How do I deal with pussy worshippers friends ? (self.asktrp)

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TL;DR : beta friends driving me mad, need advice about how to mix with them without letting them affect my sanity.

My friend circle is filled with pussy worshippers. I found these guys irritating for that since the beginning. I was never that level of a beta even when I was at the peak of my blue pilled self but after swallowing the red pill, after understanding that the instinctual alphaness which I had in me was suppressed by society because it doesn't serve the feminine imperative, these men have become unbearable to me.

I need some advice about what to tell them when they show me something like how awesome their text game is. I fuck more and better women than them, so these guys seek advice and authority in me to validate themselves in this area. ( Idk why I used more, these bitches are all virgins )

Just yesterday, one of my friends showed me his tinder chats, some HB6 asked him to make her laugh immediately after the first " hi " because he had put " i can make anyone laugh " in his bio. I told him to reply with a " you will when I want you to. " The fucker didn't just not listen to me, he first sent her a " let me think 32 teeths out emoji " and then told me that I had no clue about what women want and that he'll lose all his tinder matches if he followed my advice, followed by how I should ' improve '. I felt like punching his nose so hard that it goes in and grows out of the back of his head.

I need something like when in Rome act like Romans or something from the 48 laws like think like you want but act like them kinda advice real bad. I wanna keep my sanity and game while staying with these guys because we've been friends for too long to suddenly break it all up. Help.

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Dont redpill other guys. Either accept them as the imperfect friends they are or ditch them.

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Accept them but don’t talk about women with them.

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Why not?

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Nothing is more frustrating then talking to walls and getting called crazy behind your back. This is the inevitability of trying to redpill other guys.

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Start fucking the women they chase after. Problem solved.

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  1. You can't force RP knowledge on other people.
  2. If you don't like your friends, get new friends. Otherwise, you're the retard.
  3. You need to learn about frame. Its obvious you don't know about this topic, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten angry over nothing. Get to work.

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I think you are right.. it's a frame issue. Suggest something more on the mindset underneath holding frame if you will ?

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google up 'woujo complete guide frame'.

It is the best text written on the topic. W Even better than Rollos writings.

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Let them lure the women, then use your red pill to steal them from them.

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Lead by example I assume. Get pussy while staying on your mission. Betas are very observant

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How are betas so observative?

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It’s how they gain their advantages. Nice guy’s game is very methodical. Their actions are reactions rather than innate actions. In order for them to be successful is to pay close attention

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When god gives you lemons, you find a new god.

These guys aren't even giving you lemons.

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If you really are successful with women, their loser antics shouldn't bother you.

I would just smile and say: "looks like you're killing it. Keep it up"

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Did you have a seizure on that last paragraph?

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"You will when I want you to" what a fucking trash response.

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Yea I don't conciously think about witty responses to shit tests, just not jumping into her frame is all I need. You got something better ?

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If they have doubts about you then you are not perfect either. You don't have to give advice to them let them live their life. If they are somehow affecting your life then move on. Go and find other people to be your friends.

If I were you I wouldn't mind. I would never be ashamed of my friends. If they keep affecting my life deliberately I would rather go elsewhere

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33% rule. Spend 1/3 of your time with people you can help, 1/3 with your equals, 1/3 with people who are your betters.

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Kill your ego. No need to get worked up over those who are blind.

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I felt like punching his nose so hard that it goes in and grows out of the back of his head.

Seriously? Your reaction to a deluded beta loser parroting the Narrative to you is the urge to attack him? Then you still have some work to do.

These guys don't know what they're talking about. They are like children arguing why they should have candy for dinner tonight. Your reaction should be just a smirk, because these guys' certainty in their delusion should just amuse you.

Maybe keep those guys around for your practice until you achieve amused mastery in the face of those clowns. Then make better friends.

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Why would you even want to? You think Elon Musk is worried over friends from high school? Nope. He outgrew his old self, and let others do their own thing. Beta friends can and will fuck up your game and try to fuck your girl behind your back because of their scarcity mindset. And you will be influenced, however subtly, by your friends.

