't do that much and lie to themselves.

Should I feel bad for feeling that I should not feel bad about spending 4 hours a day productively as I still seem to get paid more and be more productive than most other colleagues.

At school I was told that when people start working their office work, that they work so hard and people have it so bad, but I feel lots of us are being extremely moralistic and hyper-critical of others, making them feel quilty, while being quiet lazy themselves.

Should I really work my ass of 8 hours per hour or should I just feel good with myself if with working 4 hours per week the results are better than average anyway?

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As a man you should live by your own moral compass, and not by the compasses of others.

Having said that, the broader issue here is more about your motivation and life goals. Why are you half-assing your career?

Find your mission, find a career you’re passionate about and you’ll automatically be much more productive without morals ever being a factor.

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only works 3 hours effective per hour

How can you complain about 300% productivity my dude?

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It’s all about pretending to be busy

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Most people surf web most of the time during work. The few countries that have a different work culture are really rare.

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True. That’s what I’m doing now and have been doing for the past few weeks. It gets exhausting trying to look busy sometimes.

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I work from home and have about 30% productivity. I get done what needs to be done, and help others on my team do what they need to do. I make 6 figures. Sometimes I feel like I’m ripping them off, but in the end, I’m providing value through my expertise and ability to do my work well. The way I see it now is that it’s not immoral, I’m just efficient and lucky/blessed.

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I also make 6 figures, but I regularly feel guilt.

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I wouldn’t give a fuck about the morals of it but I’m sure your career will be better in the long run if you give it your all.

That being said at some jobs I’ve had there just isn’t enough work to fill up 8 hours of the day. But at least try to fill that downtime with productive activities.

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I fuck around on the computer half the time and don't give a shit. My job doesn't pay me enough to do so. I just keep my work tabs open and pretend I'm busy. Easy money