What’s the reason mothers bluepills their sons? (self.asktrp)

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Just wondering

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Because women haven't got a clue what it is to be a man. How many blogs and books and videos and magazines have you read or seen where women try to tell other women what men are looking for and they can't even get that right?

Women don't know and they don't know that they don't know. Consider this reality: men raised in single mother households commit almost 72% of all crime and 77% of all violent crime. If masculinity is so fucking toxic, why isn't that number closet to zero? Shouldn't men raised exclusively by women be least likely to be criminals?

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Fair point. Love this

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One of the most interesting articles I've ever read was from a trans man (female to male) who was writing about how fucking night-and-day it all is being a man versus being a woman. In particular, the relentless drum beat of "nobody gives a fuck, just shut up and take it."

There's no substitute for someone explaining such a basic fact of your existence to you, especially when that fact is so cold and stupid. And there's literally nothing you can do about, because even the most male-friendly and supportive woman on earth, when push comes to shove, will tell you to man the fuck up when she wants something done or is tired of listening to your shit.

One of the reasons you see that deviation in single-mother households is because boys from those environments get pissed because they don't understand why the world is treating them like garbage. If you have a father figure there, then you have someone letting you know the score from an early age.

There's it's own set of awfulness that comes from that (high suicide rates, for example), but at least you know the actual goddamned rules of the game being played, right down to the fact that the officials don't care and will gladly tack on a contempt citation if you you get too upset.

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Yeah, isn't it kind of fucking funny, TRP has been around for, what, 5 years? In that time a community of men came together and solved the entirety of female psychology, rules of attraction, how to build power and influence people. 5 years of male community. What have ladies accomplished with the same time? Well let's head on over to 2xchromosomes and.... just a lot of complaining. great.

I wish being gay weren't so fucking gay, then at least I could be in a functional, progressive relationship with an equal lmao

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The idea of the Red Pill has been around for quite some time. Although this particular forum has only been around for a few years. But yeah, One of the best examples that I can point to for the overall inability of women to be successful in competition of ideas and merit is the simple fact that females have been on this planet for exactly as long as males, and yet not one truly matriarchal society has ever arisen. Draw whatever conclusions you prefer from that fact.

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It's my favorite argument too... Whenever someone accuses people of misogyny and failing to understand women in relationships, I'm like "bitch if it was a bunch of gays they'd have a stable relationship and they wouldn't have to do any of that because they love each other."

And it shuts them up real quick.

If there only existed men, we'd just have one grindr app and ppl wouldn't struggle with finding love or companionship.

Just by looking at the gay community, we can clearly identify: something is wrong with women. Perhaps it's simply the problem with the hormone estrogen.

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That numbers are not very accurate for this topic. Firstly, rates are better than numbers because one group can have lower rate but most numbers because of big population. Secondly economic situation affects crime rates and single moms are poor. Lastly, most black moms ars single and blacks have more crime rate.

Correct comparison should be between same income, same etnicity households' children's crime rate.

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Not necessarily. One only needs to know the % of people raised by single mothers as the last peice of this puzzle. If the % of people raised by single mothers is below 77% than the generalization applies because there is therefore a disproportionate % of crimes assignable to the population. Sure, we could further expand on the generalization by going into the topic of race, but why? The attack on the nuclear family by postmodern globalist/socialist forces crosses racial divides. The prime reason why it is currently disproportionately attributable to blacks is likely due to the fact that the attack on the nuclear black family started first. In other words, the microcosm of the issues of rampant violent crime amongst black communities is also the future of the white family, or any other ethnic family, if the assault is prolongued for long enough.

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Single mother homes are felon factories. Stop attempting to rationalize the stats. You sound like a blue-pilled faggot.

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You wont convince anyone. You are just a echo-chamber material.

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Low effort post.

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Link study

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First link quote: "The bottom line is that there is a large body of literature showing that children of single mothers are more likely to commit crimes than children who grow up with their married parents."

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Same is true foren though (about not knowing what women want). At least for the majority.

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That’s because the majority of men are educated by women who, as mentioned previously, I don’t have a clue what I want.

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father starts, hubby picks-up, son follows-up... to serve her thru life.

  1. dad takes care of her... taking the blame for her bad decisions, excuses all her bullshit, coddles, pampers, etc.
  2. hubby works and sacrifices thru hard work, gives his time, resources, etc., and she (hopefully) gives him children for his work. after she has used him up or makes him a complete beta, she branch swings and preps for divorce rape... or he dies.
  3. in her later years, she leans on her son, who picks-up where hubby left off... even to the point where she becomes the 'nagging mother-in-law' that your wife will eventually hate. the son becomes the 'man' in her life, and he should take care of her needs, IF AND ONLY IF, she was a good mother. the wife KNOWS the mom will lean on the son... taking away her 'nest slave.'

women view men as you view your flathead screw-driver... a basic tool. they 'play' the weak & dumb role to get men to work for them thru life... and pay their way thru life most times. as the saying goes, "men may be head of the household; women know the true power is in being the neck."

