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Im a 20 year old, but always wanted to fuck an older woman, well at the last party i went, i met a school principle who was fairly old, mid 40's i think, could've easily smashed as she even told me to come for a car ride at 4 am after the party, but then i ditched cuz i felt that might make me look bad. Any young guys who has sex with older women, could you tell me if it was good and if it was worth the consequences?

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One of the key points of RP theory is that a man should do what he wants. He shouldn't be cowering in the corner, afraid of how the world might judge him. With confidence, he seizes opportunities to enrich his life.

If you want to fuck older women, then do it. Stop caring about what other people think.

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I need to take this to heart, always gave a massive fuck about what people think, dont know why but its just been like that. I need to fucking change that, any tips on how to do that?

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Yes: you lift and you follow your mission. Follow the path of self-actualization, and you'll gain the confidence in yourself to stop caring what others think. Your success comes from within, and would be proven by your accomplishments.

At that point, you would have no need for external validation.

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What do you do with weightlifitng injuries?

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Let them heal.

...is this a trick question?

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No. I have shoulder and play posture problems and don't and know how to fix it. Everyone I have gone to kind of sucks

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Keep seeing more doctors/PTs until you find one that doesn’t suck.

There’s no secret.

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This is true but i also understand the concerns of the OP. I smashed a girl that was hot once but nobody in my group liked her, so i ended up with a backlash from the whole group. I would still smash her again, but life is like a chess game, there are other players in it.

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Don't hang out with her at the same time as them. Problem solved. Ain't nobody telling me who I associate with.

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Yeah you dont always have control how and where she hangs out and you can be seen. For sure sometimes the best option is to not really go for that hoe. Or just go and deal with it.

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So you're only going to act in ways that your group approves of? Do you ask them for permission to use the bathroom too?

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Never said that. I said it is a legitimate concern of the op, to be aware that society judges you all the time. Sure you can be a tough man and face it, but that doesnt invalidate the fact that society will act against you according to your actions and their prejudices. The same applies when you band three of 4 women in the same group and suddenly you can sabotage your power in the group because of that.

Even when you dont bang, just the fact you attract attention from a the girls will make you enemies. Low profile is the best sometimes.

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Reputation is everything it’s a law of power

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When I was in my 20s I dated this older chick and every time I went to her house she had a bag full of shit that she bought me... Baseball jersey, shoes, random shit... Then she’d swallow my loads. She didn’t care who else I talked to as long as she was one of them... I had fun

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Sounds like a good story, please tell more

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About her teasing the shaft and giving his balls some attention..?

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No, I want to know from which team the baseball jerseys where

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She was old after all so it was a Randy Johnson jersey haha

Edit: Yankees

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Asking the real questions.

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I have a friend that met one gal late 30s over tinder. She has a husband whos out of country and a child. She used to fuck my friend and bought him shit and food, and the dude is like 175cm/70kg not even high smv.

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Who're you to decide who's high smv and who isn't ay?

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Life isn't an rpg you autist

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Who says so

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I’m 22. Last summer, I met a 44 year old at the bar and we fucked twice later that night. I was 21 when this happened.

It’s an enlightening experience. It kind of ruined sex for me, because all I want to do it have sex with older women. They know what they want, no beating around the bush (no pun intended).

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I fucked an older woman when I was fresh out of high school. I really enjoyed it because this woman actually fucked MY dick. Whereas high school sex is usually just inexperienced starfish sex.. it started an older woman/milf fetish that lasted many years. However once you get older, milfs are less a novelty, and young fresh pussy becomes an alluring commodity again, and the switch happens.

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How old are you out of curiosity? The more I hot the gym, the novelty getting interesting for me. Not just decent older women hot on me, solid 9/10s that don’t have veiny hands, wrinkles, don’t need plastic surgery and have flat abs, they keep my attention. The, well... she probably used to be a 10, now she’s a 7 realtor types are played out.

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Consequences? Really?

Consequences are for the world's non-winners. If you're winning, there are no consequences. And if you're losing, there are consequences no matter what you do.

Caring about social consequences is pointless. If it felt like a fun idea, you should've said yes to it.

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Do it do it and do it. I got our of a 5 year LTR with a girl I had dated since she was 18-23. As soon as I became single at 27, I didnt have a clue what kinda girls would be attracted to me and have no confidence. Around then women in their 30s made me feel old and I didn’t want to believe they actually had a reason to expect me to be with them. To say the least, in the past 5 years I’ve dated/slept w girls from 19/42 and the couple that were 39-42 had some of the best bodies, biggest freaks, were confident, didn’t give a shit about their phones and social media, and we’re horny as hell. Once I had a taste of women near 40, it made all of the self conscious, broke, brunch obsessed mediocre bodied 24-28 years olds seem completely boring.

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Look bad in front of who? What consequences? You should have just gone for the kill. Be careful though, these girls start day dreaming about you potentially sticking with them.

