What are some lesser known NAWLT and AWALT truths? (self.asktrp)

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Love the thoughtful comments people, keep it up! This has been quite educational.

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AWALT/hypergamy, is a spectrum. Yes, all women crave high status men. However, some do so more than others and they'll live out their hypergamous imperative much more aggressively than other women.

Funnily, by broadcasting "I am a high-status male" via the application of redpill behaviors, you run into a self-fulfilling prophecy situation. Just like a company precisely adjusting their advertisement for their target audience, the storybook application of TRP is most effective on women who are on the more extreme side of hypergamy (e.g. gold-diggers etc.). Ok plate material, awful LTR material.

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Very interesting and logical train of thought here.

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Makes the most sense to me. I couldn’t disagree even if I wanted to

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Makes the most sense to me. I couldn’t disagree even if I wanted to

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You can say that again!

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This is so true. My alpha af friend attracts sluts/party girls all of the time.

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I really like this. And you can apply it to all aspects of your life. By thinking about things through a "spectrum", things become much more evident

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I thought I had been sort of reaching in the dark for that exact explanation about the self for filling prophecy but you worded that perfectly.

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Did you read models?

I remember he said in the book something something neediness attracts neediness and narcissism attracts narcissism.

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    He's saying that by becoming more alpha, you tend to attract girls that pick based on superficial traits, so you perceive all girls as picking based on superficial traits, when in reality it is a spectrum.

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      I don't get what you're saying? You're telling me that it's not a spectrum?

      There are girls that will leave their long term bf and drop everything as soon as an alpha shows up. Then there are girls who will only just cheat with him. Then there are girls that wouldn't break up with their boyfriend but try to get him to act more alpha, then break up with him down the line once she realize its not going to happen. Then there are girls who do nothing, but they will sometimes fantasize about the alpha. Etc.

      By being more alpha, you will attract more of the first type of girl, causing you to think that all girls are that alpha thirsty. The reality is that all girls want an alpha but their level of alpha thirstiness is a spectrum.

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      You don't see these sorts of comments in threads posted a few years back.

      Everything was better in the old days. Especially because you were able to share opinions and ideas without rookies diagnosing a “fundamental lack of understanding” or getting burdened with quality concerns.

      TRP applies to all women equally

      While all women will react positively to high-status behaviour, they don't react equally - just as a lot of things influencing the extent to which women act out their biological, hypergamous imperative are not equal for everyone (e.g. opportunity, beliefs, upbringing, social-economic situation, character… etc.).

      There are no unicorns, but there are a few good ones and a lot of bad ones. Really good women however are made.

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      All Motorcycles Are Like That.

      They have 2 wheels and an engine. Some are sportier than others but will put you on your ass if you don't know how to handle it. Even the slow ones can fuck you up if you're an idiot. Some are very reliable but otherwise unremarkable. Some are reliable AND fun. Don't pay new price for a well used bike.

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      this is a great analogy

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      here's the most important lesson, imo: watch a girl's relationship with her father.

      if it's a relationship filled with love, respect, admiration, etc., her hypergamous nature will be somewhat limited. it will ALWAYS be in her to find and look for a better deal (man), but i find that girls with a solid father figure isn't as bad.

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      AWALT isn't a list of actions. It's the motivation of every female to gain commitment from the highest smv man she can. That motivation means that all women are capable of the actions commonly associated with AWALT, like cheating, but doesn't mean they will always manifest.

      Also, knowing what AWALT is doesn't take the burden off of men and doesn't allow us to just blame women. It explains their actions relative to our own. When I see men on here say "I was dating this girl but she cheated on me but that's just AWALT" I actually read "some girl cheated on me because I'm a betatard who doesn't own my actions and blames everyone else for my failures". Your smv dropped, hers improved past yours, or you're beta bux and don't realize it.

      Also, NAWALT isn't a thing. Literally, all women are like that. Some men are just better at knowing how to manage it.

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      Yeah thats right. Like shes always smells good, has a good hygiene, dresses well and does sport and you sit all day, weight 40lbs too much and cant even fuck her right because you have no cardio? Yeah thats her fault.

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      That social class is very often mistaken for AWALT.

      Several of the common 'awalt' behaviors mentioned on redpill are actually responses to poverty/education levels. Eg baby trapping, gold digging.

      Certain things are just more common among poor women. Technically then it isn’t awalt but it’s conflated by frustrated men who don’t realize the problem is their 'group' so to speak.

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      Spot on.

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      Tottally disagree. In my experience (AWALT) , poor girls are less gold diggers than rich ones. Dont ask me why.

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      Rich girls crave rich men because daddy was a rich man who gave her everything she wanted, therefore by default her mate must live up to daddy or exceed.

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      Wealth can only ever be a symptom of class.Which means that sometimes the two coincide but money in itself can never make you classy...correlation does not imply causation remember!

      P.s if she’s rich herself it’s technically not gold digging - it’s a conjoint empire ;)

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      I think people around here commonly assume the woman doesn't have any money, and if they do, that they are only interested in dudes with more money.

      In my experience women that take care and make money tend to attract broke ass handsome dudes and take care of them like a mommy.