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The man may be the head of the household. But the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head whichever way she pleases. - Nia Vardalos

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Legit as fuck. My mother uses me as her retirement plan despite "choosing not to asky dad for a dime" because she worked her own money as a career woman. But she got schizophrenia and lost it all and I pay all her bills. She even refuses to take the measly government pension which would take a little of her burden off my back because that small sum of money is "beneath her".

Thanks to the RP though I recognized her bullshit years ago and was smart enough to remove myself from her physical presence. It's not a perfect situation but she has zero influence on how I spend my life. Rather than a total life drain, she just drains some cash.

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    Law 10: Infection: avoid the unhappy and unlucky. You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as disease. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.

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    How do you explain women like my mother who is the provider for the family and only keeps her deadbeat boyfriend around because he's tall?

    Not saying you're wrong, or that she's entirely an exception, because she falls into a hundred female tropes TRP has defined, but she's definitely the provider here.

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    good sex... and/or someone she can easily control.

    just my guess.

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    The foundation of their child-rearing does not typically stem from a mindset based on "what would make my son a strong, powerful, and respected man?", partly because that question has more than likely never even popped into their heads, partly because keeping their sons as their "baby" is more emotionally fulfilling than some grizzled, muscled-up, battle-tested, hardened and fearless warrior.

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    Having been blue pilled by my mother and painfully watching my 2 sons who live with there mother being manipulated to blue pill status. This is pretty accurate the mother wants to keep her son(s) dependant on her to a degree so she trains them up on how they should treat her and be dependent on women! Unconsciously Selfish!!

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    this isn't correct, imo. they don't blue-pill their sons so that the son is dependent on her. she blue-pills her sons because she will USE HIM as her 'man tool' in later life when she either divorce rapes the dad or if the dad dies.

    she KNOWS she's gonna be dependent on the son... not the other way around. she is prepping him to serve her, which will also take away time from his wife. and that's why most women HATE their husband's mom; the mom is using HER tool.

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    Holy fuck. Nail. Head

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    Hey fuck you, I'm gonna defend moms here... :)

    The wife is using the husband as a tool, and the mother-in-law is trying to protect her son from being abused by this sexy witch and temptress who is leading him astray!

    Mothers disapprove of a lot of girlfriends because they want their son to not negotiate away their power to some random girl who has blinded the son with sexiness.

    It's also not about dependency... It's more like a lot of mothers still want a lot of attention, even if it's just from a son. Because the dad is sick of dealing with mom's shit.

    The better a man you become the less advice the mom tries to give (at least when it comes to healthy proper mothers).

    Another interesting thing I found, the older women become, the more they start hating other women.

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    Like I said

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    you said he would "be dependent on her."

    I'm saying she's gonna be dependent on him.

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    Aye meant to put Women

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    Women don’t know what they want. The honestly believe what they teach.

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    Do puppies honestly believe they need food? Or do they just bark when they are hungry.

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    Feminine imperative - women stand by women first (they can't empathize with the male perspective too)

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    they can't empathize with the male perspective

    At all. Last night I was watching UFC 229 where one of the fighters cried after winning his fight, and the women in the room questioned why he'd do such a thing, and even went so far as to call his reaction stupid. This coming from the same people who cry over soap operas or a rough day at work.

    Women simply don't understand the gravity of sacrifice on the same level as guys because for them it's a choice. If a woman wants to be 'successful' all she has to do is leech onto a man who's already laid down all the ground work.

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    I watched that. I get your point, but Ferguson is himself pretty confusing even to a guy. His press conference comes off as pretty incongruent

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    He's definitely got some screws loose, but none of them knew any of the fighters on the card besides Mcgregor.

    btw if Pettis didn't break his hand that shit was on its way to be FOTY. Robbie and Rory level

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    That was such a great fight. I don't watch full championships usually but today was really great - the Lewis fight too was good. Is it usually that good throughout all matchups, or did we get a good day?

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    Why would he cry?

    He's worked his entire fucking life for this.

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    But thsy want the best for their children. How can feminine imperative beats mother instinct?

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    Because safety over risk. Mum only can have so few children. She rather son be STABLE and a loser beta to a FATFUCK hairy wife than he risk chasing some HB9 and potentially get his skull scalped by the village chief. This is all from evolution.