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you know that 'fairy tale' that all girls believe when they're young... prince charming coming along to 'sweep her off her feet,' take her away on the most romantic adventure, etc? and do you know about all the drama that comes along with her trying to make all that shit a reality, either from/by you, or thru you along with other guys (cheating)?

well, with older ladies, you can pretty much FORGET ALL THAT SHIT. they usually work, take care of their own problems, and basically only want you to come around and fuck. now, you can't treat her like a pump & dump cum dumpster, but she won't put all that emotional shit on your head. the key is: fuck her good, be discreet, be respectful, and follow her lead when it comes to sleeping over, etc. if she wants you to leave, then leave. if she wants you to stay around, do what you have to do.

she wants a good orgasm and a good night's rest. older broads just want to get that sexual pressure off their head... as they get 'blue balls' too. best of all, she probably won't give a fuck if you have other women.

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Just do what you fucking want. I mean if you wanna fuck her, do it.

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God, this! Go read the trp sidebar, or better yet, lemme tell you what you seem to have failed to learn. Quit fucking caring what everyone else thinks! You wanna smash an older women? Go do it. You wanna smash a chubby girl? Go do it. You wanna get high on cacao and run naked through the city streets? Think hard on that one and if yes. Go do it. God what’s the worse that could happen a friend is like omg you fucked an older women? Reply: “None of your business” or even “I’ve always wanted to try it out”.

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You fucked up.

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When I was 25 I banged a 42 year old chick. Nothing wrong with it. Enjoy having fun. Older chicks are usually better in bed. And they usually will let you do whatever you want to them. I say go for it.

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I know two dudes who are 29-30 and they are each with a woman that is 25 years older than them, one is actually married too. Friend of mine is 22 and regularly hooks up with women 10-15 years older.

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55yo!? That’s pushing it...

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If you hype it up thinking it's going to be better, you'll probably be disappointed.

If you're fucking girls properly they shouldn't be better... just easier.

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The only problem I see here is that you give a shit what people think.

The 48 Rules tells you to protect your reputation above all, which is why you should be discreet. But fucking older women never hurt anyone's reputation that I heard of.

Feed the beast, the beast is you. He who eats good and bad, never starves.

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Worth the "consequences"?

What consequences. Every thing in life has a reaction. You just have to be prepared and handle that when it is placed in front of you.

RP is about taking Responsibility. The only person in your life that will make your life enriched and beautiful is you.

As a side note I dated a 36 year old stripper a when I was 22. Best sex ever. She knew what she was doing, had a crazy high sex drive (one day we spent the entire day fucking, literally all day), would help me pull other women too (she was bi and wanted to have threesomes all the time), I would be chilling and she would just show up and fuck me. Tons of fun.

For me at that time it was amazing. But I was still BP and thought we were stars from the same star cluster. I didn't know how to maintain frame and her being a stripper and older (more experienced) she knew how to manipulate the fuck outta me.

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It is very much worth the experience. Older women are very good sex partners and will literally fuck you silly. Plus they love energetic young males to give them a hard one. But don't take it seriously. Just pump and dump.

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I've done it once... think she was 38. Was meh in terms of the sex, but she paid for everything and had money lol

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Older women are great for sex, not for relationships. And yes, the sex tends to be better because they have fewer hangups and know how to ask for what they want.

Go for it.

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Do it

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Stop thinking about what others think and do what you want. Older women are fun when your younger. They teach you some shit. Should have pulled the trigger

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Been with a handful of them - do it for the reasons stated in this thread. Latest one cooked me dinner and bought me cheesecake before we fucked.

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I agree, but their relationship has a great dynamic so there’s little room to judge.

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I’ve always wanted to date an older woman but I feel like the second I approach she gonna be like “Look at this kid lol”

Does that concern have merit or is it in my head?

Any tips are appreciated.

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all women are basically children.

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I think they are all worth banging.

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When I was younger I went out with a few older women in my day.

Two of them Chinese and one White. Chinese women keep their looks forever, once I stayed the week-end to help paint the kitchen and she had put her hair in a tight pony tail and wore a children's shirt to do the painting with, she looked like she was thirteen years old .

But back to any problems, I didn't care what other people thought, I did not tell them my business and more people fell on to the White / Asian dynamic than age difference.

She on the other hand wanted to keep the relationship secret, that was because when any of her girlfriend found out they teased her to no end about it. - Me being White " You Like Big Dick", or younger -- saying she is a cradle robber and being sex crazy.

In the relationship it was only her forgetting I am not some wealthy upper management guy pull in the big bucks to drop $1000 on a week-end getaway -- I was living with room mates and eating ramen noodles when we met.

Women are pretty much the same no matter the age

Older just a little less drama -- and one of them learned to give head really well. The rest were just the same as younger women.

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Pussy. And lol no one gives a fuck about a 20 year old male.

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Maybe nobody did about you, but I'm university and i know half the people that go there, news will spread pretty quickly, was just asking for people who did it, if it has consequences.

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No excuse. And 80% of those guys getting no pussy. 10% basic pussy, their opinions on sex don't matter.

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Fucked my female boss when I was 25 and she was 39... Work party, got drunk proceeded to car, fucked, left job after a week due to awkwardness. Don't shit where you eat otherwise go for it. A hole is a hole.

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If she's hot smash it,unless you want a ltr then no, don't hitch on to a older chick.

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I fucked my 40 yo landlady.

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Story please