      They get sick of it and they crave an alpha but they just don't have time or a social life because of the grind they live to keep up.

      I have one of these women and she's gold. You wouldn't find her at a club she's buying groceries and getting chores done but then she goes home and doesn't go out because she's fuckin tired man.

      Netflix traps a lot of good women at home watching reruns of the same shows. People are crazy my girl's sister is watching glee and Once over again from start to finish.

      People have serious addiction issues keeping them locked inside. It's gross.

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      If you’ve come to the TRP, you may have experienced only women who ALT. I know some women and men that are not themselves or men who have experienced a ton of women that fall in that category. Regionally, some women are all like that, like here in south Florida. You go to other more traditional and less materialistic places and you talk red pill, people will look at you like you just got back from war and can’t relate in the slightest. Men are still the man in the relationships in a lot of smaller country towns.

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      Lol, I'm in Miami. Girls are here... interesting, to say the least.

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      so AWALT is is really region/environment specific?

      ties in nicely when close woman can on occasion all get their periods at the same time too...

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      I cant personally say definitively, I’m one guy, but having lived a lot of places and traveling a lot, a woman from Manaus Brazil, Miami, Florida, upstate NY and Orlando, Florida; you can sort of see how they can evolve to be similar or never resemble each other at all. But I’ll say this, being a good person from anywhere and transplant them to south Florida, they’ll be blowing lines, brunching “to the fullest”, posting gym selfies and cheating on you in no time. I know solid 8s in Orlando that cant meet guys, are awesome, fun, independent but loyal and just don’t get why they’re single. Meanwhile 6s in Miami act like super model divas. I’ve never seen this anywhere else. Hop on a plane to Charlotte N.C. and half the women are sweet traditional bumpkins, then you’ve got the thousand dicks transplants from... SOUTH FLORIDA.

      I’m curious too. We should have a list where men explain their regional takes on AWALT.

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      I'm from the mid west and my town is traditionally more conservative and slightly southern, with the new generations access to culture from around the world this has changed quite a bit. One thing that hasn't is AWALT. I've known a few girls in my lifetime who I thought didn't fit this but was proven wrong each time.

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      Born and raised in Miami. Moved out not long before my 33rd bday.

      Explaining the dating scene to my current gf (or virtually any other girl not from there) is like detailing life behind bars, shedding light on that world by saying stuff like "stabbings are normal" "cheating is normal".

      I can absolutely see how someone from an insulated, slow-paced part of middle America would find the philosophy behind TRP mostly, if not entirely, perversely alien.

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      So how do guys go about dating in Miami if all the women are so terrible? Are there still a lot of BP simps there? Or do guys approach dating from a RP point if view, trying to appeal to the hypergamous nature of women and spin as many plates as possible?

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      As someone who is thinking of moving to Miami before winter comes, I too would like to know more on this topic, /u/dtyler86 and /u/_the_shape_ ...

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      /u/Morphs_ /u/plenty_of_eesh

      So how do guys go about dating in Miami if all the women are so terrible?

      A lot of settling and/or significantly lengthy droughts are common among guys. When it's firmly established that a preponderance of 6s and 7s often appraise themselves as 8s and 9s down there, the consensus rather quickly becomes one centered on frustration and hopelessness. Ask 10 native guys, each at least in their early 20s, what a "typical Miami girl" is, and watch each of them roll their eyes before speaking their minds.

      do guys approach dating from a RP point if view, trying to appeal to the hypergamous nature of women and spin as many plates as possible?

      "A sucker born every minute" still applies down there. Lots of dudes end up stepping on land mines, so to speak, learning a thing or two about unchecked, full-blown hypergamy the hard way. I'd say more guys conclude that dating in Miami is a fucking nightmare with the lone solution being to get out of dodge than to go back to the drawing board and figure things out the way TRP counsels.

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      Thanks for the answer. So what do those Miami girls seek in the dating game then? Free food/drinks from guys? What about sex, there also needs to be some supply of Chads for their ONS needs. Are those guys like all 10's, is it an extremely small pool?

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      Girls settle down there too, but they constantly keep their eyes wide open for Chad like the rest, and given the general vain, vapid atmosphere, you better believe Chad is a very real thing in Miami. As you may imagine, girls often also frequently bitch about how much Miami's dating scene sucks, and I'd say a lot of that has to do with some combination of a) a wealth of wannabe Chads b) not having access to Chad at all c) getting plowed by Chad, but him refusing to get locked down due to his seemingly unlimited access of hot girls (of which Miami has in spades)

      One of the bigger issues with dating in Miami is that a lot of girls there are highly reluctant to get involved with "randoms" (translation: outsiders who can't easily be validated because they don't belong to a social circle they roll with). Think of it as something close to pussy a job that one can really only get through networking or if the resume reflects unequivocal mastery (i.e. tight game and/or very good looking) The average joe gets routinely casually dismissed as well just like the average resume.

      At or very near the top of the list of 'demands' that girls want down there primarily boils down to status/social proof, with looks ranking right up there with it.