    This is why fathers (the normal ones - not the modern variant) usually tell their sons to party and have fun while mothers tell them to be nerds and other lame stuff like "dont swear"

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    Man, that shit was kind of the opposite for me. My father's a great dude and always taught me to be respectful and talk shit out. My mother was the one telling me to whoop a bully's ass if he tried me. Fucking love 'em both.

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    Because your mom was in your dad's (or whichever subculture) frame

    It's like when women vote conservative when their men are alpha chads

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    Because your mom was in your dad's (or whichever subculture) frame

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    Women truly do not understand men and what it is to be a man and so they teach boys to be men the only way they know how and that is through the same model and methods in wich they were taught to be women.

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    You know, in my case, this wasn't so. There have been lots of moments during my unplugging where I finally understood things my mom tried to tell me a long time ago. But I was fighting an uphill battle. I have four sisters and always got (and believed) their side of the story. Plus I allowed myself to buy into certain bullshit narratives that reinforced blue pill behaviors. But if I think back to advice my mom gave me, in many cases it had a sort of "be aware of differences between men and women and especially how they communicate power dynamics" tone to it.

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    Glad you mentioned this. Hanging around women, especially your family is a sure fire way of getti g blue pilled. It's like mangina brainwashing.

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    I disagree with every single answer here. In my opinion mother's genuinely want the best for their sons and are not some evil creatures. They want their sons to be happy, rich, have a good family and a great life overall. A mother will go to any lengths and even sacrifice herself for their sons best interest. This is biologically programmed into her.

    The problem is mothers decide what's best for their sons using their rational mind. They choose comfort for their sons over chaos. Just like the alpha fucks vs beta bucks we see in dating. Her rational mind makes her overly protective of her children, keeps him too sheltered, keeps him from real life experiences, prevents him from taking risks, prevents him from developing masculine traits and habits. Because in her mind she thinks the best for her son is having a nice paying job and settling down to a married life. This is hugely affected by what is shown as having a good comfortable life by the society and media.

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    The problem is mothers decide what's best for their sons using their rational mind.

    Close enough. They don’t use the rational(logical) mind, but the emotional aka primal brain.

    To put it simple, feels over reals.

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    This. Hamstering is literally using irrational emotional thinking .

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    Nearly all of the apparently evil or cruel behaviors women embody that RP points out are subconscious. Women very rarely understand what they are doing or why they feel ways they do, they are genuinely innocent which is why adapting and learning to live with them is always healthier and more effective than being mad at them. When an (understandably) bitter incel sees a woman performing typical female behavior he assumes she is some kind of malicious figure attempting to cause him pain, and not actually merely the same as a predator hunting for food or even a man getting the urge to dominate a submissive partner.

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    This is the best explanation here. The world isn't as binary as these guys are making it to be. There really isn't a right or wrong, it's all just biology/evolution.

    You can expect a man raised by a single mother to act a certain way because of the primal state in which women perceive the world not because they're some intentionally evil monsters.

    I was raised by a single mother, and after I swallowed the red pill I had realized how she had significantly hindered my growth of becoming a man. I was angry at first; for a long time.

    After a while, I just accepted that it's in her nature to act that way. She can't rationally understand or empathize from the perspective of a male.

    It's best I just learn what I can, and go out there and become a great man. I can't place the blame on her for my how my cards were dealt.

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    This right here.

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    They blue pill them so much, until they get a partner, and they know 100% what their girls are wondering up to, which is why blue pill mothers make terrible terrible mother in laws too.

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      That’s exactly it, no less.

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      lack of proper fathers

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      They try to cuck their sons just like they cuck their husbands. Husband is for divorce rape and maybe some child support payments and then they want to guilt their sons into taking care of them for their whole life.

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      Exactly. If he's bluepilled and gets cucked by his future wifey that's collateral. The intended purpose is for him to be mommy's beta bitch servant for life. Hell do anything for her no matter what and will never challenge her shit no matter how stupid.

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      So, it's not that black and white. Some women do redpill their sons. The redpilled boys are just in the minority. If we stick to the 80/20 rules, 20 % of boys are raised to be alpha, 80% are raised to be beta; because this matches what women expect.

      Women can enalpha a boy by being being dependent on him, encouraging him against other boys, giving him room for his sexuality, etc....

      Women betafy their boys, because this is what they do to most males. They try to knock them down and control them.

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      Can you list some examples of mothers blue pilling their sons?

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      Go read justnomil and raisedbynarcissists . Their idea of GC/golden child is example of them trying to turn children into alphas/betas, depends on whether the parent is looking to enable or get an enabler. Whipping boys are also beta.

      The paradigms don't really match. As you can blue pill someone by using them as an enabler (beta bux) or by beating them into submission.

