Asking older woman how old she is (self.asktrp)

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I was talking to an older woman I am trying to game and she asked me how old I was. I told her 23 and then asked her and she laughed but implied that it is bad manners to ask older women how old they are. I really don't care because she asked me how old I was so I just returned the favor. Is it alpha to ask older women how old they are or should I steer clear of that?

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Autism peak level reached.

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Exactly, that's why I am here Vandy. Now answer my question or just don't respond to my posts. I need answers not disrespect.

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Why do you care? Just fuck her. No don’t ask and imply that you think she’s 21. She’ll eat that shit up.

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OK cool, you are more helpful than a TRP Endorsed...lol And the reason I care is because when you say too many autistic things to women their pussys dry, so yea, its kind of important to care about the shit you say to women.

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I meant why do you care how old she is? She looks like what she looks like. If she’s 19 or 67 it makes no difference.

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I don't, it was friendly talk.

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Then just AM it. When she said “you don’t ask a woman her age” your reply should have been something like “I just wanted to make sure you’re over 18”.

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how old does she look?

after she refuses to answer, say she looks 5-10 years younger than your estimation, watch as blushing ensues

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she was 38 but I thought she was more like in her mid 40s to early 50s. Apparently she has 3 kids and one is like 14 years younger than her. You read that correctly.

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Dude... What the fuck are you doing? You are talking to a woman that is a decade and a half older than you. That is practically predatory on her part. She has a decade and a half more life experience than you and she is flirting with you? There is something seriously wrong with this woman. Get the fuck out of that situation and never look back.

Take it from a brother that went that route, I fucking gag just thinking about the memory of that occasion in my life.

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I've been with a few older women when I was in college. My advice is to not ask her. Instead flirt with her and tell her that you thought she was in her 20s. While you say this look her confidently in the eyes and give a coy smile. Eventually, if they like you, they will reveal their age. Once an older woman reaveals her age you should say, "You don't look a day over 25." Give a smile. Good luck!

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Avoid the age conversation, you both know she is older than you, no reason to discuss it.

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If you're attracted to her, then you should try to fuck her. It doesn't matter how old she is

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Is it alpha to ask older women how old they are

A real alpha would just know her age

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And what is the sense in that?

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When I was 23 I had the exact same situation: - how old are you? - 23 and you? - it’s not polite to ask that to a lady... but I’m 26 (She was actually 30 but oh god was she hot Chilean girl) So now I don’t ask anymore even if she asks me first. I Guess by myself.