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Fellow redpillers I have a tough one for you here.

Long story short : my cousin (29M) was diagnosed with cancer about 5 years ago. He fought hard but lost his battle a year ago (may he r.i.p).

Now he was with this girl for about 8 years and she stayed with him till the end (I admire her for that). She's a very good looking girl (HB 8.5 at least).

I wasn't really close with my cousin we saw each other maybe 2 times per year for christmas and thanksgiving so obviously I don't really know this chick other than 10 minute chit chat once or twice a year. She seemed like a nice girl whatever.

Now 2 months ago she messaged me asking how I was doing and said she found it hard without my cousin there for her blabla. She asked me to go for dinner with her to "talk" and she said quote : "I'm sure it would be good for me talking to you". I politely declined twice finding all kind of excuses.

Now fast forward to yesterday she texted me again asking if we could go for dinner. I said "let me check my schedule and get back to you".

What do you guys think about this situation ? Considering we're 2 good looking people about the same age and that my cousin was very blue pilled I think she definitely will be attracted by me unless I act like someone I'm not (that's a bit weird) and who knows I might be attracted to her too if she's nice.

Should I politely decline the offer again or should I go and listen to whatever she has to say ? It's a weird spot. Shit like that never happened to me.

Thanks for reading.

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Because of my personal ethical values, i would avoid but my opinions in this manner are not based on trp.

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It’s weird, but not wrong, and she’s demonstrated to be a quality woman.

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What do you want?

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That's a very good answer. I think I LTR her 0% of the time in this spot obviously but I wouldn't mind ONS with her. Only thing is that if family finds out I'll be the douchebag and she'll be the pretty little victim which is exactly why I declined in the first place. Damn ... tough choice

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Wouldn't touch this situation.

8 years, she probably feels like family to your cousin's side of the family.

Which means you can't really treat her like a plate without causing drama. Either LTR or do nothing.

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I never LTR this girl in this spot. Ever.

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Then there's nothing to decide.

Just keep politely declining.

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I personally think it's okay.

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Why don’t you just see how it goes. If it feels weird in the moment, just tell her it feels weird and you’re not down with it.

Personally I think I’d feel weird about it, but it’s up to you. If you’re cool with it, then so be it.

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You could always take her to dinner and not try to fuck her?