How to hide love bite on neck? (self.asktrp)

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Girl I just had sex with put a love bite on my neck. I have a date with 5 other girls in the next 4 days. Should I try to hide it with makeup or just own it? I feel it could work in my favor because it shows high SMV.

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One line I like to use is : yeah for some reason vampires just like sucking on me.

Instantly makes her laugh and turns the conversation sexual

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I once had my sister cover up two big hickeys with makeup before a date with a different girl. In retrospect, I should have just left the damn things alone. Covering up love bites is a remnant of BP attitudes about identifying with the feminine. Girls are the ones who want to downplay sexual promiscuity. For men, it should be the exact opposite. Right off the bat you're hitting her in the face with a massive visual reminder of preselection and competition anxiety.

I agree with the advice about not flaunting, though.

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Own it. Dont flaunt it but dont hide it.

Yeah i got in a fight with a vaccuum cleaner usually disarms any comment made about it

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Don't hide it if she asks about it smirk and make a joke about it. Don't admit what it is, don't lie about it either unless with blatant sarcasm.

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I wouldn't hide it, but don't be surprised if it turns them off. In the future I'd prohibit girls from giving you hickeys. Nobody out of high school thinks that shit is cute unless they're mentally retarded.

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Don't try to hide it but don't show it off either that is super cringy.

Next time don't let a bitch mark you like you're her territory.

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Why hide it? Own that shit. (Don’t flaunt it, she will notice on her own)

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It once happened to me and I put a plaster on it with a bit of blood like if I had cut myself while shaving.

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Aside from trp stuff and if you decide to remove it

Apply pressure on it and twist (eraser?) To disperse the blood

Do this several times in a few hours (2 minute session every 40-60minutes?), it should hurt but it'll go away faster