Prone bone + reaching under to rub clit. Is there a better finisher move? (self.asktrp)

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I haven't had a single girl this hasn't worked on, it's like a cheat for orgasm. I'll be doing doggy, then from there go to prone bone, then after a bit put my arm under them and reach for the clit. Pump + rub at the same time. It's honestly never failed to make a girl cum, but I was wondering if the sex connoisseurs here have a better finisher move?

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I prefer the Stone Cold Stunner

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If I’m not Rock Bottoming out balls deep, I hit her with the Sweet Chin Music, HBK style, with the hot white liquid.

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I'll usually pull out, sit on the edge of the bed and cry, saying that I wanna respect her as a woman.

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And then u/TheLastMgtow enters the room and does his part, while the simp cleans the room and keeps respeckting whamen ]:)

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If it works it works, I usually hit her with the Attitude Adjustment

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Now you gotta use the sixth move of doom.

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Cuddle fuck. 1 hand on neck. 1 on clit. Bite/kiss neck shoulder and pound at same time. Works every time.

Option 2 for me is get her right to the edge of orgasm and then cum before she’s there resulting in a great night for me and never being called back.

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Phew, glad I'm not alone on that option 2

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I personally like to try and make them cum vaginally first as it is a far more powerful orgasm and more often than not they have never experienced it so you instantly become the sex god. if it doesn't work then I'll go for the clit.

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how big is your dick sunny?

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Does it not count as vaginal orgasm too if I am pumping + rubbing at the same time? Is it not a mix of both?

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The clit tissue runs internal too. It’s all clit but from different sides. There is no magical “spot” just internal clit and external. Same organ.

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Both? There's 3 different ones...

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Rear naked choke

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Neck crank if she likes it rough

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Especially if she’s Irish.

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I'm so glad that the loudmouth plumber had to tap out.

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I usually get her on top and move her hips back and fourth for her with my hands after I've gone to pound town for a while and it gets the job done. Some of them would rather control the motion themselves which is even better. Maybe it's just me, but if all else fails it seems like getting her on top is the best and always effective finisher.

I've tried what you describe once before and it worked. I'm a big fan of prone bone, but I usually don't think to reach under her. My hands are pretty rough/callous so I've had a few women react with discomfort to my fingers on their clit. These days I just avoid touching there too much unless I know for sure there's plenty of lube involved.

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Not every girl likes that. I actually had a plate that likes the callous on my hands. She liked it rough but she mentioned guys with soft hands are a turn off for her.

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I have a similar method. Except it's cowgirl and me hand on their clit. HOWEVER, almost each and everyone of them always remembers the rough sex. Whenever I ask, which is the most memorable, or the one that they felt and/or enjoyed the most. It's ALWAYS the rough sex.

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You Irish bro?

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I'm a fan of the move with a swirl, but I've heard it can be ended with a pinch

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I invented one that used a knuckle. Meh

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It’s presumptuous to end with a pinch.

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I'm into the Anal Full Nelson.

She can't run from it.

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My favorite for that very reason

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Oh, no...

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If rubbing her clit in that position doesn't do the trick you can try putting pressure above her pubic bone with your hand instead. Prone bone already puts you at a good angle to hit the g-spot, and adding pressure from the outside can make it more intense. You can do the same thing when you finger her

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The Harlem Struggle.

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Nopppe! prone bone is the best finisher

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Prone bone + reaching under to rub clit + have her in handcuffs

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I prefer the Tony Danza.

When you're ready to finish, yell "Who's the boss" and when she says you... donkey punch her in the back of the head and yell "Tony Danza!!" as you cum.

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Dafuq is prone bone

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Like pro bono

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My thought exactly

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I mean.. I looked it up, but I fuck. Never heard this before today

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Me neither lol idk what it means

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It’s interesting seeing all the guys try to put their moves out there.

Explain yours better.

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  1. Start with foreplay: make out, tease, kiss her ear, “lightly” nibble earlobes with teeth - don’t bite! - tongue and kiss down her neck to where her neck meets her shoulder, back up to the ear. Watch your breathing, keep it light, and don’t tongue-fuck her ear hole;
  2. Go down. And don’t miss her breasts on the way. Tongue in circles, move your head in circles and spiral in to her nipples. Lick and kiss her stomach, her sides from her armpits down (try not to get antiperspirant in your mouth, it’s a bad taste) to her hips. From her hip, start kissing across her belly/pelvis kiss down to where her clit meets her pelvis. Kiss that area above the clit for a moment and look up at her, she’ll look back, shake your head and kiss back to the outside of her other hip, and back to where clit meets pelvis. Keep kissing that area as your arms spread her legs. Kiss the outside of her thigh, and move to the inside - kiss up to her outer labia, then stop, and go to the inside of her other leg. Tease and play until her hips are thrusting, cause she NEEDS that tongue on her pussy;
  3. Kiss and lick the outer labia first, and work your way inwards. Circles, spiral, slow first, then speed it up when she indicates. Let out an “Mmmm” when you taste her wetness. When you start licking the clit, try just above, just below, side to side, and ask her “which do you prefer?” After a few minutes of that, put your middle finger in, or middle and fourth fingers in together (Spider-Man), and slowly begin the “come-hither” movement by curling your fingers forward like you’re beckoning her forward. YOUR NAILS ARE ALWAYS SHORT. ALWAYS. YOU CUT THEM WEEKLY OR TWICE A WEEK! Add a bit of pressure, and try to read what her hands on your head are telling you. Wrap your other arm around her leg and lightly push down just above her pelvic bone. You’ll feel your fingers moving inside. Add a bit of pressure between both hands - not too rough. Keep licking her clit, wherever she wants it, as you do come-hither. (Note: some girls like come-hither, others like inside pressure with flattened pressure, while others like a more up-and-down motion. When you TASTE the change (you’ll know) she’s coming or ready to. This can result in g-spot orgasm - which can include ejaculation in a minority of women. In some, you’ll just taste the difference, even the air in the room changes. When women come, it’s usually exactly like ours when we shoot our loads - the pulses may seem super slow, happening over fifteen minutes or more, or fast, just like how we come. You can generally tell by her asshole winking against your chin, or see it when you’re fucking her from behind. A chick screaming, flailing, and saying “I’m coming” is for your ego. Learn to recognize the real deal. If she ejaculates, your job is to act normal - you know what you’re doing and you’re happy she’s enjoying it, “let’s keep going!” and keep going until she’s obviously done. If she’s embarrassed, reassure her it’s normal, grab a towel, put it under her, and go back to the pussy palace. If she doesn’t ejaculate, she can still cum from the same technique, you’re doing great. Don’t push her;
  4. Fuck her and prepare for a thousand text messages the next day. And pray to God she doesn’t tell her hot friends...

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Good advice. Praise be.

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// , I don't know what kind, but you're some kind of artist.

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How do you thrust with the prone bone? It seems you're really deep inside her but the range of motion is pretty small, correct?

Also, are her legs inside yours or vice versa

I like this position and it feels good for both of us... But I wanna

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Best way to figure it out is to do it. Usually I spread their legs and mine are inside

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Wtf is prone bone

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I usually go for the reverse titty fuck tbag drag...i mean they dont really like it but its fun to say

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