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      I don’t live in actual Miami I live about 45 minutes north but I dated a lot of girls from there and the same issue is rampant all the way north to West Palm Beach which is only about an hour away. Basically without sounding arrogant, you have a constant number of plates that you would never even consider dating, your resilience to settling down makes you more attractive and you start to attract better looking plates and with that comes a higher risk of disease, crazies, them having current boyfriends you don’t know about, and then occasionally in my experience, some sweet beautiful girl stumbles upon you and you suddenly feel like you wish you didn’t apply the red pill to her because she doesn’t deserve this harsh and completely overzealous approach to dating that every other girl has molded you into. she’s often a traditional Hispanic girl Who has a very low number of sexual partners and wants a family and children. Then you’ve got gorgeous perfect 10s who you can’t believe are so easily attracted, next day you find out their pornstars and married...

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      By being muscular and wealthy

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      Could not have said it better and that’s pretty hilarious the way you worded that. I think these comments are teaching me that I stand corrected, but the comment about being stabbed, my ex is Columbian in the girl has threatened to like set my a car on fire because of a non-satisfactory number of Instagram likes on her latest photos.

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      Agreed. I'd love to see people's experiences of nuances of the women and trends per region. The differences are sometimes like Eastern vs Western civilization. Night and Day

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      That’s what I have heard and I would love to Understand that as well. I almost as a rule do not date American women, and I can say that Scandinavian women are literally from an entirely different planet from south American women. It’s like I can’t even believe they are the same gender.

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      This is true but most AMOGs here will just say "hur dur AWALT"

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      All women are like that but not all behave like that. I mean i could cheat on my gf, i had chances and my nature is polyamoric. I am attracted to many women but i take the rational decision of faithfulness to make this world a better place. You cant be angry because of hypergamy and women cheating and at the same time behave like them and fuck girls in ltrs. Its just dump. Use your red pill knowledge to make the world a better place

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      All women are like that but not all behave like that.

      Yup. I always viewed "AWALT" as "all women have the capacity to act like that". Just like most guys have the drive to spread their seed as much as they can, but usually don't do that because they're aware that it's counterproductive in the modern society.

      The only difference I'd say is that while guys are expected to keep their sex drives in check, there are very few disincentives stopping women from acting on their hypergamy. And they're actively fighting to make the rules even more favourable to them.

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      Some women have a very low esteem of themselves. Usually because of bad parenting, childhood, or unfortunate rape victims. They tend to be less aggressively hypergamous, as their insecurities does hold them from taking too much risk. I also found this type of woman to be much more possessive/jealous.

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      ITT: retards who don't understand AWALT.

      AWALT always adresses natural traits and not actions. i.e. Hyperhamy is adressed by AWALT. Baby trapping is not, although it can be explained by traits adressed by AWALT.

      There is no NAWALT in the red pill. Go to purplepilldebate if you are looking for something like that.

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      AWALT is the truth unto itself. "Lesser" versions don't exist.

      ALL women are like that. The club sloot with the huge boobs is like that. The CEO of the Fortune 500 company is like that. The churchgoing virgin is like that. Your own mother is like that. Is there something you're missing here?

      The problem with AWALT is that most men can't accept it - even, I suspect, the majority of RP followers. They need to believe that their investment in a LTR can't possibly fail. NAWALT is simply an elaborate denial framework that men use as a security blanket.

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      The churchgoing virgin is like that.

      I can attest to that in full

      Before I took the Redpill, I had full on oneitis for a "church girl" who I thought was the absolute embodiment of perfection. I was a naive highschooler with no experience with women, and I convinced myself she was "the one"

      About a year or so of zero progress I knew something was obviously wrong with how I was approaching this. I thought being nice to girls and helping them was supposed to get her to like me? What was up?

      I decided to start studying psychology to try a new attempt at "winner her over," but as I progressed I began to realize that not only had I been doing it all wrong, but that:

      1) I finally started realizing that she too had flaws (still hard to believe I was this stupid) and with this that

      2) She wasn't special in any respect

      I slowly began Redpilling myself while understanding not only how other humans function psychologically, but also how I function psychologically.

      I would say I had reached about 70 percent Redpill status by the time I finally found TRP about 2 months ago. Finding this sub not only completely reinforced what I had come to know, but also expanded much more on what I didn't.

      Lo and behold, this summer I found out through a friend she wasn't the innocent little "church girl" I thought she was so many months earlier (which I could have guessed by then). Apparently she can give a pretty decent blowjob lmao.

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      Lo and behold, this summer I found out through a friend she wasn't the innocent little "church girl" I thought she was so many months earlier (which I could have guessed by then).

      I thought I'd found an innocent little church girl too, until I found out she got plowed by a male stripper on top of a pool table at the club he danced in while her fellow church-going friends watched and cheered.


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      To be fair, Christianity has always been corrupt, so if your argument is that christian girls are innocent, by faith alone they are not.

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      My first month into taking the pill, it got stuck. I thought I might have a unicorn.

      Nope. My ego investment had clouded my vision, but the anger lit the way to realization that dispersed it like a stiff breeze.


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      ...and YLTYFR?