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so this girl I was seeing for the last month went from very hot to cold in a day, Yes I know this happens everyday... but was my behaviour too nice? I am a good cook and I would cook her dinners and breakfast if she stayed the night. I would give her massages but always fuck her after. I didn't wine and dine her, never got her any gifts, I would get her to bring beer over and buy stuff too. She did mention I was one of the nicest guy's she met. If a girl says that how bad of a sign is that?

Side note. This girl is only in my country for school for a couple more months, could it be she ejected because she was catching feelings and didn't want that before she had to leave?

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Context is lacking.

Could be nice but sicker, could be not.

Many factors for her being that way, in any case it's just your turn.

You sound like your issue is not great game rather than bad frame/boundaries though

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when you say not great game, would me being too available from the start of this one month fling be a big part of the weak game? I didn't show I had other options, maybe in a way put her on a pedestal just with my availability to her? The thing is we always had fun and always fucked every hangout. But ya totally get that it was just my turn just trying to post analyze this a bit, but at the end of the day who knows what goes through there heads right lol

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If all you did was get together for cooking, hanging out at your place and fucking...she likely got bored.

And went looking for something more interestingexciting to do in her last few months in the country.....you don't really believe the dolt who claim that they keep swimsuit models around for monthsyears just by having them come over to do nothing but hang around their shitty apartment and fuck do you?

She got bored and moved on....you got your fuck so move on.

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haha I totally see where you are saying, and where the lack of context is needed. But I have been her adventure guide the last 3 weekends lol. We went camping first weekend fucked in my roof top tent, 2nd weekend took her to some museum type place and on a little road trip, and last weekend went on a crazy 20km hike, so the boredom thing not there, I know we will not figure it out just trying to see where I maybe went wrong? But maybe it's just the woman and not me???

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You're not a boring guy, nor are you a weak guy. Just you might have showed too much availability - I.e she was the tourist and you were the tour guide. Up to her to leave kind of impression

Boredom can be cause of lack of sexual tension. Your date ideas are fun, but if she knows she doesn't have to do anything to make it work, she's gonna be bored.

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thanks for your input, what would you suggest I have done to make her work for it?

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The problem with cooking dinner AND breakfast when a chick comes over is it can come off as trying too hard and make you look predictable / boring.

If you're going to cook for a chick make sure you cook with them, not for them. Get them chopping up some green onion or scrambling the eggs. And dont do it outside of your normal habit. If you like cooking and a chick is coming over at 9 dont cook dinner at 9 if you normally eat at 630 and dont cook breakfast on a Wednesday if you normally dont eat breakfast during the week. You arent her personal chef. You're your personal chef.

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thanks I agree, and I did get her to help a lot in the kitchen with me, thanks for the reminder tho always get them to be putting in some work

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You always need to fuck a woman’s face, that is the ultimate submission.

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I did do that.. I have read sex god method. Maybe I am too nice out of bed is what I am thinking...

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I haven't yet read that book but I'm interested in this specific point. Is this a thing?

I mean I know face fucking is a thing but I didn't realise it was recommended.