The moral of the story here is that you need to make more and better friends, or be willing to go do your own thing and watch your current friends like a hawk for the inevitable and only sometimes intentional blue pill betrayal.

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Can you rephrase the first sentence of the last paragraph? I don't get at all what you're trying to say there

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"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." is a proverb which means it's advisable to follow (or pretend to follow) the conventions of your surroundings so that you are not rejected as an outcast but rather accepted as "one of them".

He means he probably needs advice like that, or one of the laws from The 48LOP, "Think as you like but do as others do" (or something of that sort).

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I find myself increasingly on my own. I have plates, I have a few acquaintances but I now tend to avoid friendships because of the very reason you describe: too many guys I know are just so thirsty and don't get it.

I've written before about my thirsty as fuck "Friends" macking on my plates and ex's. Zero self-control, zero understanding of abundance mentality.

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Stop being a pretentious bitch. Focus on your self growth and become a better man. You have to learn to accept people as they are.

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I need something like "When in Rome, act like Romans", or something from "the 48 laws", or a "think like YOU want, but act like THEM"-kinda advice real bad.

There. Fixed that for you.

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Why are you allowing your male friends to brake your frame? They probably think your just as annoying, everyonea got different priorities in life. Dont expect everyone to have the same as yours.

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It's worse when they constantly bitch about their lady. Or the one that was Alpha as fuck and now is a big beta women determines their life. Oh and let's not forget the newlywed that says he gets it nightly...lets give that and other few months.

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Find other topics to talk about with your male friends or find other friends that you can talk about other topics.

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Is this real life? Why are you...

Get new friends.

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You don’t.

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I have a friend who was lile that. I told him he has no clue and I said I cam easily fuck random girl on snapchat.

I snaped her and a couole of snaps later she semt me nudes and asked to meet for drinks the next day. I said yes, i met her and fucked her. After that he realized I knew exactly what I was doing and is constantly seeking my advice.

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Stay boys with them but find other people to hang with

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Just get new friends or when ur with them don't talk about girls?

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Either you just deal with it somehow or get new friends. I would slow down on "dumping" these friends though just because of how they are with women. I have a decent amount of friends who act like your friends do with women but that doesn't mean they aren't good friends to me. I just don't go and try to game chicks with them.

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Wait til you get a friend who wants to learn but then stops learning once he gets some results. You think your buddies who are game-free drive you nuts . . .

I don't try to change people, but I've had a few who've taken note of changes I've made. One of my college friends, in particular, took a lot of notes. The thing is, he can play the game fine, but then he gets results and wants to still settle into a stable relationship without continuing to play the game. Then there's the inevitable breakup, and then he goes into beta rage mode about the breakup.

All I do anymore is make fun of him for it.

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Have this problem with one of my friends. Absolute omega. Right down to the nice guy facebook posts to the obnoxious loud behavior in public to make himself seem interesting. He's a bit short (he's 5'8) compared to my six four slim frame. He a cool friend to hang out with, but focuses way too much thinking on women, and ruins the night when it should be about us friends. Not girls. (Don't get to hang with him often.)

But it spoiled my night hard. My two best friends are way more enjoyable to hangout with. We grew together from being beta to alpha. And the three of us know that going to bars with the only goal to chase women will land you zero women. Kills your mood, and then everyone elses because he went in with expectations.

My three friends are good with women. Them more so than me, but I've done it all (hot heavy lustful sex, public sex, one night stands, FWB, effortlessly had a super liberal cute girl fuck me in front of her best friend, plus more), and I support my friends victories like the friend I am. My omega friend would not. It's so bad, I refrained from telling my omega friend the crazy shit I've done so I don't make him feel like shit. Don't think he's a virgin. Or maybe he's lying to me, but who knows.

Best advise is after you tell him how to act right, and still ignores it. Either grind your teeth when you hang with him, or don't hang out. I'm choosing to grind my teeth, because, in my opinion, its alpha to make your friendships work.