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      (Context) This is the reason I am glad my father won the divorce and raised me. That bulletproof motherfucker is a little beta (uber religious, doesn't believe in fucking numerous women) but still really red, at least as far as his generation goes. He did a pretty damn good job of emphasizing self optimization, lifting and reading, and self discipline that made my frame what it is today (basically went through high school in monk mode) and now I'm feeling the benefits, like I'm literally better than other people and I put no pussy on a pedestal bc I am the mf prize. If my mom had raised me I'd be undisciplined as fuck, probably still fat, wouldn't have a haircut even, have zero frame and soul-crushing oneitis. All of that because my dad stuck around and raised me. I'm gonna do the same for my cousin's kid as much as I can just to give the little guy a better chance in this world, and turn it up to 12 when I have kids in 15-20 years. I want what I had for them. Getting back on track, women don't know how to be men and they value different things at different ages (40+ looking for a beta provider is going to raise a mf beta provider, there's no way a mom could ever have kids old enough and simultaneously be young enough to raise them purposely to be redpilled). That's my take on it.

      TL;DR - women don't know how to be men and they value money more than sex after they have kids. Also my dad was pretty awesome

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      All my friends who have protective mothers ended up being blue pill as fuck. A few of my friends mothers were mentally and physically abusive cunts and their sons turned out to be more towards the red side without knowing it. My bests friends mom was a bitch to him his whole life and basically tried to belittle him his entire life. Luckily he had a strong father figure in his life. He is the most well put together person I know now.

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      Not mother's per se , but lack of father figure. They just do their best raising their kids as mothers, fathers also do their best as raising their kids as the Fathers they are. But once that figure is totally absent or non-significant then comes the unbalance.

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      fear of them becoming like their fathers

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      They don't...

      Working a 9 to 5, or the new format 9 to 6 (since lunch time is not included in working hours),
      doesn't leave to much time for taking care of children. Having to do overtime, cuts the free time even more.
      Kids are pretty much raised by educational institutions. Minimum age is six weeks.

      To be frank, I don't think an underpaid stranger has the best interest for the future of a child.

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      One evolutionary theory is mitochondrial DNA 'hijacking' nuclear DNA.

      Nuclear DNA is what you think of as 'DNA', with the 23 chromosomes including the sex chromosomes XX or XY.

      Cell mitochondria also have DNA. You got all of yours from your mother's egg cell's mitochondrial DNA.

      From the Darwinian point of view of mitochondrial DNA, males are 'dead ends' and useless (except for kinship selection aka helping their sisters). If mitochondrial DNA were sometimes able to hijack the human's behavior from the nuclear DNA, it would be in its interest to sabotage sons.

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      They themselves didn't have examples of positive masculinity. The circle of life.

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      It's built in.

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      I get a long very well with my mother. She will often come to me for guidance and advice.

      However, she often does give the be "a good boy stay out of trouble, don't pick fights, take it easy" advice. Other times she will say I don't need to act hard or be a thug. I outright say the world is a hard place, I need to be tough to keep other from pushing me around and live the life I want. I don't get angry or upset, I just say things for what they are.

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      Maybe my experience isn't the norm, but my mom exercises a sort of doublethink when it comes to me. She is fully aware of women's machinations and has long been a source of wisdom on that front. Same with my sisters. They have always had plenty of RP advice for me before I even knew what TRP was...of course they themselves follow none of it.

      AWALT, even your mother and sister.

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      Assuming you’re talking single mothers, they were more than likely in a relationship with a guy who left, did them wrongly, or something. Therefore the mother wants their little boy to stay the sweet little boy they can control their whole life and since mommy loves that unconditionally every other girl should too. I didn’t find redpill til about 8 months ago but I did realize something was wrong growing up from middle school to now “I’m 21” because I didn’t have my dad around to go for girl troubles so I went to my mom and she tried to give advice but all the advice she gave was solid blue pill. And it never worked out for me, I stopped listening to my mom got into lifting and working on myself and trying to have a more masculine personality and the change was unbelievable, something you might call “overnight success”.

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      Because they will model you after themselves. Of course they would. You need to be the man and be the director of your own destiny.

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      Because the blue pill is what they know and what it works for them. And from my point of view it is understandable. They (instinctively) want their sons to become the guy they would marry (a white knight beta bucks).

      It's the father's task to red pill the sons, but unfortunately, there are many fathers that are also bluepilled as fuck, as the whole society is (feminine imperative). That's why most of the guys here discovered this community, because they felt that there is something missing in everything they've been told.

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      What about red pilling mother's? Anyone ever had those?

      I know my mother is pretty red pilling.

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      maybe because for them is right that way "normal way"